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Explained! YouTube Problems And Their Quick Fixes


YouTube encountering a problem while you are trying to watch a stand-up comedy or watch Shakira slam Pique in her new release TQG can ruin your mood. However, Google isn’t flawless, and there’s a mountain of things that can go wrong when you are using YouTube. 

Fortunately, you can instantly take care of the problem and continue consuming your daily dose of content. Some common YouTube problems are mentioned below, along with their quick fixes. 

Videos are Black

Suppose you click on the video you want to watch on YouTube, but all you get is a black screen staring back at you. 

The YouTube video just black is a frustrating problem, mainly because this doesn’t have any quick resolution. 

Some of the reasons why you might be unavailable to watch the video, and the screen has gone black are:

  • Content unavailability in your country 
  • The video is stuck while trying to play 
  • The browser is unable to load the YouTube page correctly 
  • Adblockers and third-party extensions might be interfering with the video 
  • The Internet connection is weak and unstable

If the video is unavailable in your country, you can use VPN and then relaunch YouTube to watch the particular video. If the Internet connection is causing trouble, you have to check the Internet speed or increase the bandwidth. 

As for extensions and adblockers interfering with the playback, you can remove or disable those culprits before clicking play on the YouTube video. 

Video Stops Randomly 

If the videos randomly stop or pause, it might happen due to several factors. The most common factor is a slow Internet connection, and the problem can be fixed by connecting to a faster Wi-Fi connection. 

Another problem is with the Flash player. On YouTube, AFP can boost video playback performance by using the computer’s graphics card. Unfortunately, this might also cause issues with the video playback, and you can fix it by disabling hardware acceleration on Flash or updating AFP. 

Right-click on the video and choose settings to disable video acceleration on the AFP. Uncheck the box next to Enable hardware acceleration and reload the page to see if the video plays correctly. 

There’s No Sound 

Sometimes, you may only see the video on YouTube but cannot hear the sound. This might happen for various reasons, but before you tweak settings and turn everything upside down, see if the external speaker icon is muted. 

If the speaker is not muted, update the sound drivers. If this doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall the sound drivers. Relaunch the video to see if you can hear the sound. 

Connect your device to another speaker to rule out problems with the speaker. 

Buffering a Lot 

Buffering is a frustrating problem, and it can negatively impact your video streaming experience on YouTube. This problem has to do with Internet connection speed, and other background apps that are slowing videos played on YouTube. 

If a poor Internet connection causes the problem, you can fix it by reducing the video resolution size. Typically, the platform plays high-resolution videos that consume a lot of data. If your Internet connection cannot support running high-resolution videos, you can click the video quality icon and reduce the resolution. This should resolve the buffering problem. 

YouTube Error 503

The YouTube error 503 is caused due to server maintenance, overloading, connection timeout, or corrupted cache. When you see this error, it means YouTube cannot load the video you want to watch. 

Since the issue is related to the server, you can solve it by refreshing the page. If you are using the YouTube app, you can close it and relaunch it. 

Video is Unavailable 

Sometimes, YouTube may not show you the results you were hoping for. Instead, the platform comes back with the message, ‘the video is not available.’

There’s no need to panic if this happens. Instead, the problem might be your slow Internet connection, which is why the platform cannot search the video. 

But if you have ruled out such basic reasons, it would be best to quit and restart the application. Then, you can clear the cache and update the platform to the latest version before searching for your video again. 

However, uninstalling and reinstalling the app might be the last resort if the issue persists. Or, if the video is not playing because it isn’t available in your country, you can use a VPN. 

Sometimes, the video is unavailable because you have enabled Restricted mode. In this case, you must disable Restricted mode and search for the video again. With this mode enabled, the platform will not show inappropriate videos. 

The Bottom line 

YouTube is one of the world’s leading video streaming and searching platforms. It is a Google product but comes with its share of problems. This guide will ensure you overcome obstacles and enjoy a fantastic video-streaming experience.

6 Instagram Hacks for Better Instagram Stories


Instagram is a great way to showcase your creativity and grow your online presence. But it can be challenging to keep your content fresh and engaging. In this article, we’ll share some Instagram hacks that will help you create better Instagram stories and stand out from the crowd. 

We’ll discuss how to use creativity to capture attention, use analytics to maximize engagement, and engage with users to attract new followers. Get ready to start creating the most engaging Instagram stories of your life!

Using creative animations on your Instagram Stories is a great way to increase engagement and stand out from the crowd. Animations can be used to draw attention to important content, add context to the story, or just to add some fun to the story. 

You can use existing animation templates from apps like Storyluxe, or create your own animations using tools like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Animate. With some careful planning and experimentation, you can use creative animations to make your stories stand out and engage your followers.

  • Use a Link in Bio tool

Using the ‘Link in Bio’ tool is an essential tool for better Instagram stories. It allows you to add a single link to your bio, which is otherwise limited to a single URL. This allows you to direct your followers to any website, landing page, and even multiple websites. 

You can even add multiple links and have your followers choose which link to follow. This makes it easy to promote products, services and events on Instagram stories. It’s a great way to keep followers engaged and drive more traffic to your website.

  • Add CTAs 

These Instagram hacks can help you make better Instagram Stories, and stand out from the crowd. Take the time to explore these tips and tricks to improve your Instagram Stories and see how they can boost your instagram  engagement. Try using different fonts and colors to draw attention to your Stories. 

Experiment with GIFs and location stickers to make your Stories more interactive. With the right hacks, you can craft engaging Stories that drive more engagement and help you reach your goals!

  • Use Templates 

Using Instagram templates is an easy way to create attractive Instagram stories and gain more followers. Just choose a template that fits your needs, customize it with your own content, and post it to your Instagram story! 

You can also use templates to create promotional stories, highlight special events, and improve your overall Instagram strategy. With the right template and content, you can create stunning Instagram stories that will keep your followers engaged and interested.

  • Add Music

Adding music to your Instagram Stories can give them an extra edge. Music can create an emotional connection with your audience and help you to stand out from the crowd. 

You can access a library of royalty-free music right in Instagram, and you can also add music from your own library. Just make sure to double-check each track you add to make sure it’s allowed to be used on Instagram. With a great song and a catchy story, you can create an unforgettable Instagram Story.

  • Use Creative Fonts6

Using creative fonts on Instagram stories is a great way to make them stand out. For example, you can use an eye-catching font to highlight the key points in your story or use a script font to add a sophisticated look. 

You can also use a bold font to create a powerful statement or use a decorative font to add a whimsical touch. With the right font, you can make your stories more attractive and engaging for your followers.


Instagram Stories are a great way to reach your audience and make sure that your content stands out from the crowd. With the help of these Instagram hacks, you can create an engaging and eye-catching story that will get the attention of your followers. 

Utilizing these hacks will ensure that you have the most successful Instagram Story possible, and help you to reach your goals and grow your audience.Overall, Instagram Stories are a great way to engage with your followers and show them what’s going on in your life.

How to Drive Innovation in Enterprise Content Management Platforms?


Organizations must constantly innovate in today’s rapidly evolving business environment to stay ahead of the competition. One area where innovation can have a significant impact is enterprise content management (ECM) platforms. ECM platforms are critical tools for managing and storing large volumes of digital content, and improving these systems can lead to greater efficiency, productivity, and overall success for organizations. This article discusses some ways to drive innovation in ECM platforms.

Understand Your Organization’s Needs

The first step to driving innovation in ECM platforms is understanding your organization’s specific needs. This requires a comprehensive assessment of your current ECM platform and its capabilities. You should evaluate your platform’s functionality, user interface, and overall user experience. This will clarify where your ECM platform is lacking and where it can be improved.

Additionally, you should identify the specific pain points that your organization is experiencing with the current ECM platform. For example, employees may spend too much time searching for documents, or the system is not user-friendly. By understanding these issues, you can develop a roadmap for improving your ECM platform to meet your organization’s needs.

Foster Collaboration Among Stakeholders

Various stakeholders use ECM platforms within an organization, including IT professionals, content creators, and end-users. Therefore, fostering collaboration among these groups is important to ensure that the ECM platform meets all stakeholders’ needs.

You can do this easily by creating a cross-functional team with representatives from each stakeholder group. This team can work together to identify the most important features and functionality for the ECM platform and ensure that these features are integrated.

Embrace New Technologies

Innovation in ECM platforms often require embracing new technologies that can improve the platform’s functionality and capabilities. For example, artificial intelligence and machine learning can automate many manual processes involved in content management, such as tagging and categorizing documents. Additionally, these technologies can enhance search functionality, making it simpler for users to locate the required content.

Additionally, cloud computing has revolutionized ECM platforms, making storing and accessing large volumes of data easier. Cloud-based ECM platforms can also be more cost-effective than traditional on-premise solutions, eliminating the need for expensive hardware and IT infrastructure.

Prioritize User Experience

The user experience is critical for ECM platforms, as it can impact adoption rates and overall productivity. To drive innovation in ECM platforms, it is important to prioritize user experience by creating an easy-to-use and intuitive platform.

It can be done by incorporating user feedback into the platform’s design. This can be done through surveys or user testing, where users can provide feedback on the platform’s usability and functionality. This feedback can then inform the platform’s design and ensure that it meets end-users’ needs.

Invest in Training and Support

Investing in training and support for end-users is essential to drive innovation in ECM platforms. Many organizations assume that users will intuitively know how to use the platform, but this is often not the case. Training and support can help users become more comfortable with the platform and ensure that they use it to its full potential.

Training and support can come in various forms, such as online tutorials, in-person training sessions, and helpdesk support. The key is to provide users with the resources they need to become proficient with the platform and to encourage adoption.


Driving innovation in Enterprise Content Management platforms is crucial for organizations looking to stay competitive in the digital era. This can be achieved by leveraging emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Investing in employee training and development and maintaining a culture of experimentation and risk-taking can also foster innovation. Ultimately, successful ECM innovation requires a proactive and adaptive approach that embraces change and seeks out opportunities to improve processes and enhance the user experience.

Top Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media


Nowadays, kids are spending more and more time online and on social media. Parents have to be extra diligent in keeping their children safe while they’re active online.

“According to recent studies, the number of children that are facing cyberbullying is expected to grow significantly in 2022. Cyberbullying is defined as any type of online harassment or bullying that occurs through digital means such as social media, websites, and other online platforms. The effects of cyberbullying can include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and even suicide in some cases. Therefore, it is important for parents and guardians to be aware of the potential dangers associated with online activities and monitor their children’s online activities closely.”

Apps like sms tracker are a great way for parents to keep tabs on their children’s activities in social media. With these apps, parents can track text messages sent and received, photos shared, websites visited, and other activities that may occur in the digital world. By providing a detailed overview of your child’s online actions, these apps can help parents monitor the types of content their children are exposed to and quickly intervene if any inappropriate activity is detected.

Here are some tips to help ensure that your kids stay safe while they explore the world of social media:

  • Set age-appropriate privacy settings. All social networks have an age restriction, and it’s important to ensure that your child’s profile is set to the right setting. This will determine who can view their posts as well as who can contact them.
  • Find out who he/she is texting or messaging. Social media accounts such as Skype are great for staying connected, but you need to make sure your child isn’t talking with strangers or people outside the family’s circle of friends. It’s also a good idea to supervise chats between your child and strangers so you know exactly what’s going on.
  • Monitor their posts and activities regularly. Regularly check to see what activities your child is engaging in on social media and make sure there’s nothing inappropriate or dangerous going on.
  • Educate them about digital citizenship. Make sure your child understands how important it is to be respectful online and to not engage in cyberbullying or posting inappropriate photos or videos of themselves or others. Be sure they understand the consequences of such behavior so that they can make wise decisions when interacting with peers online.
  • Get involved in their conversations when they allow it! Don’t just sit back quietly while they use social media; get involved in conversations if necessary, offer guidance, ask questions, and be sure you’re familiar with all the apps they’re using.

It’s no secret that many children nowadays spend significant amounts of time online. But, how can you tell if your child has an internet addiction? Here are 5 signs to watch out for:

  1. Your child’s emotions can be affected by being unable to access the internet.
  2. They may show signs of neglecting their social life and hobbies in order to spend more time online.
  3. You may notice the amount of time they spent logged on is drastically increasing each day.
  4. Your child can become irritable or upset when asked to disconnect from the internet or switch off devices that are connected to it.
  5. If your child shows signs of lying or hiding their online activities, this could also be a red flag for an internet addiction issue.


Internet addiction can be very serious and cause a great deal of harm if it’s left untreated. If you think your child may have an issue, it’s important to act quickly and seek professional help. You should also take steps to limit their access to the internet and monitor their online activities. With proper care and support, your child can learn to have a healthy relationship with the internet and use it safely.

Reasons to believe Netflix is losing it Mojo?


After being declared as the uncrowned king of content and enjoying a long reign of success, Netflix is now in hot waters. From a DVD renting service to an online streaming website, the journey of Netflix is surely commendable and it has paved the way for others sites as well. The popularity of Netflix soared during the pandemic when most people were looking for entertainment while staying at home. This shifted the way we look at content streaming sites.

However, it seems that Netflix after facing rampant growth suddenly went stagnant, and now things are looking bleak. BBC reports that Netflix lost over one million subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 and conditions are only getting worse. It seems like the content streaming giant just cannot catch a break. Even investors and workers in Netflix are questioning the future of the company. 

Why People Are Questioning The Success Of Netflix? 

Take the dwindling economy, add some recession, and on top of that mix some cutthroat competition and you will get to see the stocks taking a nosedive. As a result, Netflix went into minimizing the dent mode, firing people left and right, canceling seasons, pulling the plug on some thriving projects, and cutting chunks of the marketing budget. As the company kept losing stocks, investors backed out and fired employees started leaking some juicy details about the downfall. Business experts believe that the rising cost and the cutthroat competition in the content streaming business are slowly catching up, and this is causing Netflix to lose money. On top of that, customers are ready to cancel their subscriptions, and Netflix is considering the ad-based version to generate some revenue. 

This may sound like the end of Netflix, but for the next few decades, Netflix and other streaming sites are not going anywhere. Even cable TV service providers are recognizing this and offering in-built content streaming sites for users. For enhanced user experience, you need a good internet connection that can keep your Netflix rolling no matter if you choose to stream content or download to enjoy alter. For this, we would recommend Spectrum Internet. For details about the bundle and process, you can check Spectrum Internet en Español

1. Losing Subscribers

According to the quarterly report of 2022, Netflix has lost over 1 million global subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. The worst news is that Netflix has been replaced by Amazon, as the biggest content streaming site. People are switching to Amazon Prime or using cable TV services to cut down their budget amidst an unstable economy and rising inflation. This indicates that Netflix is no longer able to catapult the amount of audience it was once popular for. 

2. Canceling Shows 

To curb the monetary loss caused by losing subscribers, Netflix is canceling ongoing shows. Most of these shows had a good viewership, but these shows were high budget. Also, some of the shows were canceled because they had no long-term perspective. These shows were either based on current affairs or had a very narrow niche, appealing to just a specific audience. This sudden cancellation of shows lead to fostering frustration among the viewers making them question if the subscription was worth their money. This further pushed more people to cancel their subscriptions and triggered a domino effect. 

3. Limited Option

Most users complain that Netflix has region-based shows and movies. Although endorsed openly by Netflix to attract more users, Netflix does not offer the same shows in all countries. Consumers complain that they struggle with the algorithm and find it very difficult to find the movies and series they would like to watch. Moreover, Netflix has very limited options and some of the best shows and movies are shifting to new content streaming sites. This is further adding fuel to the fire, making the users question their money’s worth. 

4. Seasonal Fluctuation 

Netflix has a seasonal fluctuation that has been observed over the years. Most people leave their subscription for a few months and came back when there is something worth the hype. New seasons, movies, and originals usually attract a bigger audience. This trend can be studied by looking at Netflix subscribers and viewers during some of the best shows like Stranger Things, House Of Cards, Narcos, The Crown, and Squid Games. These original shows were not available on any other platform, which convinced people to come back to the platform. It seems that this seasonal fluctuation will never go away unless the platform has a solid plan to attract the maximum audience via new shows. 

5. Bad Investments

Netflix noticed that the original shows were performing much better than the series and movies available on other platforms. Eventually, this convinced the management to invest more in the shows and movies that would appeal to the audience. However, so far Netflix has lost big bucks in original movies. These movies have a very weak story and no star power. These high-budget movies have caused serious losses to Netflix and it is high time for the platform to focus on the script. Contrary to the movies, Netflix has some of the best original series, but these series require high budget cap, which has convinced the management to pull the plug. 

6. Expensive Subscription 

 The change in the payment plans is one of the biggest issues more people are trying to reevaluate the worth of Netflix. Recently Netflix has also claimed that their new payment plan will include a password-sharing price, which will help them restrict the access of freeloaders. This has pushed most of the users into a frenzy making them cancel their subscriptions.

Wrap Up

The growing competition in the online content streaming site is helping customers to control their budgets but it is also pushing the streaming sites to work hard on. However, regardless of all these things it is safe to say that Netflix is not going anywhere anytime soon even if it loses more subscribers. 

Discord Screen Share No Audio – How to Fix it?


Looking for ways to fix Discord screen share no audio issue? You are landed in the right place. The most fascinating application came into existence in 2015 which enables the Voice Over Internet Protocol. The application enables one to play games on PC communicating with their mates over voice calls and video calls and also through messages. The application is known as Discord. The discord enables pro players to conveniently communicate with other players by creating a public or private community over the server and also helps users create their own server.

When Discord launched it initially has only text and audio communication, nevertheless, the development team added video calling and screen sharing in 2017. Despite being a most excellent feature upgrade, it has a problem with the video that is discord screen share no audio.

This bug with no audio has been reported from mid-2019 and as of now too. They have released several patches that address the issue. And will likely be doing it. Are you facing discord screen share with no audio problem? You have come to the right place.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Issue?

Here are some of the methods by which you can solve the issue.

1. Restart your Computer

My all-time favorite solution is here. It is for every problem, we have one solution that is restarting or rebooting the system. So, even here we approach the same solution first. Here is why? Some programs which are running background may be disrupted the discord screen share no audio functionality.

So, by rebooting the system the entire programs processing behind will begin from the starting and thus providing audio compatibility with the discord system.

After rebooting, please do launch the discord application and check whether the problem persists. If it does work then don’t worry we have got to go the long run.

2. Update The Audio Driver

The audio driver update may also be the biggest problem that doesn’t allow discord screen no audio feature. It is mainly due to faulty, outdated, or missing audio drivers. It is likely that voice activity in discord working properly including the push talk but this audio causing error allowing no sound.

Therefore there is much need for the audio drivers to maintain up to date all time. Please follow the below steps to ensure smooth sailing.

  1. On the keyboard press Windows key + R simultaneously.
  2. The Run Dialog box open ups and type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter.
  3. Expand the Audio inputs and outputs category and right-click on Sound and hardware.
  4. Select Update driver and restart your PC.

The above steps ensure to rectify problems with discord. Check the application if it’s working if not follow up with the next steps.

3. Update Discord

Despite being an exceptional application, we know that it is facing audio issues, the developer’s team is working hard to get rid of it. Thereby, the developer’s team always up for the latest update. In this option, we opted for the update of the application itself. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the run dialog box by clicking the Windows + R buttons together.
  2. Type %localappdata% and press enter.
  3. Select the discord folder from the box.
  4. Choose the update.exe and launch it wait until it gets completely updated.
  5. Launch Discord and check whether the app is running properly enabling the sound while sharing the screen.

4. Clear Discord Cache

We all know that for every modern application there is a cache folder created automatically. It is created in a computer’s roaming app directory to optimize performance the more you use it. This creation of files may disrupt the running of the application, so, you have to clear the cache for the regular working of the Discord.

  1. Exit the discord app, then press the Windows+ R button simultaneously.
  2. In the search bar type, ” %appdata% and click enter.
  3. In the window that opens choose the discord folder.
  4. Right-click on the folder and hit delete.

Note: By deleting the cache folder, it doesn’t affect the normal functioning of the application moreover the application again creates the same file if you launch the application.

5. Disable Antivirus Temporarily

Antivirus can also be the problem for the discord screen share no audio. Antivirus can cause serious damage to Discord files. If you try to use Discord by logging in on Chrome then you will also see discord screen share no audio on chrome. In this case, you need to disable your Antivirus to fix the discord no audio screen share error.

6. Reset the Voice Settings on the Discord

The voice settings have the chance of getting corrupted,  which in turn leads to no audio in discord. This can be resolved by changing the setting and make it the default function which is compatible with the application.

  1. Open the Discord application.
  2. In the right corner, you will find a gear symbol that represents the setting click on it.
  3. The settings open up on the left side as shown in fig below.
  4. Select the Voice & video and choose the reset voice settings.
  5. Click ok to reset and check whether the discord audio is working.

7. Add Program you Want to Share to the Discord

To run the programs without any interruption first step is to add the program to discord. Follow the steps below to add the programs to discord.

  1. Launch the Discord application.
  2. Go to the user settings, click on the game activity tab, and then click to add.
  3. In the game activity, click on add it.
  4. Click the box to open the drop-down menu, and then select the program you want to share.
  5. And add it. Make sure to turn on the overlay toggle.
  6. Select the game from the list and note that it’s running.

Try the below option if the problem persists.

8. Reinstall the Discord

If non of the options work for you then go for this last option. Here you going to uninstall the existing discord application and install the new application. To uninstall please follow the below steps carefully.

  1. Open the control panel from the search bar at the bottom screen.
  2. Choose the uninstall applications under the programs, and search for the Discord application.
  3. Right-click on Discord and uninstall the application.
  4. So now you are successfully uninstalled.

The next step is to install the discord application from the official website and follow the instructions on the screen.


Hopefully, any one of the solutions works for you. As per my knowledge, I could suggest these. Please feel free to comment if you find any other choices or queries. I would suggest that you must try all the methods until you find the right one. I hope this article helps you, we can assure you that these methods are trustable and are effective. If you have any other queries then, please let us know in the comments box.

How to Fix Hulu Black Screen Issue?


In today’s post, you will learn how to fix Hulu black screen issue in simple steps. Hulu is considered to be the closest to Netflix. They offer you a wide variety of series and shows from NBC, Fox, and ABC that you can watch on HULU. It also has a growing catalog of originally produced shows that are quite entertaining. You can get access to HULU at $6 with some ads that will appear while watching your favorite shows on this platform. Ads sometimes are tolerable if you consider the amount but trust me sometimes it becomes annoying at HULU when you are stuck with a black screen.

It is quite irritating and definitely, you won’t like it. The black screen occurs when you open the HULU App or while you are streaming on HULU. It becomes quite difficult to handle it easily while streaming on the app. It sometimes occurs in several days or a few times in a day.

Reasons You Are Seeing HULU Black Screen with Audio

No doubt there are several reasons for the Hulu Black Screen issue on your phone. Black Screen is the issue that may occur many times your phone will go black and you will only hear the audio. Below are some common causes to resolve the HULU Black Screen Issue.

Hulu App

  • You might be having a network issue
  • Your app is not updated
  • Your Device is outdated
  • The device you are using might have a resolution problem

You just have to wait for a few minutes, and your screen will be back to normal. You can pause your streaming video until the ad passes.

How to Fix Hulu Black Screen Issue?

Below we have listed several reasons that you can fix, you can try different methods until it works for you.

1. Checking the Internet Connection

If your network might be quite slow and spoiled, it can cause the screen to black and slow. If you are watching the movies from HULU’s Library, you must check your internet connection. Your internet connection should be at least 3Mbps. If you want to stream live, then it should be 8 Mbps. Try to measure your internet speed when possible.

2. Log Out Into the Account

Hulu Account might have encountered some problems due to unexpected glitches or bugs on the platform. Log out to the account into your account might solve some issues. You can follow the below steps:

1. For Android and iPhone

  • Open your HULU App
  • You will see the profile icon at the top
  • Tap on the log out option and log out from your account
  • Login Later

2. For Browser

  • Visit Hulu Website
  • Now Navigate your profile icon
  • On the drop-down button, select logout

3. Reinstall the App

You will need to uninstall the app. Use the following steps:

  • Go to the phone’s settings
  • Click on the Application 
  • Select All, click Hulu
  •  Now Uninstall


  • Visit the App Manager
  • Select reinstall
  • Open the app to see if the issue is resolved

4. Clear the Browser Cache

The cookies and cache stored in your browser may get corrupted if they can accumulate in your browser. Hence, they may cause problems when you try.

Deleting the data might work for you and eliminate the corrupted file that causes the black screen issue.

  • Go to the setting and access the browser
  • Select Option Privacy & Setting 
  • Go to the Clear Browsing History
  • Select All time
  • A check will appear to mark everything, including cache and cookies
  • Now Clear Data

5. Clear Hulu App Data

Hulu Data may contain corrupted files, you can follow these steps for your android:

  • Go to the settings, then access the app
  • Find the Hulu app in your Device
  • Open the storage icon and clear all data
  • Now Restart the App, you will see how it’s working

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If your app still doesn’t work and your app shows a black screen. You now have to update your device. Getting the latest software of your device is now necessary to make Hulu App work. Updating your device will work for you. If still, the problem persists then you can go for downloading the Malwarebytes on the device. 

How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos?


The first name that comes to mind when we speak of a video streaming platform is Youtube. Undoubtedly, it is one of the largest platforms for streaming videos, and there are more than 50 million users on average using Youtube every day. Leaving all this aside, do you know what a great disappointment is? Blocked videos, and here we are with the remedy to watch blocked youtube videos.

Well, there are issues with all streaming platforms, and youtube is no different. Sometimes even if you are a valid Youtube user, you might find it difficult to watch a video. This usually happens either because the Youtube video is private or the Youtube channel has blocked the video for some reason.

Therefore, drill right down if you, too, are looking for answers to watching blocked videos on youtube.

Watch Blocked Youtube Videos

Why Are Youtube Videos Blocked?

Well, as we made clear earlier, there are many possible reasons why Youtube can block your content. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Broadcasting Rights Restrictions: These clearly signify that videos aren’t available in your region. This happens mostly because the organization you belong to doesn’t have enough permission to broadcast the content of the video in your region.
  • Content Owner Restrictions: This happens when your content owner has pulled up restrictions on your content. This is what prevents the video from playing in the region you belong.
  • Network blocking Youtube: This is one conceivable option that pops in when your work or school admin adds Youtube to the blacklist.

How to Watch Blocked Youtube Videos?

As per Youtube policy, the reason why video is not available for a certain country is because of two reasons. They are:

  • Youtube blocks certain content to comply with the local laws.
  • Video channels have the privilege to show their content only to specific countries.

Now that the reasons are clear let’s dive into the ways that will help you watch blocked youtube videos.

1. Use Proxy Server

Bypassing the regional youtube filter is a great way to unblock youtube videos and watch them as you want. Proxy servers are a great option that helps users hide their present location and watch content blocked on Youtube.

What a proxy server basically does is evaluate the requests made to some other servers. Alternatively, you can also use a proxy server to browse through web pages to watch contents that aren’t readily available. In addition to this, you can also hide your IP address and not disclose it.

Surfing the internet anonymously becomes a lot easier with the help of these proxy servers. It is an excellent tool that not only helps protect the users’ privacy but also helps you watch blocked youtube videos. Hence, when you use youtube, you can replace your proxy IP address.

This will prompt Youtube that the proxy IP address is where you belong and thus, will remove all the restrictions, especially the regional ones, and will allow you a seamless watching experience.

Watch Blocked Youtube Videos

2. Use VPN

the proxy server is a good solution, but it might not work in some cases. This happens when the traffic is not encrypted in a proper manner. Also, it can lead to releasing your information when you browse through several websites in the process.

VPN works comparatively better than a proxy server. This is so because you can access the web network privately by using a Virtual Private Network. Also, with a VPN, there are privileges that let you unblock videos over Youtube that are geo-restricted.

VPN makes it super fun and easy to watch any content that you possibly want that is legitimately not available to view in your country. Along with hiding your IP address, you also can alter your IP address which will ideally help you access websites that are blocked. Some of the free VPNs are: –

  1. SkyVPN
  2. Betternet VPN
  3. Hotspot Shield Free VPN

3. Download Youtube Videos

Another way to get around to Watch Blocked Youtube Videos would be to directly download them. This way, you will be able to bypass YouTube restrictions and will also be able to download the video right before the class. The video will be directly stored on your device, and you can watch it anytime.

Getting Youtube Premium is the first thing you need to do if you want to download and watch blocked youtube videos. Free users don’t get to download videos. Alternatively, you can also use a Youtube downloader to download videos for free.

Watch Blocked Youtube Videos

Is It Safe To Unblock Youtube Videos?

Yes, it is safe, given that you are using a proxy or even a VPN for that matter. Using either of these is totally helpful and is a perfectly safe option to use.

In addition, to watch blocked youtube videos, you can also surf anonymously, and your activity can be kept private.

Youtube Blocked Videos

Final Words

Nowadays, nothing is impossible. There is always a way to bring a chance to shake up things a little bit. The same goes for Youtube and its contents.

It could be trouble to watch blocked youtube videos but not anymore with the list of solutions we have for you. Try them out, and let us know how they work and help you out. Additionally, if you find some other methods to watch blocked videos, make sure to pin them down in the comments below.

How to View Private Instagram in 2022?


Instagram is one of the most famous and largely used social media platforms out there. After getting acquired by Facebook, Instagram has become even more famous. It has more than 700 billion users worldwide, and millions of photos are uploaded every day. It is very secure and allows the user to control who may see even a tiny piece of information they share on the platform.

It is easy to set up, and any new user of Instagram must have come across a few private accounts. And they might be interested in checking their feed. Well, usually you send a follow request to see their posts, and if they accept the following request, you get to see their posts.

But there are a few ways by which you can actually view the private Instagram profiles without actually sending them a request.

Are You Curious to See the Picture of a Private Instagram Account?

We all use Instagram in this generation. All of us are posting pics and stories and using the other features all the time. Some people like to keep their lives and memories available only to those they know or might want to know.

So it’s a little difficult to see the feeds of any stranger you might like. You will have to send them a request and wait for them to accept it. Why not make things easier and watch their feed before trying to know them.

How to View Private Instagram Profile and photos?

You can find some apps and websites that can help you see others’ insta profiles even if they are private. We have listed down some of the working ones with an in-depth explanation of how to use them. Here are the ways:

1. LikeCreeper

Like creeper is a website that allows us to view private Instagram profiles absolutely free, and also it is ad-free. It does not require any registration, nor does it require a paid domain for viewing the Instagram profiles.

For those who are looking for pictures of a private Instagram profile, this is the best place as it provides the user with a legal way of doing it. The steps of viewing are:

  1. Go to the like creeper website.
  2. Press on click here to begin.
  3. Select the version of Instagram that you are using.
  4. Enter the username of the account that you want to view.
  5. Complete human verification.

2. PrivateInsta

It is an app available for android or ios. It has minimum requirements and is easy to use. It has a proper and premium look to its interface, which helps the user completely and is user-friendly. The steps of viewing are as follows:

  1. Go to your default browser and search private install apk.
  2. Download the application and install it.
  3. You don’t need to log in so directly open the app.
  4. Click on get photos.
  5. Enter the username and complete human verification.
  6. You will receive the photos.

3. InstaView.net

This website connects to the Instagram server directly to check if the account you entered is private or not and after that, it asks you to confirm that it is the right Instagram profile that you had entered, then it asks for a bot verification, after which it gives you access to the photos. The steps to view the Instagram profile through this website are as follows:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click on the box which has “username without@” written on it.
  3. Enter the username.
  4. Complete human verification.

If you don’t receive the photos, restart your phone and follow the same steps again; you will receive the photos.

What are Threats?

You have to be very careful while visiting any of the sites. These sites might take in your personal info and use it to exploit your privacy. There are a lot of websites like such that are a scam and can not only cause harm to your privacy but also to your system. So be careful while you give out your private information to such websites.

We also wouldn’t recommend this technique to invade anyone’s personal space or to cause anyone any harm.


These are some of the ways you can see others on Instagram without them accepting your follow request. These methods are very simple and easy to follow. You don’t have to be a hacker for this at all. We have provided an in-depth explanation for each so that you don’t have to go through any inconvenience.

We hope this article has made your day a little easier. Please leave your suggestion or queries in the comment section below. Have an amazing day!

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83? [7 Ways]


One of the worst errors that you can possibly encounter while you are using Disney Plus is Error Code 83. This is one of the most common errors that you are likely to come across when watching or streaming your favorite shows on Disney Plus.

Well, let’s find out how can we possibly get rid of it and the different ways to stay away from the error in the best possible way. We have found the root cause and in this article, while you scroll down, you will eventually find yourself with all the details of what the error is and how can you get rid of it. So, keep reading.

error code 83

What is the Cause of Error Code 83 Disney Plus?

It is very important to first know the origin of the error and what is possibly causing it. Disney Plus is frustrating when it comes to seeing this error.

According to Disney Plus, the error mostly occurs due to some possible glitch on the device you are streaming. Moreover, they state it to be a compatibility issue with your device. So, basically, Disney Plus is incompatible with your device and it could be anything connection issues, account issues, and so on.

How helpful do you find the above piece of information? Not much, is it? Well, if we narrow the issue down we might have a solution to reach out to. So, let’s know more on how to bid error code 82 Disney plus issue adieu.

error code 83

How to Fix Disney Plus ‘Error Code 83’ Issue?

Here are the steps to fix the error code 83 when it crosses your online streaming experience on Disney Plus.

1. Check Root Cause

The first thing that you definitely need to consider is the root cause. It could either be Disney Plus or to could either be your device. Therefore, it is important to first find the actual trouble maker. Sometimes, it is Disney Plus that is the real culprit. Figure that out first just in case you are looking at the wrong side of the table.

error code 83

2. Compatibility of Your Device

The second thing to figure out would be the compatibility of your device. As we now know, error code 83 usually connects your device with Disney Plus. So, make sure to check the compatibility list of your device as well as the software that you are currently using. If you don’t figure out the problem, then probably it is a new device that you should get ready to welcome.

3.  Check Web Browser

The web browser that you are currently using is also another reason. Now that you know that Disney Plus is compatible with your device, the web browser could be the next hit culprit behind error code 83. This usually happens when your web browser is incompatible.

Disney Plus works well with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc. Look for the list of eligible browsers, and just in case you figure out your browser stands no chance with Disney Plus, you need to consider changing the one you are using.

error code 83

4. Check Internet Connection

An Internet connection and the speed that follows could be the next hidden trail behind the whole error code 83 of Disney Plus. Sometimes we don’t understand the real reason behind the error code 83 because we never blame the internet.

Streaming on Disney Plus requires a good and stable internet connection for you to be able to stream without any interruption. Therefore, once you get the error code 83 while streaming, perform a quick speed test to check if it is your internet that is behind the problem.

5. Re-Install App

Deleting the Disney Plus app and installing it back could be the next ideal way to get rid of error code 83. Sometimes, we don’t timely update our apps which pretty much causes trouble.

Hence, check for updates first. If there are no updates available, then you need to reinstall your application back. The deletion of the app and reinstallation would be able to remove the bug that could possibly be causing the error. Once you are done, continue streaming to see if the problem is fixed.

6. Upgrade OS

Updating your Operating System is the next possible solution to the problem. Usually, we don’t figure out the problem because we don’t know if they are actually the ones that are causing the problem. Hence, an older version of your device’s OS could be the possible reason behind the error code 83.

Check your device for OS updates and then install it to see if the issue is resolved for once and all.

7. Restart Device

We love cliches, don’t we? But that is how troubleshooting works and restarting your device is the most called off solution for a reason. It is very easy and all you need to do is turn your device off and switch it back on.

While you restart your device, it might not completely solve the error code 83 issue but what’s the harm in giving it a try if nothing else is working out for you?


Well, well, well, the audience! That was all we had for fixing the error code 83 and all the possible reasons have been provided to you above.

Trying them all out one after another until you are finally off the error code 83 would be our advice. However, you can work out as you please and decide how things work out for you. Also, try upgrading your device if you are not able to get rid of the error because if none of the above works for you, then you are probably doing it wrong.

Make sure to pin down in comments about the other reasons that we don’t have here but have helped you get rid of error code 83.