Hack 2021: Auto Draw & Auto Guesser

We all love games. Speaking of now, there are so many games that it’s a tough choice to opt for one and choose your absolute favorite. Nowadays, there are many games that people started comprehending and playing in the right way. One such game we are about to speak about here is Did you know about Skribbl which is capable of enhancing and improving your IQ Level? If not, let’s walk you through the specifics right away. Additionally, we will also help you to get some of the working hacks that will make your gameplay even easier. is a maze game that is completely free to play and would not need a penny from you. The game basically works around the ‘draw and guess‘ methodology. It is more or less similar to Scribble with a tad bit different in the gameplay. hack

How To Play

Before we directly jump on how to hack, let’s first understand how exactly does the game is played. This creative game is about drawing and allowing others to guess what exactly are you drawing. Multiple players can play the game where they have to guess the drawing of the person who took the current turn.

The game continues and people continue to guess. The player that takes turns and draws the image i.e the drawer should be the one who will help others to correctly guess the drawing. The drawing contains a word and the other players must be able to guess it correctly and in turn, they are given rewards. The more correct guesses you make, the more points you earn.

So, between the ‘drawer‘ and the ‘guesser‘, let’s assume it’s your turn. You get a total of 80 seconds to make the right guess and to visualize along with drawing the word that you selected. The chatbox will contain the response of the other players who are guessing the drawing. hack

1. Strategy for Hacks and Tactics

Well, before you play a game, a strategy has always a significant role to play. What should your strategy be when you are playing a game like For games like these, your brain has to exercise more than it usually does. To move forward to the next rounds, you have to be practically sound from your brain.

First things first, you need to work on your speed in the game while you are playing it. Furthermore, you definitely need to draw in the right manner so that people can guess what you are drawing. Presently, there have been many hacks that have come up. To get an upper hand over other players, you can opt for these hacked versions to enhance your skills.

Some of the features that these hacked versions include are Auto Guess, Word Helper, Brush Size Swap, and so on.

Auto Draw hack

As mentioned earlier, there are many hacks that have now come up for but the most efficient one is Auto Draw. This hack is a chrome extension that will draw images for you automatically.

This Auto draw hack blends very well with where the whole idea is to get an image from the internet and using it in your game’s canvas or drawing board. The drawing will be as true as an original and you will definitely not have to go through the hassle of drawing.

Auto Draw tends to work fast with simple and elegant images like the ones used in clip art. You can use the Auto draw hack for free from here.

1. How to Install Auto Draw Hack?

Here are the steps to install the Auto draw hack.

  • Start with downloading Auto Draw. Extract the zip once the download is complete. Open Google Chrome and look at the top-right corner to locate the three dots.
  • Select ‘More Tools’ from the dropdown. Further, click on ‘Extensions’, and the chrome extensions page will open in front of you.

  • Extension Page that will show all the extensions installed on your PC. hack

  • On the top corner, you will see ‘Developer Tools‘ which is off by default. Toggle right on the Developer Tool and Click on ‘load unpacked‘ from the available options.


  • Once you click on ‘load unpacked‘, you will find the script that you successfully downloaded and installed. Select the right folder from the available menu.
  • Once you select the ‘Auto Draw‘ extension from the designated location, you are good to go. You can now view the extension on your Chrome Page.
  • For practically checking if it works, you can open the game and view it. Open a new tab and look for clip art in the image section present on Google. Finally, drag and drop the image into the drawing board. Voila! You are done. hack

That is all. You have successfully used the Auto Draw hack to get through the game.

Auto Guesser Hack

The next hack is Auto Guesser, not as smart as the previous one but still works wonders. This is for you if you are a bad guesser. This will help you to guess the correct drawing that the drawer has drawn.

It also is a chrome extension and works exactly like the steps we mentioned for Auto Draw. Once the drawing is available in front of you, you get to draw all the possible answers. To rectify the valid answer, it will tell you so by its unique feature of indicating it with a red or green flag.

You can download the auto guesser hack from here.

Final Words

That was all we had for the hack. Hope it turns out to be helpful for all of you guys. This game has become immensely popular now and people continue to play it with these superb hacks. Let us know if you have some more of these hacks around so we can use them too.

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