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How to Write an Essay on Google Docs (With Tips)

Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create, format, share, and store documents. It’s a great resource for writing reports, joint projects, and academic papers. The program is popularly used by students and professionals to write essays. You can use Google Docs to craft essays anytime on any device that’s connected to the internet.

However, since the word processor is not well known, very few students write an essay on Google Docs or know about its cool tricks. If you’re looking to try Google Docs for your next assignment, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide and cool tricks that will save you time and sanity.


The Process of Writing an Essay on Google Docs

Opening a Google document

To write an essay on Google Docs, you need a Google account or open one for free if you don’t have one. To open Google Docs, search Google Docs and open a new blank file on the top left under “start a new document.” You can also open the Google Docs app on your open Gmail account by clicking on the squared dot icons

Setting the font and size

Before you start writing, ensure that you adjust the font and size. Popular academic formats, such as MLA and APA, provide guidelines for styling your essay. If you’re feeling the urge to get creative with styling, don’t. Most formats require students to type papers in Times New Roman and font 12.

Adding title details and page number

You can also make a cover page for an essay that includes details such as your name, institutional affiliation, class, and the teacher’s name. You add the information as a border using the table function. Also, ensure you align the text accordingly and adjust the cover page font to Times New Roman and font 12. Google Docs automatically takes the first sentence of the essay as the title.

How to edit the essay

To start writing an essay on Google Docs, align the cursor to the left side of the page and indent the first line. You can now start typing the paragraphs of your essay. In case of a typo, Google Docs shows a little red line under the misspelled word. It highlights grammatical errors with a blue line. Check the suggestions to determine if they fit the context. If you’re editing an essay on a touchscreen device, double-tap the document to enable typing.

How to make an essay double spaced on Google Docs

One of the best things about using Google Docs to write an essay is that you can apply a particular format to the entire document or a selected block of text. For example, you can make an essay double spaced to make it easier to look at. To do this, you start by highlighting the whole document. Then, you go to format options and choose a line spacing of 2.

How to share and work with others

Once you finish typing and editing the essay, you can share the file with other people from Google Drive by right-clicking the file and selecting “Share”. You can also choose whether the people you share with can view, edit, or comment directly on the essay.

However, just like learning any other mastery, learning how to get around Google Docs when writing an essay takes time. For example, creating a cover page and table of contents, formatting, and sharing your assignment using Google Docs toolbars can be stressful to beginners. Luckily, crafting an essay on Google Docs can be easy as pie if you ask professional help from experts and hire a writer for your essay on CustomWritings. The experts understand the ins and outs of Google Docs and are specialists in their academic discipline. They can help you craft a high-quality custom essay in no time based on your instructions.

Are You a Google Docs Essay Writer? Save Time with These 7 Tips to Write an Essay on Google Docs

Custom shortcuts

When you use Google Docs or any other program frequently, you may find yourself selecting the same options over and over. To make your writing easier,  set up custom shortcuts that serve as your quick access keys. To do this, select “Tools” on the toolbar and hover to “Preferences” to set your desired shortcuts.

Voice dictation

If you’re writing a long essay and you’re tired of typing for long hours, you can use the Google Docs voice dictation function to get a break. Voice dictation saves you energy and time. To use the function, select the “Voice typing” option under the “Tools” bar.

Visible word count

Google Docs has made it easy to keep up with this essential part of essay writing using the “Word Count” option under the “Tools” bar. You can also check the count using the “Ctrl+Shift+C” shortcut. If you want the word count displayed always, go to “Word Count” and tick the box in front of “display count while typing”.

Research tool

If you need to make an essay look longer or find the meaning of a word, you can do it within the Google document. Just highlight the word you want to search, right-click, and choose the “Explore” option. Also, you can cite a source easily on Google Docs by choosing “Tools” and selecting “Research”. When you find an article you’d like to cite, choose “Cite as footnote” or “insert” to cite or quote, respectively.

Recover lost work

As a writer, you may have accidentally deleted a large chunk of your essay or mistakenly saved a document at one point or another, but it’s easy to recover it on Google Docs. To recover an earlier version of your work, go to “File” and then “See Revision History” to pull a previous version.

Dictionary personalization

When pursuing an advanced technical degree, having your technical terms flagged can be frustrating. However, Google Docs’ dictionary personalization function allows you to add terms to the dictionary easily and quickly to make the editing process faster. To add a word, right-click it and select “Add to Personal Dictionary”.

Get help easily when you can’t find a menu option

Want to format an essay on Google Docs but can’t find the feature? Well, you can waste time clicking through different menus and running your mouse over icons, or you can avoid the confusion by simply hitting “Alt + /” or hitting the “Help” option. You will get a “Search the menu” box where you can type the feature you’re looking for.

The Switch to Google Docs is Worth It

Google Docs may seem overwhelming at first, but the process becomes effortless after using the program a few times. Once you use it to write several essays, you will know how to edit and format easily and quickly. Most students who have switched to Google Docs report that the application has everything they’ve been looking for.



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