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15 Best Apps To Hide Photos and Videos in 2022

Technology has developed a lot with time. Phones are continuously adding more and more features. The security features have also increased and can easily be used. Fingerprint locks and face recognition, such features have developed our private security. Even though we have a lot of inbuilt security systems we still might have some privacy that is exposed for people to see. Here we learn about the best apps to hide photos in 2022 for free.

Best Apps to hide apps photos and videos


Free Apps To Hide Photos in 2022

Photos are very near and dear to us they reflect all the memories we captured to reminisce about later. We might want to protect those memories. So you need an app to protect your gallery. We have jotted down some amazing apps to hide photos that will help you protect your precious memories.

1. 1Gallery


1Gallery has a very protected system with encryption. It has AES Encryption to safely hide your photos and videos. You can also edit the photos and videos through the same app.

You can create Secure folders through in-app purchases. You can put a pin, patterns, or even fingerprints to protect your photos and videos. It even has a dark and light mode for the users. 

2. Andrognito


Andrognito, the name explains its work pretty well. The abbreviation of android and incognito also has military-grade AES Encryption to avoid the invasion of your privacy from intruders even after root privileges.

You can store your photos and videos on cloud space to free up some space. The app gives you only one private vault but through in-app purchases, you can create more of such vaults and take backup on the cloud storage.

3. Calculator


This app helps you camouflage your photos and videos. The app looks very much like a simple calculator but is a photo and video vault.

The app has a lot of features that give you high privacy. Features like Shake (you can shake your phone to close your app), Intruder selfie, etc will keep you prepared for any awkward situations. The app can also work as a normal calculator. 

4. CompassGalleryVault


Compass Gallery Vault is another app that will help you disguise your photos and video vaults. This app lets you not only store your photos and videos but also music. You can also write notes. You can use a passcode or fingerprint to hide them from others. Even if you accidentally uninstall the app your data will still be on the app.  

5. DialerVault


Dialer Vault is another app that will help you disguise your photos and video vaults. This app is very easy to use and disguises pretty well. The app contains no in-app purchases. The app also has the intruder selfie feature.

You can also use the Facedown feature to avoid any awkward situations. The feature helps you exit the app when you place your phone facedown. You can either add passwords or even add fingerprints for quicker access.

6. GalleryVault


The app is very practical and easy to use. The app hides your photos and videos through passwords or patterns. This app too has the Intruder Selfie alter feature.

This app not only hides your photo and videos but also doubles as an app lock. The app has all the basic features you can ask for from a gallery vault. You can even hide the icon. You can change themes to not feel bored by the colors of the app. 

7. HideitPro


Hide it Pro is well disguised as an Audio Manager. You can disguise the app as a calculator or even a currency converter; you have a few options to choose from. 

The app has a lot of features. You can not only hide photos and videos but also Music, Apps, Messages, and more. You also get a free Cloud Backup of files. The app allows you to use passwords, pins, patterns, or even fingerprints. 

8. HideSomething


The app allows you to keep your public gallery for your friends and family and the private gallery for yourself. You can customize your folder according to the ones you want or don’t want to show.

You backup the hidden files to your Google Drive. The fake mode can help you during unexpected checks. The app also doesn’t show up on your recently used app list.

9. KeepSafe


Keep Safe Gives you a lot of security with its amazing features. Features like face down the lock and safe send allow you to share a photo and also control the time for which the recipient can see the photo.

You also have app purchases for the premium version. You can not only put passwords on the app but also has certain private albums. You can find a lot more amazing features as you explore the app.

10. LockMyPix


LockMyPix helps you encrypt your beloved memories and hide them away only for yourself. You can hide these files through pin, pattern, password, or fingerprint.

The app also gives you the royalty of a fake vault which is a decoy of the actual vault and you can place other pictures there in case you are forced to open your vault, you can open the fake vault. 

Top 15 Apps To Hide Photos on iPhone & Android

To protect your precious memories we are sure you might need to start exploring these apps soon. We have jotted down some of them.

  1. 1Gallery
  2. Andrognito
  3. Calculator
  4. CompassGalleryVault
  5. DialerVault
  6. GalleryVault
  7. HideitPro
  8. HideSomething
  9. KeepSafe
  10. LockMyPix
  11. PhotoGuard
  12. PhotoLock
  13. SGallery
  14. Vault
  15. Vaulty


We are pretty sure that these listed apps will surely help you out if you have any concerns about your privacy. You should start exploring as soon as you can. Make sure to skim through the article carefully to find the perfect app that meets your criterion. Some of the apps have a description.

If you don’t like them you can for sure look at the other apps that are on the list. We hope this article comes in handy and takes on some concerns off your shoulder. Have a good day!



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