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14 Best Facerig Alternatives in 2022

Most of us love crazy! Doing crazy stuff and being a part of it provides people a great way to indulge themselves in exploring the best things to come. Also, if you are someone with a knack for animation, then this is the place you have been missing out on. We are here for some of the great Facerig alternatives.


What Is Facerig?

Facerig is a platform, an open one, that will give accessibility to the users to personify themselves into some bold unique character. All of this is to be done with just a webcam by providing a fun and creative option to the webcam. Coming right up are the 10 best facerig alternatives that will make it easier to pick an option from the given lists.


Best Facerig Alternatives

Here is the Best Facerig alternative software that you can start using today for free.

1. Gravity

Gravity, the first one on our list is a great alternative to Facerig where creating your own embody is very easy. It provides users with tons of tools that help them create their own avatar. Along with creating your own avatar, it also allows performing a certain action that includes dancing, singing, and so on.

Users create their avatar on Gravity by using Ethereum (which is a form of crypto).


2. FaceFX

Another great facerig alternative would be FaceFX wherein users can create their automation using audio solutions. Therefore, just get an audio device and you will be able to see your avatar talking right in front of you. Additionally, using FaceFX, you can also create custom sliders for your avatar.

Facerig Alternatives


Mocapx can be your go-to animation option if you are looking for one to fit in your iPhone. With the help of Mocapx, connecting your smartphone with your camera is a cakewalk, and simultaneously, you can also create animations as needed.

You don’t really have to worry if you are lacking major animation skills, as the apps let you work otherwise. In addition to all this, you can also access Mocapx without an internet connection, the reason why we picked this software as a perfect Facerig alternative.

4. Muvizu Play

We place it in the list of Facerig alternatives because it is Amazing! With Muvizu Play, it takes literally a couple of hours to get the best animation effect that you have been planning to get for days or maybe months? Moreover, the fun part of it is, you can also render the whole effect on Youtube.

To begin with, you can go for the free trial and then if you feel so, can opt for the premium version. Choose wisely.

Facerig Alternatives

5. Lightwave 3D

Lightwave 3D is yet another alternative to Facerig and also a tool that helps in creating graphic animation. It allows creating different characters that relate to games, videos, and so on. Also, one thing that you definitely need to remember before trying your hands on Lightwave 3D would be it will work wonders for you if you are an expert in the animation world.

Additionally, you can also enhance your skills over the platform. So, are you ready to unlock your animator beast? Then Lightwave 3D is all yours.

Lightwave 3D

6. Blender

Looking for a better animation effect for that pretty face of yours? Well, Blender might be just the one for you. It is an open-source 3D creation platform that gives you the feasibility to access animations starting from modeling, rigging, and changing stimulation. Sounds fun, already, isn’t it?

In addition to all these, Blender editing, videos, and creating your own games are also good facilities. The cross-platform works are totally fine with all sorts i.e. Mac, Windows, and Linux.


7. VUP

Are we ready yet? To see ourselves in a way that we never witnessed? Well, VUP is ready to capture your beautiful face and turn it into a video. If these are your options, VUP is the one great alternative that will work well for you. With this app, you can give a completely different dimension to your beautiful face.

You can also move your character and customize it in any way you wish to. All the tools for customizations are available right on your dashboard. All of this adds a lot to your video and makes it more realistic.

Facerig Alternatives


F-Clone is one of the other fine facerig alternatives that one can use to create animated videos using your camera. Over F-Clone, you are free to do anything and everything that you wish to when you make your own videos. The cut-edge technology of the F-clone makes recording moments and expressions a child’s play.

Out of all the Facerig alternatives, F-clone is one software that has its very own library that helps in matching facial characteristics as is with the images that you use.

How much fun on a scale of 1-10 are you going to call that?

F clone

9. Houdini

Houdini follows a set of procedures and a system that is built from the ground up. This is another fine option to use if you aren’t a facerig fan. Using this software, it also becomes easy for users to play freely.

It also lets users maintain and create variations as and when they require. The results that come out of the extraction when the nodes are wired in the network are very different and unique making it an experience to look forward to.

Facerig Alternatives

10. MovieStorm

Are you a moviemaker? If the answer to it is yes, Moviestorm is the app you need. Affordable, effective, fast, and a lot more options get a new possible direction with Moviestorm making it a convenient choice to make. In addition to all these, your media skills can improve and is presented out as a new vision to the world.

Your designation is not the problem here, if you are a beginner or a professional, Moviestorm is going to welcome you either way!

Facerig Alternatives

Top 14 Facerig Alternatives For Free

  1. Gravity
  2. FaceFX
  3. Mocapx
  4. Muvizu Play
  5. Lightwave 3D
  6. Blender
  7. VUP
  8. F-Clone
  9. Houdini
  10. Moviestorm
  11. CrazyTalk
  12. Plotagon
  13. iClone
  14. Powtoon


Well, that was our list of facerig alternatives that we thought you would definitely wish to try. You can also try some of the other great alternatives if you wish to. However, make sure to give the listed ones a try. We will see you again, with another list of one of your favorite alternatives.



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