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20 Free Manga Websites To Read Manga Comics Online 2022

Manga is a Japanese term used to describe a comic book depicting ancient Japanese culture as its major component. Manga is not limited to a particular age group. The Manga comics content is relevant for everyone. Many Manga Fans look for Manga websites that provide them with manga comics for reading online.

best manga sites 2021

There are plenty of manga websites available over the internet which will provide you with a lot of ads and creepy malware. If you are a Manga fan looking for sites to read manga online, this article is surely for you. We have collected some legitimate sites to Read Manga Online for free.


Best Manga Websites For Free

Here is our detailed list of best manga websites to read manga comics online in 2022. Let’s begin:

1. BookWalker

Bookwalker is the best site to read manga content online in 2022. You can’t consider it your average book store as it has a lot more to offer. They provide you with Manga comics, but they also sell Manga comics that are in Huge demand. It is very famous in Japan for its relevant and unique content.

2. Honto.jp

honto.jp is also a free site to read manga online. This website also offers you a huge collection of webtoons that are absolutely free to download.logo 1 The manga comics available on this site are published in Japanese as most of their users are from Japan. This manga reading site also provides you support for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

3. BATO.to

BATO is another Manga reading website that provides a completely different user interface compared to other websites.best manga website batoto It is an open-source platform; you can also upload your manga content there to improve the collection. The most recent uploads on this website can be explored by clicking on the Latest button given there.

4. MangaReader

Mangareader provides you with manga comics with different tastes. The main genres include Adventure, Action, and Fantasy.68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f4a74644142526f2e706e67

All the content can be accessed without even registering. This site is very user-friendly as it serves the purpose without any unnecessary features. You can use the search bar at the top to navigate the site and find the content you are looking for.


Mangadex is one of those Manga Websites that would allow you to read free manga content online and will not even show you ads. default brandThe content available on this site covers all genres. Mangadex also has its own discussion forum, which allows the community to share its manga content.

6. MyReadingManga

Myreadingmanga is considered one of the biggest online manga collection sites. The interface is quite user-friendly, and you can find your favorite manga comic very easily. download 12Besides reading, you can also recommend comics to other readers in the community. You can also discuss the weekly episodes.

7. Comico

Comico website is entirely Japanese, so if you’re not fluent in Japanese, you may not be comfortable trying to read free manga online here. comicoThis Comico website has also ranked as the best online portal for arts & entertainment in Japan. Though this site is Japanese, you can translate it easily using google.

8. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a legal anime platform. But its Manga content is also praiseworthy. Since it is legal, watching the series requires a premium membership. Their premium membership is really worth it, though, as the content is updated every hour.

This website operates in most countries around the world. This website has got good quality, colorful and bright anime series.

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Top 20 Sites to Read Manga Online

Here is our bulk collection of manga sites that are safe to access in 2021 & 2022.

  1. Bookwalker
  2. honto.jp
  3. BATO
  4. Crunchyroll
  5. Comico
  6. Myreadingmanga
  7. Mangadex
  8. Mangareader
  9. Mangakakalot
  10. Comixology
  11. Manga Here
  12. Manga Club
  13. Manga-Anime Here
  14. Mangareader.net
  15. Manga Here
  16. ZingBox
  17. Manga Freak
  18. Mangago
  19. AnimeNova
  20. Viz


Guys these are the best manga websites to explore and read manga comics online. Though the internet is flooded with all such sites. We have come up with the sites that will surely be for you in 2022. All these sites are safe to use and are tried by our team. If you are having difficulty accessing these sites, please let us know in the comments section. We will surely help you.



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