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34+ Cool & Intresting Websites to Visit When Bored [2022]

No doubt the Internet is the best place to kill your time or get something productive out of your free time. Just opening a browser and visiting a random website won’t help in this case as the Internet is full of many spammy websites too. This may also end up providing you with the wrong information. Consequently, wasting your time. There are a lot of cool websites available on the internet that you can make use of in doing something productive or killing your time with some kindness and doing justice to your boredom. We have prepared a list of some really cool websites that you would love to visit.


35 Cool Websites You Wished You Knew Earlier

Here is the list of the cool websites you never knew existed. These websites will surely help you in passing time more efficiently.

1. Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy is a website that deals with transformation achieved by mixing different things. You can begin with Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. You have to create as many different materials as possible. There are no rules and regulations for you. hqdefaultYou just have to make new and new creations. For instance: Earth and air will form Dust. You can pay a visit to this website.

2. Geo Guessr

Geo Guessr is actually a game and it is very fascinating. You are dropped in some part of the world on google street view and you have to make a guess where you are.download 25 Your points are decided on your preciseness of location you have guessed. You can also decide which region you should be dropped in such as Europe, Asia, etc. It becomes more fun when you try some adventurous places.

3. Mental Floss

download 26The next website is Mental Floss. It tells you hidden stories behind famous happenings around the globe. You will learn some fascinating facts and elements which are never known. Give a try to this website and you will never regret it.

4. A Soft Murmur

download 7If you are in the office and annoyed by boring office talks then A Soft Murmer can really make you feel better. This website plays soothing and calming background noise. These sounds include Rain, Storm, Fire, etc. You just have to slide to hear a new calming noise.

5. The Moth

image 200103105058622If you love storytelling or love to hear stories then this website is of great use for you. You can listen to stories told by storytellers and they are not bots they are real people. Isn’t it interesting? This website also has podcasts that feature stories on Moth stages.

6. BoredPanda

jobs copywriter boredpanda vilnius coverimageBoredPanda is a website that contains one of the funniest content online. And the mainstream content is Photo heavy listicle. The articles here are really fun to read. You will never get bored with this website.

7. Don’t Even Reply

AP bSrtxHEbjuNje2XzaZidl846kITouAdC jd7fP0sDon’t even reply is a website where the owner of this website replies to everyone in a hilarious manner. Its tagline says- E-mails from an Asshole. And You all please stop judging me. HAHA.

8. Hacker Typer

maxresdefault 19Hacker Typer is a website where you can type anything. This website will give you an experience like a pro-Hacker with black screen and green fonts. You can pretend easily in front of your friends as if you are spying on someone online.

9. Youtube Time Machine

youtube time machineIf you are a nostalgia buzz or you love watching old youtube videos then this website is surely for you. You just have to enter the date and you will be shown a list of all the youtube videos of that particular date. This website is really interesting.

10. Level Up Life

unnamed 13On this website, you set real-life goals and then you get points on achieving them successfully achieving them. This can also be considered a self-motivating game. Level Up Life is all in the graphics of the old-school game.

35 Websites That Will Help You In Killing Your Time

Above was a list of cool websites with their detailed description. Now here is the collection of 35 websites that are not much popular on the internet but will surely win your heart.

  1. Vsauce
  2.  A Good Movie To Watch
  3. MUBI
  4. XKCD
  5. The Odd 1s Out
  6. Cracked
  7. Cool Wait But Why
  8. Interesting Stuff
  9. Wait But Why
  10. This Is My Website Now
  11. The Oatmeal
  12. The Onion
  13. GIPHY
  14. The Chive
  15. I Waste So Much Time
  16. ZergNet
  17. Oddee
  18. Uncrate
  19. This Is Why I Am Broke
  20. Forgetify
  21. Attack Of The Cute
  22. Open Puppies
  23. Akinator
  24. Pixel Thoughts
  25. Smithsonian
  26. Smithsonian
  27. The Toast
  28. How Stuff Works
  29. WiKi How
  30. Ancient Open Culture
  31. History Encyclopedia
  32. This American Life
  33. Big Think
  34. Hotspot 3D
  35. Apartment Therapy 


So folks we hope that your search for cool websites might have ended by now. We have really found these websites useful and will surely serve your purpose too. We will surely update the list if we get to know more about such websites. If you have any such websites in your mind then you can tell us in the comments section. We will be glad to know.



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