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Get Your Tailored Resume From Certified Professional

“A good resume should reflect who you are, not just a list of what you have done.” – Susan Adams. Writing an exceptional resume is closer to an art than a craft. Highlighting a job seeker’s individuality while following strict professional rules requires professionalism and dedication. 

Yet, a professionally written resume pays off drastically. Job seekers with professionally written resumes get more attention from hiring managers and are generally more successful in their job search. 

At the same time, many freelance writers and services produce low-quality resumes for smaller prices or less time. Trying to save resources, job seekers apply for such services and fail in their career goals. 

This article explains the difference between low and high-quality resumes and why you should always stick with professional resume writers. 


How Skillhub Makes Qualitative Resumes 

Skillhub is a professional resume resume writing service that always produces professional resumes. Skillhub resume writing services kansas city includes the following: 

  • Correct formatting. 
  • Fitting resume layout. 
  • Superior ATS optimization. 
  • Tailoring for particular job positions. 
  • Relevant experience highlights. 

Skillhub experts write custom-made resumes. They combine the requirements of particular job posts and the client’s wishes. Besides, the general writing and formatting of resume writing experts are higher than one of the freelancers. Professional certificates ensure the writer’s competence. 

Why Unqualified Writers Produce Low-Quality Resumes 

There is no evil intent behind low-quality resumes. Each resume writer strives to produce a product of the highest quality. Yet, there are several objective reasons why unqualified writers make low-quality resumes. 

Lack of experience 

Resumes are a common document that each person can write independently. Freelancers offer their services in resume writing based on their general experience. Yet, the lack of proficiency results in an average resume in the best-case scenarios. 

Inexperienced resume writers tend to make common mistakes and format resumes poorly. This approach will not impress any employer. 

Lack of industry-specific knowledge 

Freelance resume writers often lack specific knowledge of particular industries. As a result, unprofessional resumes cannot compete with professionally written documents. 

Absence of Certification 

It may not always be the case, but many freelance writers do not have professional certifications for resume writing. CPRW or NRWA certifications prove a writer knows how to handle a customer’s request. The lack of such certifications means unexpected and usually incompetent results. 

An accountant resume 

Megan had been an accountant for the past four years and decided it was time to make a career move. She updated her resume and sent it to several job openings but didn’t get a call back.

Desperate to land a job, Megan searched for a freelance resume writer. She found a few freelancers who offered to update her resume for free. Excited to save money, she sent her resume to them and waited for the results. 

Unfortunately, the updated resume didn’t look professional and didn’t highlight her skills and experience. Megan was disappointed with the outcome. She realized she needed a certified resume writer to help her stand out.

She stumbled upon Skillhub and read through the profiles of certified resume writers. After choosing one, they crafted a tailored resume, highlighting her unique skills and experience. Megan was impressed with the final product and sent it to a few job openings.

Within a week, she received a call from a prestigious accounting firm. Megan nailed the interview and was offered the job on the spot. She accepted the position and was thrilled to start her new career journey. Megan learned the hard way that unqualified writers produce low-quality resumes. laptop coffee

The Importance of Application to Certified Resume Writers 

Applying to a certified resume writer is crucial when a job seeker wants to make an excellent first impression on potential employers. Certification is earned by meeting rigorous requirements, such as:

  • Passing a comprehensive exam. 
  • Demonstrating a mastery of industry standards. 
  • Having a track record of producing quality resumes.

Certified resume writers have the expertise to help job seekers highlight their accomplishments engagingly. Using a certified resume writer ensures that their resumes are polished for specific job positions. 

Certified resume writers stay up-to-date on the latest trends. They are familiar with the best practices in resume writing to ensure that their clients’ resumes are competitive. Overall, using a certified resume writer is an investment in your career. It can lead to greater job opportunities and higher salaries.

Final Words 

A resume defines the success of a job search. Resume quality is what makes the difference between acceptance and rejection. Many job seekers try to save time. They apply to unprofessional resume writers, hoping to get a good resume for a small price. Freelance resume writers are a poor choice for resume writing for several reasons: 

  • Lack of experience. 
  • Insufficient knowledge of the specific industries. 
  • Certifications absence. 

Specialized services like Skillhub or resume builder zety feature a broad range of resume-writing experts. They meet requests for any career field. 


1. What are some common mistakes unqualified writers make when creating resumes? 

Unqualified writers may use outdated or irrelevant information. They may fail to highlight essential skills and experiences for the job. Finally, they can lack the knowledge and expertise necessary to create a compelling resume that stands out. 

2. Why is it important to choose a certified resume writer? 

Certified resume writers have undergone training and certification programs to develop their skills in resume writing. They are better equipped to understand crucial factors in resume writing, such as: 

  • Industry trends.
  • Job requirements. 
  • Employer expectations.

 They can tailor your resume accordingly to help you land your desired job.

3. How can I ensure that my resume writer is qualified and certified?

Look for certifications from recognized organizations, such as:

  • The Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC). 
  • The National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA). 

 You can also ask about their training, experience, and success rates with previous clients. Choosing a resume writer with the expertise and knowledge to help you achieve your career goals is essential.



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