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GTA San Andreas APK Download For Android

If you have ever played games in your life, I am pretty sure you must have played or at least heard of Grand Theft Auto games. Today, I am here to discuss one of the most popular games of the present time, The GTA San Andreas. We will also talk about the GTA San Andreas game in General, and as mentioned in the title, I will give you the GTA San Andreas apk mod as well. You can share this article with your friends and family and play together.

So Let’s get started!


About GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is one of the biggest games of all time. The game was launched in 2004 by Rockstar Games and is the fifth game of the Grand Theft Auto series. The game has gained mass popularity over the years, just like the previous games of the Grand Theft Auto series. This is major because the game feels like real-life based on real-life events.

The Grand Theft Auto games is a series of gangster games based in cities similar to the cities of the United States of America. GTA San Andreas was the best-selling video game of 2004 and over 27.5 million copies of the game had been sold by 2011. The game is currently available for almost all major gaming platforms, and if you have never played it before, I recommend you try it once. Pretty sure you will love it!

1. Gameplay

The gameplay of GTA San Andreas revolves around the story of a man named Carl Johnson, also known as CJ. The story of CJ is that he returns home following his mother’s murder and is drawn back into a life of crime and murders. The players have to complete various missions in the cities of California and Nevada as CJ, the main lead of the game. The game includes driving, eating, drinking alcohol, and sometimes even fighting and murder. The game involves using weapons and criminal activities like murder, theft, etc.

CJ has to commute around the city to different places where he has to complete the various missions given to him by the gang leader. When you commit a crime, the police come to arrest you and when you are arrested, you are Wasted, and you have to start your mission again.

The force of the police depends on the crime CJ commits, i.e., the bigger the crime, the bigger the police force comes to arrest you. Other than that, you can also be Wasted when you die or are unable to complete your mission.

2. GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes

GTA San Andreas also involves the usage of Cheat codes to play. Different Cheat Codes give you different benefits. All you have to do is type a cheat code on the keyboard, and it will be activated.

For example, when you type “HESOYAM” your health will be increased to full as well you receive an amount of $250k in your bank account to spend. There are many other such cheat codes as well which will give you cheating benefits and abilities. You can find some cheat codes in the image below.

the grand theft auto san andreas cheats e1632841891147

Download GTA San Andreas Apk

As I said earlier, the popular game is available for all the major gaming platforms, including mobile phones. However, the game is paid, i.e., you will have to pay a particular amount to purchase the game. This is where there is good news for you. I will give you the GTA San Andreas Mod apk so that you can get the game on your android smartphones. IOS devices do not allow any customizations. Hence the mod will only work on android devices.

GTA San Andreas APK OBB Download for Android

To Download the GTA San Andreas apk mod, click on the link below.

GTA San Andreas Mod apk file

1. Details of GTA San Andreas apk

Here are the details of theĀ  apk:

Version v2.00
Size 26.6 MB
Root Require No
Total Downloads 5,00,945+
Developer Rockstar Games

Just click on the link, and the GTA San Andreas Mod apk and the OBB file will be downloaded to your device. Follow the steps after playing the game.

How to Install GTA San Andreas Apk?

After you have downloaded the apk file on your device, just follow these simple instructions, and you can play GTA San Andreas on your device.

  1. Locate the GTA Apk in your device Downloads folder.
  2. Click on the apk file.
  3. A dialogue box will appear before you asking if you want to install the game. Select “Install’ and proceed with the installation process,
  4. The installation will take a few seconds.
  5. After the installation is complete, launch the game on your device and start playing!

Note: If you have never downloaded an application from the web before, your device will seek permission to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. All you have to do is press “Allow” and the installation process will continue as normal.

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I hope you were able to download the GTA San Andreas apk game on your devices. I did my best to find the best apk that works for you. Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments section below. I will come up with more such articles, so make sure you keep checking our website. Happy Gaming!



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