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How To Skip Or Block Hulu Ads?

If you’re a movie lover then you must be heard about Hulu online streaming platform. On this page, we’ll show the process of how to block Hulu ads.

Hulu platform offers you to stream all your favorite movies, shows, TV series, etc. The subscription fee of Hulu is very low and it allows you to watch the content in Ultra Hd mode. All of these shows and movies come with ads, which interrupts the entertainment. To get rid of these ads, you need to block Hulu ads so they do not halt your movie.

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Guide To Skip Or Block The Hulu Ads

Before we start on how to skip ads on the Hulu app, you all have to know that you will not be able to block Hulu ads completely. These ads help the Hulu app to earn revenue so they won’t let you block the ads without subscribing to it.

The tips and tricks, we’re going to discuss are 100% safe to try.

1. Skip Ads Using Ad-blocker:-

This is the easiest and effective way to enjoy your favorite shows and movies without ads. This method is also useful to block ads on various online streaming platforms like YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and any other website which contains ads.

uBlock Plus Ad-blocker:-

There are a number of adblockers available in the market, some of them are free and powerful. The easiest way to install and use adblocker on Pc with the help of the Google Chrome browser. Chrome browser has various ad blockers, uBlock Plus is the best ad blocker for Chrome browser.

Click here to download uBlock Plus

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Sometimes adblocker blocks the whole video player because ads are embedded with the video. This happens because you’re using an older version of the flash player. You might need to install the latest version of the flash player to avoid such type of issues.


Blokada adblocker helps you to block ads while you’re using Hulu on the mobile device. This app has various options that help to get rid of the ads. Blokanda is one of the effective third-party apps to block ads, you just need to install the app on your Android device. Once the installation is finished click on the blacklist option. There is an option called Goodbye ads you need to click on it to skip Hulu ads.

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2. Skip Ads By Opening Hulu In Two Tabs:-

You can open the same Hulu program in the two tabs, mute the one tab while enjoying the show on another tab. You can find the ad in the track bar and forward the show to that mark in the second tab to skip the ad.

That means if the ad starts in the first tab, you can mute it and switch to the second tab to continue watching and vice versa.

3. Refresh The Hulu Program Page:-

As we know that Hulu earns revenue from the ads and monthly subscription plans. These ads vary according to the duration of the video, the minimum duration of the ads is 30 seconds and the maximum duration is 4 minutes. For example, when you start watching the video the duration of the ad will be around 30 seconds but when the watching time is increased the ads time also increased can go up to 4 minutes. And these ads are enough to ruin the interest and excitement of watching the video.

Block Hulu Ads

So from this, we acknowledge that if we have recently landed on the Hulu page then the shown ads duration will be short. So we recommended you refresh the Hulu page from time to time in order to skip watching the long ads. This is a very simple step to skip the long-duration ads but you cannot block Hulu ads.

4. Fast Forward Hulu Ads Using Enounce MySpeed:-

You can fast forward the ads instead of blocking and skipping the ads. Enounce MySpeed is the software that lets you increase the playback speed of the video. This software can fast forward the 4-minute ad to around 1 minute.

That means you need not wait for long to skip the ads. The main drawback of this app that you need to pay $29.99 to purchase this app, this is not available for free. Also, Enounce MySpeed offers seven days of the trial period.

enounce mysppedc productivity video

5. Web Filtering:-

Hulu advertisements can also be blocked using web filtering available under Access Control or Parental Control in your router settings. Below are the steps to block Hulu ads using a web filtering option.

  • Connect with your router.
  • Open any browser to enter your router’s IP address in the search bar of the browser.
  • Now locate the web filtering option in the router admin panel.
  • In the web filter option add this address “ads-e-darwin.hulustream.com” without quotes.
  • Click on Apply and restart your computer.

web filtering

The above-mentioned address is responsible for Hulu advertisements, so when you add this domain to web filtering options, some of the ads are going to be blocked but it won’t block Hulu ads completely.

6. Upgrade To Hulu Premium:-

Upgrading to the Hulu premium is the official method to enjoy Hulu without commercials. The premium version of the Hulu starts from $11.99/month. Besides ad-blocking, you’ll get many other features also with the premium version of the Hulu. Hulu also offers one month of the free trial period.


Wrapping Up:-

Well, this is the end of our today’s topic. I have tried to compile all the potential methods for blocking Hulu ads. If you’ve got a budget then I suggest you upgrade for Hulu premium.

Hulu premium has various advanced features along with adblocking. If you’ve any other method in your mind, then you can share it with us using our comment section.



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