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iMovie For Windows: 4 Best Alternatives 2022

Are you here looking for iMovie For Windows? Well, my friend, you are not alone here because many of us are looking for the finest ways to download iMovie for Windows. iMovie is a great software to have and helps a lot of users to create videos, movies, and so much cleanly and efficiently.

Sadly, there isn’t any iMovie for Windows yet. But hey! You never know what the future has in store for you.

However, there are tons of picks for replacing iMovie with an alternative that does wonder. You can simply download this alternative and get started with the purpose.

Let’s find out some of the best alternatives. You know what to do right? Keep Reading!

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iMovie For Windows – What is the Craze About?

If you are an Apple user, then I am certain, you already know everything about iMovie and how efficient it is. Well, this is one of the primary reasons why Windows users look for iMovie too!

What is the craze all about?

iMovie is an amazing software overall and it helps a lot of users to create fun and amazing video projects most easily. But as we stated earlier, there is no way to have alternatives but you don’t really need to worry because we have the best things arranged for you in all ways possible.

iMovie is an intuitive application that even gels along with a novice. Don’t tell me you are a professional because I am gonna sob in a corner with that piece of information. 

Luckily, for a non-professional like me, iMovie is a pretty decent software to have. It lets you create movies that are literally jaw-dropping and No, I am not kidding.

However, the whole conversation boils down to how can you get iMovie for Windows?

That’s why we are here, right? Let’s get started.

Best Alternatives for iMovie for Windows

Unfortunately, not iMovie but we have got similar software that will work for you in Windows. Let’s quickly gauge through them.

1. Filmora

Filmora, without a speck of doubt, is the best alternative to iMovie and the one that works for Windows too. The program has the best tools to work with and the techniques, are fantabulous.

Editing this video will make you feel like a Professional. The user interface is very friendly and intuitive and lets you create videos and even edit these videos as you desire. Additionally, you can also share these videos on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and so on.

iMovie For Windows

2. MiniTool Movie Maker

MiniTool Movie Maker can be counted as a completely free-to-use and easy editing software that helps to add a lot of function and enhancement to build your own piece right from grain dust.

There are tons of templates to choose from that you can use in your videos. Also, you can remove watermarks and labels if you don’t want them. Honestly, try this software to get the best out of it and you will not regret it and you are barely gonna miss iMovie.

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3. Windows Movie Maker

The next one on the list that you definitely need to try out is a Window Movie Maker. If you are a Windows user, then you must have heard of Windows Movie Maker which is a completely free and simple software widely used for video editing. Developed by Microsoft, it is one of the leading editing software, and also an alternative to iMovie for Windows.

Some of its primary features include applying transitions, ease of use, and audio features for voiceovers.

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4. Movavi

Movavi is the last one on our list. It is simple to use and you can start and flaunt your editing skills in a jiffy.

Cut videos, trim them, and do whatever you wish to with the artistic effects. Just like the other video editing software, you can allow smooth transitions to glide in your videos.

There is a whole bunch of features that you can use like multiple supported formats, titles, and to know more, you can just check the website out. Use the software to use and see if this works for you as an alternative to iMovie.

iMovie For Windows


We don’t want to stuff with a list of alternatives and that’s why we have offered some of the best ones that would be a perfect option for iMovie.

iMovie for Windows is searched around 49,000 in a month ending up saddening a lot of users. In general, iMovie is great but if you are a Windows fan, then you ought to leave that bed of roses and get yourself editing software that does the work for you. We have considered your best interests in our hearts and have hoped to serve you well.



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