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Is GogoAnime Safe And Legal? Check Out 5 Best Alternatives

Hey there, If you are an avid Anime fan then this article is for you. I am sure you must have heard of GogoAnime. Today, we will discuss the GogoAnime website and some alternatives to GogoAnime as well. So make sure you stick till the end of this article and I promise you will not go empty-handed. Do share the article with your friends and family as well who are also Anime fans as big as you. A lot is coming for you further.

So let’s get started!


What is GogoAnime

Anime lovers who are also called “Otaku” are present all around the world. There are so many emotions attached to these amazing anime series that you can not resist yourself loving them. Many websites on the internet offer you to stream all genres of Anime movies and series. One such website is GogoAnime which is very popular among Anime lovers. The website not only lets you stream your favorite animes but also lets your download the animes on your devices. All the animes on the GogoAnime are available for free.

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Here are amazing features the website offers:

  • The contents are sorted into different categories
  • Subtitles are available in different languages
  • The animes are updated from time to time so no one misses out on the latest content
  • You can keep a list of  your favorite animes
  • Your view history is saved for easy access
  • You can choose your favorite anime from a large database of animes and tv shows
  • All the Anime shows are in HD quality

There are many other features of the GogoAnime, you can visit the website and dive into the world of Anime shows.

Is GogoAnime Safe?

There have been a lot of speculations about the safety of GogoAnime. Well, the speculations are true because the website is not safe. This is because GogoAnime is a torrent website that illegally uploads videos and different anime series. Almost all Governments have banned the GogoAnime website because of the Anit-Piracy law hence, I would suggest that you avoid using the GogoAnime website. There are many other websites on the Internet too which provide you with a lot of Anime content and there is a high chance that you might find your favorite Anime there too.

Is GogoAnime legal to use?

As you know that the GogoAnime website is not safe to use and it has been banned by the governments of many countries. The GogoAnime website, therefore, is not even legal to use the website. Using the GogoAnime website is a criminal offense and if someone is found using the website, they are liable to be punished by their country’s government.

GogoAnime falls under the category of pirated contents website. The website has also been restricted in some countries which is why the GogoAnime website has changed its name too. I would suggest that you stay out of this hide and seek game and rather use a legal website to access your favorite anime content.

5 Best GogoAnime Alternatives In 2021

With that said, I will also give you some alternative websites you can use instead of GogoAnime. Only the best ones will be featured in the list. You can visit these websites yourself and check them out. All of them are safe and legal so you do not have to worry about that as well. Here are the top websites you can visit instead of GogoAnime:

1. KissAnime

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The KissAnime website offers you a website that is made solely for all the Anime Content. You will not just find Anime Tv shows on KissAnime, but also the latest news and gossips about your favorite Anime series, their titles, creators, and everything about manga series.

The website also has a dedicated request section available which will let your request your favorite anime from the owners and they will notify you of the availability. Not only the website offers Anime, but also movies from all around the world.

You can check the website out from the official link: https://kissanime.com

2. MasterAni.Me

Masteranime Alternative

This website is an all-rounder to cater to all your Anime needs. The website holds thousands of free Anime shows you can stream/download for free. All you have to do is search for your favorite Anime from the search button. If you do not wish to watch any specific Anime show, you can just scroll down and choose from the tons of Anime previews available on the website.
You can check the MasterAni.me a website from the official link: https://www.masterani.one/

3. Chia-Anime

chia anime

The Chia-Anime not only has great Anime shows but also great manga series. This website has a large database of all genres of Anime shows all of which are free. In addition to Anime shows, this website also gives you Anime soundtracks.

There is also a dedicated section available for Asian drama movies and series which might interest you. You can easily download or stream Animes, read your favorite mangas and even download your favorite Anime soundtracks, all in one place!

You can check the Chia-Anime website from the official link: https://chia-anime.su/

4. DubbeTv

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The DubbeTv website can provide you with all genres of Anime in English dubbed format. The site particularly speaks to have Anime that no other website has. There is also a dedicated section for popular anime shows like Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece which keeps getting updated with new episodes from time to time.

You can check the DubbeTv website from the official link: http://www.animeland.tv http://www.animeland.cc

5. Anime Streams


The Anime streams website is also a dedicated website made for Anime shows and titles. Though the interface of this website is a bit confusing it made it to the list because of the enormous range of Anime shows which are free to stream and download. Once you start using the website, you will get along with the interface and will love the website as much as we do.

You can check the Anime Streams website from the official link: http://www.animestreams.website


The GogoAnime website is a great website to stream Anime titles but we do not recommend anyone to use GogoAnime as it is banned in most countries. We do not support any sort of illegal website or any illegal activity. Hence, I gave you the best alternatives to the GogoAnime website. Start watching your favorite Animes on the website I gave you above. Do not forget to check our website out in the future as well for similar articles.



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