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How to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft? [Complete Guide]

Raise your hand if you don’t know or haven’t heard of Minecraft. We are sure there is barely a hand in the air because Minecraft as a game has become very popular and players from all over the world love to play the game. Also, gaming has a huge role to play in our life. Minecraft is one such fun game that has so much to offer with its never-ending thrill and adventure. Jumping straight to why we are here – it is to learn how to kill all mobs in Minecraft.

Minecraft game consists of 3D design objects that include different tools like cubes and cuboids to play around with. Usually, the game is pretty good to play around with and there is no goal as such that users have to fulfill. Players can do whatever they please to do to earn rewards and freedom throughout. If you have played the game already, you know what we are talking about.

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Things You Should Know Before!

The basic agenda of the game is to give a tough fight to the mobs and to kill them. Alternatively, players can also cooperate with them and then gain the hidden gems from the game. The game has different kinds of mobs to deal with.

The survival mode lets users or players save their life and simultaneously earn a lot of resources easily from the game. This could be done by playing strategically and then, gaining more and more material in the process.

Next is the creative mode in which players are offered different kinds of material and are also given all kinds of freedom to play their game using the required tricks and creativity.

In addition to the above modes, there also is a hard-code mode and spectator mode available in the game.

1. What are Mobs in Minecraft?

Mobs in Minecraft are the different objects and items present in the game capable of moving. Every mob that is a part of Minecraft has its own set of features and functions.

Some of these mobs are capable of making moves during the night time whereas others can twirl around throughout the day. The other variety is known as critters and these are the friendly and happy mobs. Some of the examples of critters are cows, horses, rabbits, and so on. Also, there is a certain portion of mobs known by the name monsters.

Well, we all know what monsters are capable of, therefore no brainer there *Devil’s laughter*

Now, there also is a mob kind called Neutral. As the name describes, these are the silent ones. They won’t do anything to you unless something is done to them. So, you hit them, be ready to expect a hit back.

Enough about mobs now, let’s move to understand the reason why we are here and i.e. How to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft.

How to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft

How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a single as well as a multi-player game. Therefore, you can either play your game alone or choose your friends to play along with you and to give you company.

With the help of cheat codes and several commands that are now handy, it is easy to kill mobs in Minecraft.

With these tricks, you get powers and can get rid of all the mobs to easily gain more metals. The cheats are of definite help and before a player starts, they will make sure if you actually wish to use cheats or not.

When this happens, send a ‘C’ to use these tricks and cheats.

  • Press /kill and write the name of another player in the box. This will kill the other player instantly.
  • If you wish to demand something, then in the command box, you need to type /help.
  • Use /Atlantis to raise the level of the water.
  • To exchange items, single or in a stack, type /give.
  • To kill mobs, bringing calamities really helps. Therefore for snow, heavy rain, etc, type /weather.
  • Press /firedamage to open or close fire damage. This could really kill the mobs regardless of the mode you are playing in.
  • Type /itemdamage to keep your weapons safe.
  • To freeze the mobs, you need to type /freeze in the command box. This will really help as after freezing you can kill them through fire.
  • Change stuff to smelting form using /superheat.
  • You can also adjust the difficulty level of the game. Press /easy, /normal, /difficult, etc to change the game plan.
  • Transport players to other locations by typing /tp where tp stand for target player.
  • To keep all the items that you have collected so far, type /dropstore

How to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft

2. Use Minecraft /Kill Command

Here is how you can use the kill command.

  1. To kill everyone in the game except the player – /kill @e[type=!player]
  2. To kill a mob of a certain kind – /kill @e[type=mobType]
  3. Killing mobs of all kind – /kill @e[type=mobs]
  4. To kill mobs in a specific range – /kill @e[distance=..10]

How to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft


Now that you know the cheat codes, you know how to put them in place. Use them to kill even the toughest of mobs in the Minecraft game so that you never have to ask anyone else about how to kill all mobs in Minecraft.

The mentioned tricks will kill mobs of all kinds and will eventually help you win the game. Play single-player or battle with your friends to get the maximum fun out of Minecraft. Let us know how these codes worked out for you.



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