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LCPSGo Login: Official LCPS Go Student Portal Guide

LCPSGO gives you simple admittance to London Region State-Funded Schools. It is a web application and moment admittance to records put away at school or in the cloud. You can log in from your cell phone, tablet, or PC. Go to the official website from your browser of LCPSGO. If you are the student and staff of London Region State-Funded School then pay attention to this blog. If you are confused about finding the official website, simply search ‘How to Login to Loudon County Public Schools (LCPS) Go in 2021?’ You will get to know how you can log in. 

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Here we have provided all the information regarding LCPSGO, so read the full article. Let’s not waste more time and get into further details about LCPSGO


About Loudon County Public School

The following is the official website, you should know LCPS. We have added a little information about the LCPS that will help you while you log in to the official portal

  • PS is a branch of Loudoun county situated in Virginia County LCPS administers Public School. The headquarter of LCPS is located in Ashburn at 21000 Education Court.
  • LCPS is popular among many people in the Virginia region. It is going very fast and this could be the main reason for the popularity of LCPS. LCPS is one of the best school divisions and Virginia is known for its fastest-growing School divisions. It is well known as the third largest school division in Virginia.

LCPSGO is the online portal for both students and staff. You can directly access the web portal for the applications. It is not just meant for application but also the files stored in the school’s cloud services. Students and Staff can get easy access to the study modules.

How to Login to LCPSGO?


  • Visit the official website and click on the login option.
  • You will be redirected to the portal page where you have to fill in your username and password
  • Will be redirected to the dashboard

1. Forgotten your Password?


In case you have forgotten your password, don’t worry just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the web portal
  • Click on ‘Help, I forgot the password
  • Enter the username
  • Enter your code
  • Click on the ‘Right Button’

Your password will be recovered. Now, you can log in to the portal successfully.

Benefits of the LCPSGO Portal

We know you are wondering about this topic but we are mentioning all the things below that will help you out with the major benefits.

1. The easily accessible web application 

LCPSGO never lets anyone down when it comes to providing easy access to the web application. It can access files that are stored in cloud LCPSGO web applications that are helpful for the school staff sitting at home.

2. Comfort 

In just a few clicks you can access the login portal. You are free to log in to your computer through which you can attend different classes. Apart from this, you can easily access study modules by sitting at home.

3. LCPSGO is both for Students and Staff

Both students and staff with LCPSGO. LCPS Application is useful for both staff and students, they can easily access the website.

4. Everything Through One Website

You need to keep a keen eye on several websites. You will be able to access different LCPS applications through one website. You can have easy access to all the things once you successfully log in to the portal.

LCPSGO Contact Information

Although, you have given all the information regarding LCPSGO. They can directly contact LCPSGO to solve their problem, below is the contact information:

  • ParentVUE Contact: (571)252-1907
  • Inquiries: (571)252-1900

This article has all the information regarding LCPSGO. You can easily get all the necessary information.



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