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10 Best PS1 Emulators for PC in 2022

Classic games have a different fun factor. PS1 was one of those games. It became very popular among gamers. But sadly it was discontinued in 2006. Even though they had low graphics the games were still so much fun and the old gameplay still gives me nostalgia.

We all miss the original play station games and would love to play them again. They remind us of all the amazing memories we made back in the day. I am sure all the 90s kids know what this is all about.

Keeping all this in mind Sony launched the Playstation Classic. But the problem here is that they only have about 20 games on the ps1 but what if the games that you liked aren’t included but you want to play them. That can cause some trouble. You won’t have to worry we found some amazing PS1 Emulators that will help you have a similar experience.


Best PS1 Emulators in 2022

There are a lot of PS1 Emulators out there but finding the right one might be a little troublesome and requires a lot of research and patience. They are a lot of pieces of information that you will need to collect which aren’t available in one place. We have created this article to make things easier and smoother for you to find your perfect emulator.

1. BizHawk


It is an open-source emulator that focuses mostly on core accuracy and power user tools but being user-friendly at the same. It’s an amazing tool for casual gamers. With BizHawk speedrunners can now alter gameplay by employing tools for runs through classic games.

The emulator has a ton of assist tools so the users can manipulate games as they like. Features like rewinding and recording gadgets are included in the preloaded tools. This Emulator is compatible with many platforms.



The configuration on this Emulator is very easy. Anyone who is looking for a standalone emulator, look no further. This supports every game. To start playing within minutes you can choose an automatic setup and customize your experience through the manual settings.

The Emulator however does come with any extra features found in similar programs. You can even have an authentic experience by attaching your DualShock controller.

3. ePSXe


This is the most well known PS1 emulator out there. The compatibility with all different types of platforms with controller support and customizable controls you can have the same fun you had with the latest Playstations.

This emulator also has saved and load states for the users to start off where they left. The Emulator works on PC, Mac, and Linux and free. But you will have to spend some money to download it from Google Play for Android.

4. PCSX2


This Emulator is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux. It is also open-source. It takes advantage of anti-aliasing and filtering to give the games a polished look and it’s so much higher than the modern HD remakes that make it stand out the most among other software.

You might not enjoy it if you looking for an authentic experience. There are inbuilt cheating features as well as a video recorder for gamers to record their amazing gameplay.

5. FPse


This Emulator mainly focuses on Android devices with features specifically made to keep Android users in mind. This has a wide range of features that can be easily customized according to your liking.

This also has saved and load states like any other Emulators. You can also scale the resolution according to your liking. You can also find a cheat code menu. Sadly it’s not free.

6. Avacado


This is one of those few emulators that is still being developed and is open-source. You don’t require a plugin-based system for the software to run and it’s super user-friendly.

7. RetroArch


This isn’t really an Emulator but more of a “frontend“. This way it allows you to keep a suite of emulators in one place to make it easy to use. This is compatible with many different devices and can be downloaded on Google Play for Android users too.

8. RPCS3


This Emulator is still in development but you can play a lot of different games with it. It’s mainly focused on PS3 but you can still play PS1 games. Anyone can view the code and make contributions making its development a collaborative process.

9. Mednafen


Mednafen Emulator was previously known as Nintendo. The Emulator is well known for not only supporting PS1 but also Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, and many long-forgotten gaming platforms.

The only drawback is you will have to download your own BIOS file to make it work. The download process might be a little difficult but the latter part is really fun!



This Emulator is best for beginners as its set up is really easy. The Emulator is known for its authenticity, no graphical enhancements or fancy UI elements are added.

The only authentic part that might not be so good is that it is buggy like the original PS1. The Emulator is compatible with Windows and Android.

Top 10 PS1 Emulators for Free

If it is difficult for you to choose the best PS1 emulator, then take a look at our list of the top 10 best PS1 emulators and we hope you like it.

  1. BizHawk
  2. PCSX
  3. ePSXe
  4. PCSX2
  5. FPse
  6. Avacado
  7. RetroArch
  8. RPCS3
  9. Mednafen
  10. XEBRA


These emulators are perfect when it comes to reliving your old days full of fun. Though downloading them isn’t illegal but owning a certain type of file so make sure you take reference from this website and download files only after making sure that they are safe.

We hope this article comes in handy and makes things a bit easier. What is your favorite game from the PS1? Drop them in the comment section below!



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