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Solarmovie 2022: 15 Free Alternatives to Watch Movies

After a long day at work or school, we want to relax and enjoy some time. Movies are available in many genres, and there are plenty in each for you to enjoy. We all love watching movies and shows; rewatching our favorites and exploring new ones are some of the most refreshing things. We often opt for affordable things that can easily fit into our budget, and if you rarely watch movies and shows, spending a fortune on them would be unnecessary.

So, we lean for free websites. Solarmovies is definitely one of them. Let’s explore more about Solarmovie Alternatives and many more websites like it.


Best Solarmovie Alternatives In 2022

Solarmovies is a well-known website for streaming movies. You can watch movies and shows without any payment. Although the website provides you with a comfortable movie streaming experience, it’s banned in many countries, and often the website is down.

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We always tend to lean on finding alternatives for such websites, but most of the time are redirected to malicious scam websites. It’s very hard to find the right websites from the ocean of google full of different websites. So, we have jotted down some of the best Solarmovie alternatives for you to explore.

1. Vumoo.tos 1

Vumoo isn’t a very well-organized site like solar movies and is divided into only two categories: movies and TV series. You can watch high-quality movies without any registration. The website gives you 2-3 servers to have the most comfortable online movie or series streaming experience.  

2. Moviesjoys2

An ad-free website is really hard to come by your way when searching for online free movie streaming websites. Luckily MoviesJoy provides you with this service. The site sorts its movies according to genres and countries. You can also explore movies through their IMDb rating list, this is an amazing feature for the audience who prefer to watch high IMDb rated movies.  

3. Lookmovies3

An amazing Solarmovie alternative, this website allows you to filter movies by IMDb ratings, year of release, and genre. You even get information about IMDb rating, genre, duration, year of release, and genre for each movie. The websites offer a lot of categories like Action, Comedy, Thriller, Fantasy, Romance, etc. 

4. Afdahs4

This website also doesn’t require any registration like other solar movie alternatives. This website has something stocked up for everyone as its movies are from 35+ countries. The website, luckily, is ad-free, so you can enjoy your favorite movie comfortably. You might have to disable your ad blocker extension if you have one.

5. Tubitvs5

The site gives you the royalty of streaming their movies in HD quality. You can watch it on the website or download the app available for Android and ios. You can stream movies of different categories like Animation, Action, Crime, Drama, Documentary, etc. You can even find classic films to suit your taste. 

6. ConTvs6

The website is well known for being a multi-platform OTT and online movie streaming service provider. You can find movies to stream from many different categories. The thing that sets this website apart from others listed here i that it also features comics, live tv, videos, etc. This website also allows you to stream movies on their website or on their app available across Android and iOS devices.

7. Yesmoviess7

You can binge-watch movies all day with full Hd quality with this website. It allows you to watch movies online without registration or downloads. This website allows you to filter the movie’s IMDb ratings, year of release, and genre. You can request the movies that aren’t available on the site.

You might find ads here and there when you click on a movie or the play button, but that can be ignored seeing the never-ending amount of movies they have.

8. Cineblooms8 1

Another Solarmovie alternative website that gives you the comfort of free online streaming with no ads or pop-ups. You can watch movies sort according to countries, ratings, years, and genres. They also have the option to choose between servers, so you don’t have to go to other websites. 

9. Yifymoviess9

This website is an amazing Solarmovie alternative but is solely dedicated to movies. The user doesn’t have to register, nor can you find annoying ads and pop-ups. The home page also lists the popular movies of the week or the currently popular movies for you to explore.

You can watch movies in over 21 languages. The movies also have a brief description of IMDb rating, year of release, genre, etc.

10. PutLockers2s10

A well organized, user-friendly site on the internet. This website also offers you to explore top IMDb rated movies. They also have a top viewed section to explore if you are looking for something trending. The streaming quality is pretty average compared to other websites.

Top 15 Solarmovie Alternatives To Watch Free Movies

The list below jots down some of the most used and known websites on the internet. There are a lot of websites to choose from, so you should start exploring soon!

  1. Vumoo.to
  2. Moviesjoy
  3. Lookmovie
  4. Afdah
  5. Tubitv
  6. Contv
  7. Yesmovies
  8. Cinebloom
  9. Yifymovies
  10. PutLockers2
  11. Bobmovies
  12. Popcornflix
  13. M4Ufree.tv
  14. Moonline
  15. MovieFlixter


We have picked some of the well-known and reliable websites out there on the internet. So you don’t have to go through the fuss of going through malicious and dangerous websites. Such websites not only waste your time but can often cause some damage to your devices and are well known for their virus attacks.

So, we curated this list keeping in mind the safety of yours. We hope that this article made your day a tad bit easier. Happy exploring!



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