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15 Unblocked Music Sites 2022 [Listen Songs Anywhere]

We all love to listen to music, and it is honestly the best stressbusters of all time. The sad part is when your college or school Wi-Fi becomes the real demon and restricts these music sites. This calls for the need for unblocked music sites at schools and colleges and amigos. That is exactly why I am here.

After all, I totally understand the pain you have to go through when you don’t get your friendly dose of music. If you have landed here, looking for Unblocked Sites for music, keep scrolling and keep reading until you find the music site that takes care of your needs.

Unblocked Music Sites


What are Unblocked Music Sites?

These are music streaming platforms that are free and are widely used by school and college students. These are those sites that can be easily accessed over the school or college network without any issues.

You can stream any music, artist, or language that you desire.

Best Unblocked Music Sites

Here comes the list of 10 best-unblocked music sites that will set your boredom on lease and help you sway your feet to the rhythm of the music.


Starting our list with Accuradio which is a great website that lets you listen to songs for free. This website has a list of all the trending songs. To enjoy your music while you are in school or college, all you need to do is visit the website and click on any song or channel that you wish to hear.

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When we speak of unblocked sites, we need to mention Grooveshark because first, it lets you listen to free music, and second, you don’t even need to sign up and listen to your favorite tracks.

The interface of Grooveshark might take you back but don’t worry; it’s a good website that suits your purpose. Simply search for your favorite music or artist to listen to them. On the web version, you can easily listen to your favorite songs.

Unblocked Music Sites


Isn’t the name of the website enough to tell you the purpose of what it does? Song Area is a website that has tons of songs to select from. Alternatively, you can also choose your artists, genres, and singers.

A simple search brings you thousands of results. Therefore, you can pick your song from the list easily.

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When you want royalty-free music, you need to check out Soundzabound. Its UI might take you off a little since it is fully designed, keeping in mind how students would prefer it.

You can surely chill and tug your earphones on to listen to your favorite music.

Unblocked Music Sites


LiveXlive has millions and zillions of songs for the audience. Whether you are at school getting bored or at college planning to bunk, LiveXlive will always be there to rescue you.

The website is full of addiction with the beautiful tracks that it covers for the audience. In addition to that, it is also user-friendly. You can also opt for the paid version of the website to get access to some of the premium music content.

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One of the reasons why Hulkshare sees a fair share of demand is its popularity amongst schools and colleges. The clean user interface of the app helps in easy navigation and walkthrough.

You can choose any track on the go and adjust filters for moods, artists, etc. Also, if you wish to connect with your neighboring schoolmates, you can do that through Hulkshare too.

Unblocked Music Sites


If you peek at a view of the most visited unblocked music sites, Tunein will be the name popping up. It is also quite famous for its taste in podcasts. It gives you access to the music library, which has tons of music to choose from in different languages.

Why would you even look at some other music site when you can just tune in to Tunein?

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8. Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music is the next music provider which is also known for its huge name all around the globe. While you are at school, struggling with your Wi-Fi, you can simply download songs from Jamendo on your mobile device to listen to them offline whenever you want.

Additionally, you can also share your music with your friends from Jamendo’s vast collection of songs and classical music.

Unblocked Music Sites

9. Pure Volume

The list of Unblocked Music Sites that you can access in your school and colleges would be left quite incomplete if Pure Volume isn’t in it. It has a lot to offer in terms of music streaming.

Daydreaming of being a musician while you are at your school, getting bored? Well, Pure Volume offers exposure for artists like you and me to promote their own channels and podcasts. I don’t think you should wait to upload your first podcast.

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Last but always a blast is our unblocked music site Streamsquid which offers an added advantage of live streaming with video options. Along with songs, it also lets you stream radio channels.

Over the years, Streamsquid has maintained its position by delivering music of the best kind. This is a common reason why Streamsquid is an absolute favorite of college and school students.

Unblocked Music Sites

Top 15 Unblocked Music Sites For Free

Here you go with some additional grooving options. When it’s about music, why settle for less?

  1. Accuradio
  2. Grooveshark
  3. Song Area
  4. Soundzabound
  5. LiveXlive
  6. Hulkshare
  7. Tunein
  8. Jamendo Music
  9. Pure Volume
  10. Streamsquid
  11. Hype Machine
  12. Audio Mack
  13. Free Music Archive
  14. Bluebeat
  15. Soundcloud

Final Words

That was all my dear friends. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Getting bored during your lecture or don’t want to attend a loud seminar? We have got you covered. Let’s keep that music playing, shall we?



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