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15 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps [Fun for Guys]

It is really very hard seeing your friends getting committed with someone they like and you don’t have someone to share your thoughts with someone. You patiently have been waiting for someone, to come in your life. Well, what if I tell you there are Virtual girlfriend apps too, which can help you in your loneliness and help you to keep boredom away. These types of apps are getting a lot of attention from users now.

Guys, Real girlfriends consume a lot of money and time. Try this list of virtual girlfriend apps that will surely give real girlfriend experience. Some apps even allow you to share your naughty and kinky desires. ??

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Let us move to the list now.


Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

What are you waiting for? Have a look at the features of these applications and choose accordingly. Don’t start imagining.???

1. Dream Girlfriend

As the name indicates, the Dream girlfriend helps you in creating a girlfriend of your own choice. The girl which you have dreamt in your dreams will be your now virtually. You can choose her hair, Color, Eyes shape, And SIZES??. unnamed 39The graphics in this application will make your thought even more naughty. Not only body types you can also select cloths you want your girlfriend to wear. Go and download this application and start Romancing with your girlfriend.

2. Virtual Anime Girl

Looks like the developer of Virtual Anime girl was single and loved Anime too. The features and customizations in this application are really amazing. Designed with 3d graphics, attractive outfits, and sexy dance moves this application will surely win your heart. thumb 350 934530It had paid options so you need to pay for it. But it is worth every penny spent. If you are an anime lover and SINGLE, then You should try this application once.

3. Naughty girlfriend

This NAughty Girlfriend has more kinky desires than you. She will also dance with you. You can dress her in the clothes of your own choice as there is a huge collection of garments available. She will react to your touch will be sad and angry too sometimes. apps.47476.13510798886407985.52fefa1b 8f09 4c77 a1c5 14bd6b152c61She looks like a real girlfriend. Isn’t it cool? Maybe she has fewer tantrums then your real girlfriend? . Go and Download it from the play store.

4. Me Girl 

Me Girl is a free Virtual girlfriend app then will surely meet your desires. This app is available for android and iOS. You can create a new girlfriend with which you can flirt, date, and chat directly. Stunning fashion trends and makeups will add up to the spark. icon 1Fun stories and quests are also there to make your love journey more joyful. You can also use this as a cheating application.

5. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

What if I say there is a virtual girlfriend application that will also talk to you through voice. YES! Your Virtual Girlfriend Julie will do it for you. She will perform different activities for you like dancing etc. She will kiss you and even sleep with you. screen 2 1Not more than sleep?. You can also customize your girlfriend’s character up to a great extent. This is one of the best virtual girlfriend apps I have gone through. Simulation is also seamless. Recommended.

6. Choices

Developed by Pixelberry Studios. Choices is another good virtual girlfriend apps available for both Android and iPhone. It is totally free and requires no data. you can create your own dramas and scenes. Make all customizations before start playing the game. ImageThere are weekly updates in the chapter library of this application. So you will have new scenes to play with every next week.  Detailed graphics will surely add up to your fun.

7. Laura

Your virtual girlfriend might be dumb but not Laura. LAura is a quite intelligent virtual girlfriend that will even help you in your daily tasks from your device.screen 1 1 It will automatically chat with users and even answer their questions. She will light up your emotions to the next level. Any short hair Girl fans here. Laura is for you.

8. Girlfriend Plus

Girlfriend Plus not only sounds premium but is also loaded with premium features. You just have seen the girl for the first time and you will end up having a relationship with you. Good for introverts NA. She will send you sweet voice messages over chat that will surely make you fall in love with this character. b158bb7bca81c3cfab857b7b83083508 LBesides your relationship, this application will also boost your talking skills. You will get your confidence boosted.

Now I am going to present to you the collection of Virtual Girlfriend apps that you will love to use.

15 Virtual Girlfriend Apps To Get Your Dream Girlfriend

Let me not waste your time. Here is the list of all Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android and iPhone;

  1. Virtual Anime Girl
  2. Me Girl Love Story
  3. My Virtual Girlfriend
  4. Choices
  5. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie
  6. Laura
  7. ChatBot
  8. Pocket Girlfriend
  9. VGAR Virtual girlfriend
  10. Smart virtual girlfriend
  11. Virtual Girlfriend momoda
  12. Virtual Girlfriend 3D anime
  13. Virtual Girlfriend Texting App
  14. Virtual girlfriend joke
  15. My Virtual Manga Girl


Guys this was a list of best virtual girlfriend applications. Using these apps will surely land you your dream girl. These apps are more trustworthy than your girlfriend. Some of these are paid apps and some or free to use. If you are feeling any difficulty while using these apps then you can tell us in the comments section. We will guide you there.

Happy Dating:)



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