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123Movies Alternatives: Is It safe to Use in 2022?

Do you want to enjoy free movies and shows online? You must have heard of many online sites that stream free shows and movies to entertain users. But sometimes, these sites are not authorized. There are many risks involved if we stream on these sites. Some of the free streaming sites are 123Movies, MX Player, etc. Although 123movies is not a legal site and there are also many consequences involved in streaming on these sites.

In today’s article, we will cover the detailed information of 123movies which consists of various risks and methods to overcome the consequences to stream your favorite shows and movies without any problem.


What Is 123Movies?

This movie streaming site has gone through several domain name changes in the past. Major of them were Gomovies.to, Gomovies. is, and 123movieshub.to/is until the shutdown. 123movies 1123Movies is a streaming site that is specially designed to stream different types of shows and movies which was recently banned by Vietnam due to copyright suits. On regular days 123 movies attracted around 98 million daily users. Streaming movies using 123movies cannot be considered illegal unless and until you are downloading and sharing anything. Doing any such thing can end you in criminal charges. 

In 2018, MPAA also listed 123movies as the “most popular illegal site in the world,” with Alexa ranked under 500. 

Digital piracy has caused huge losses to the original content creators. Even after several governments imposed new piracy laws across the globe, they have not been able to control these pirated sites. 

How To Access 123Movies?

Though 123movies is still banned by the authorities, you can still access the site and stream movies using a suitable VPN service. There are two major reasons why you should use VPN for accessing 123Movies. The use of a VPN ensures safety and anonymity while on the web by hiding your IP address and identity. Secondly, VPN enables you to access the sites banned in your region.

123Movies was also popularly known as GOmovies, GoStream, MeMovies, and 123movieshub. If you are looking for more sites like 123Movies, visit Earthweb.

1. Is 123Movies Illegal?

Yes, downloading or streaming original content via pirated sites is considered illegal in most nations. But you should always check if your country’s laws allow you to do so.

Best 123Movies Alternatives 2022

Here is the list of some legal alternatives to 123Movies to watch movies and shows online:

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Review | PCMagAmazon Prime Video is Amazon’s video streaming service. It comes included with their Amazon Prime service. This service includes amazon services with lots of streaming content. You get 4k streaming quality and other features such as HDR. In addition, it also has Chromecast support, making it a powerful platform for Binge watchers. 

2. Disney+

Disney+ - WikipediaDisney+ is Disney’s official streaming service. It comes with loads of content, comprising most things from Star Wars and MCU. Plus, it has The Simpsons, tons of kids’ shows, Disney movies, and more stuff. With the launch of Disney Plus, other streaming platforms are half dead. 

3. Hulu

Hulu Ends Free Streaming Service - VarietyHulu is one of the more diverse video streaming apps. It has the usual streaming experience with a bunch of old TV shows, movies, anime, and other stuff. It also offers live television for $39.99 per month. The $39.99 per month price also covers regular Hulu stuff. That kills two birds with one stone.

Their selections are fairly diverse. The service also offers over 50 channels with an option to expand that for extra money. It should work for most people. It does come with a free trial as well as Chromecast support.

4. Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere - Apps on Google PlayMovies Anywhere is one of the newer video streaming apps. It consolidates several movie services under one roof. It includes support for iTunes, Vudu, Google Play Movies, and Amazon Video. You simply sign into the services. Then you have access to all of your movies between them.

This lets you shop movie sales or take advantage of special offers but manage your library all in one spot. There should be more apps like this. It also has Chromecast support. However, it does not have some unique features, like 4k movies from Google Play Movies. You still need the official apps for stuff like that.


I hope everything is fine with this article now and all the doubts regarding 123movies are clear now. If you have any queries, you can contact me in the comments section. I will surely love to guide you.



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