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How to Activate Showtime Anytime in 2022?

Before we directly jump down to begin and learn to activate Showtime Anytime Process, there are many things that you must know about Showtime.

Back in the year 2010, Showtime was launched as a part of CBS flagship. Therefore, the satellite that it uses is premium and also makes use of respective cables that allow the connection to hold in the swiftest manner. With the help of Showtime, users get the accessibility to spend their time enjoying as many shows as they want. Additionally, users also get a chance to watch movies and whatnot that fit their preferences.

Activate Showtime Anytime


Prerequisites Required to Activate Showtime Anytime

In the world that we currently live in, nothing is impossible. Showtime works well with devices like Apple TV, Android TV, and so on. However, there are a certain set of requirements that we need to follow before we use these devices for showtime.

Below are the steps that you sure need to follow before you begin to activate showtime anytime on any device.

  • First of all, a cable provider who has the certified license of accepting and providing the appropriate services for showtime anytime.
  • Showtime subscriptions are associated with satellite and cable and hence, you need a way to figure that out.
  • Successfully create a Showtime account before using Showtime. Registration is very important before you jump in to activate showtime anytime.

Activate Showtime Anytime

How to Create a Showtime Account?

Here are the steps to create an account on Showtime Anytime.

  • You need to open the Showtime Anytime account to start with creating your own account.
  • Look for the ‘Get Showtime Now‘ button and click on it.
  • Choose the right provider.
  • From the different categories, choose the ones that work best for you.

Steps to Activate Showtime Anytime

The best way to start with activating showtime is, to begin with, your device. Here is a thorough guide that will walk you through the process of how you can activate showtime anytime.

  1. Start with launching the ‘Showtime Anytime’ application on any device that you prefer using the application for streaming.
  2. Look for the ‘Settings’ menu. Once you find that, navigate to the program and then select ‘play’ or ‘activate’ from the provided options.
  3. Further, you will see a code on your screen. Visit the Showtime link in your browser. On successful redirection, you will need to log in to the mobile app. If you are using it on your mobile, look for Menu > Settings > Activate Devices.
  4. You need to locate the code first. Once that is done, you need to enter it and then click on Submit for the code to finally activate.
  5. Now, it all depends on whether or not you are logged in to Showtime Anytime. If not, you will need to enter the username and password which will log in you to Showtime Anytime. After entering your creds, you are good to go.
  6. You can start using Showtime Anytime as soon as a success message appears on your screen.

One thing that you need to take notice of would be whether or not your streaming service is listed. If it isn’t listed, it means it isn’t supported in your region. Therefore, ask your provider and authenticate first before you begin to use the service.


Activate Showtime Anytime on Any Device

Here is a guide that will instruct you to be able to easily use and activate showtime on your device.

1. For Android Users

  • From your Android TV, transverse to showtime anytime channel.
  • Select a video of your choice and you can either activate it or play it.
  • From the list, choose your provider.
  • Note down the activation code.
  • Use your computer and launch it.
  • On the official website of Showtime, look for the activation page.
  • Follow the instructions
  • In the ‘Activate Device’ page, activate the current device
  • Voila! You are good to go to watch showtime anytime on your Android TV.

2. For Roku User

  • Start with turning on your Roku and visiting the Showtime Anytime channel.
  • Click on the ‘Activate‘ option that you will find in the menu.
  • Look for the streaming service that you want from the list of providers.
  • On your screen, look for the activation code.
  • Open the browser and look for the activation page where you need to fill in the activation code.
  • Follow the instructions step by step.
  • On the ‘Activate Devices‘ page, use the credentials to add to the account of your provider.
  • Enter the code and you are done.

Activate Showtime Anytime

Showtime Anytime – Is it on Amazon Firestick?

This comes as one of the most heated questions of all time whether or not you can use Amazon Firestick on Showtime anytime. Well, we have packed the answer for you and it’s a ‘YES’.

You can activate Showtime Anytime even on Amazon Firestick by following through the below steps.

  1. Start with downloading the Showtime Anytime app on your Amazon Firestick.
  2. Use the Hulu app or Showtime Anytime app to launch it.
  3. Sign up for the website in case this is your first time using it.
  4. On your screen, you will find detailed instructions, all you need to do is follow. The billing will be done via an Amazon account.
  5. Use Showtime anywhere you wish to once you have successfully subscribed.

Activate Showtime Anytime


Well, now that you know how easy it is to activate showtime anytime, we hope all your queries are taken care of. You can immediately start streaming Showtime anywhere without any technical hassle. However, the biggest challenge that you might have to face is setting it up for the first time.

We have a dedicated section that tells you how can you get started. Make sure to follow it through and let us know if you have any questions.



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