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How to Activate TLC on Any Device?

TLC has been running for a long time now and has already surpassed its competitors long ago. Even in the world of reality TV, it is growing immensely. Now, people have started to avoid cable plans and switch to popular streaming services. But, how does TLC activation work on these things? Well, don’t worry I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’ll explain how you activate TLC on your streaming devices to continue streaming your favorite TLC shows.


What is TLC?

TLC or The Learning Channel is an American TV channel that focuses on educational and learning content. Initially started with the educational content, now the network also focuses on reality series that involves lifestyles, family life, and personal stories.

In recent years, the channel has created history being telecasted over the globe. Available for all age groups, it not only keeps you entertained by also educates you in its way. And, the best thing is, you never get bored. Basically with this, it lives up to its slogan, “Everyone needs a little TLC”.


How to Activate TLC on Streaming Devices?

TLC activation on your streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc is a piece of cake. You don’t have to go through some complex processes to activate it. Just the easy steps are given and you’re good to go.

But, before you start the activation process, make sure that you have a strong internet connection on your browser and the device you wish to use. So, here’s a list of different streaming devices and the steps to activate TLC on them.

1. TLC Activation on AMAZON FIRE TV

  1. Install the TLC Go app on your Fire TV.
  2. Launch the app to get your activation code.
  3. Open your browser on a device with a stable internet connection and to tlcgo.com/activate.
  4. Enter the activation code given to you via your Fire TV and click activate. 


2. TLC Activation on Apple TV

  1. Install the TLC Go app through the App Store.
  2. Open the app, and get your activation code.
  3. Through your browser, head to tlcgo.com/activate.
  4. Enter the activation code given to you.


3. TLC Activation on ON ROKU

  1. Start with adding the TLC Go app to your Roku.
  2. Open the app, complete the basic process to get your activation code.
  3. Open this link tlcgo.com/activate with the help of the browser you’re using.
  4. Enter the activation code given to you and click on active. 


*The process will be the same for all the other streaming devices, android devices, and iOS. You’ll have to Launch the TLC Go on your device, follow the onscreen instructions and get your activation code. Use this link tlcgo.com/activate, to get the activation code.

TLC on Streaming Services 

You don’t always need to have a streaming device to watch TLC live. As, now, you can go ahead and watch TLC live without cable. All this with the help of streaming services. There are a few of the major live TV streaming services which prove to be best for streaming TLC. Below is a list of them. So, check them and select the best one for you.

  1. Hulu Live TV
  2. Youtube TV
  3. Philio
  4. Sling TV
  5. FuboTV

TLC works best on regular streaming devices. But, if you’re low on budget, these streaming services will prove to be best as they are not only cheaper than buying a whole device but also offers some additional features and channels.

TLC GO Sign in Not Working

In case you’re having problems signing in, don’t worry. All you have to do is make sure of 3 things. Check these and your issue will be solved instantly. 

  1. Internet Connectivity- Before anything else, first, check if you have a strong and stable internet connection. As network issues will eventually lead to sign-on problems. Make sure that your cable provider is still supporting TLC Go.
  2. Login Details- Assure that you have entered the correct login information. As incorrect credentials will make it impossible to log in.
  3. Cache and Restart- It is a possibility that you are facing these issues because of the cache loaded up your system. So, firstly, clear all your cookies and cache. And then, restart your system. 


Also, with all this, make sure that you haven’t send sent the activation code twice. Because that can lead you to an incorrect activation code error as well.

Final Words

I hope these ways have helped you in TLC activation. And, in case you’re having a problem with the TLC sign-in, make sure to check out the fixes I’ve mentioned above. Try them and I’m sure they’ll fix your problem instantly. With the TLC activation, now you can continue to enjoy your favorite TLC shows without any interruptions on your streaming devices. Also, the streaming services will help you watch TLC shows if you’re a little tight on budget.

Let me know if these steps help you to activate TLC. Also, comment below, if you’re still having problems regarding the activation, sign-in, or other related problems.



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