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Best UTorrent Settings to Increase Download Speed

Want to increase the speed of your download file then should know the best Utorrent settings. Here we are going to discuss increasing the speed of your download file on torrent by best settings. Nowadays almost everyone is searching for a platform where they can download games, movies, and songs for free.

One of the most used applications or platforms on pc is Utorrent that offers a repack of large-sized games as well as offers fast downloads of anything that the user might need. Various websites offer valid downloads only by Utorrent as it is the only application that can support such compressed still high sized data.

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This is ad-free software and has no interruptions neither does it need any human verification, it doesn’t need any login or personal details. Settings of Utorrent are customizable and need to be customized for making the download faster and more efficient.

For this, the proper UI, bandwidth, directions, etc settings have to be done, this might slow down the internet speed if it is done wrongly or in the wrong directions.

So here are some valuable and important information, some steps, and proper settings for Utorrent for the fastest possible download. In this article, you will get to know the best uTorrent settings.


Best Utorrent Settings in 2021

These methods will surely come in handy while downloading larger files or multiple files.

1. Bandwidth settings


An important aspect of improving Utorrent settings and speed is knowing the real bandwidth of your network. This really helps a lot in actually customizing or increase the speed of download as well as upload.

The easiest way of knowing the network bandwidth is to perform a speed test. Performing speed tests is very easy.

  1. Go to options and open the setup guide.
  2. Check the bandwidth and network boxes.
  3. Choose the server to which you are closest to accurate measurements.
  4. Click on run tests.

2. Unlimited Upload Speed


Unlimited upload speed might not always increase your download speed in fact in some cases limiting the speed might increase or just give a push to the download speed.

However, lowering the upload speeds too much might also affect the download rate in a bad way or might just make your download slower. The steps for checking the upload rate are as follows:

  1. Open settings
  2. Go to bandwidth.
  3. Select the upload speed box and adjust the upload speed accurately according to your upload rate.

3. Queue Settings


Queue settings are something that does not have an ideal setting but yet it is customizable and it might also need to be customized at times. As many files, you download at a time more bandwidth it uses and more is accordingly slower is the download rate. The steps to check the upload speeds are as follows:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Go to the queueing section and accordingly change your settings.

If you want to download 2 files at the same time set the download upload ratio to 2:1. The 1:1 ratio can only be possible with a 500 Mbps internet connection that can only be achieved by fibers or 5g routers. By no chance can mobile data of 4g networking cross 100 Mbps in places or countries like India and even abroad.

4. Individual Torrent Download Allocation

If many torrents are being downloaded at the same time and one has to be prioritized over the other then torrent download allocation. This might increase the download speed of one torrent over the other. This however won’t happen if u are downloading a dead torrent.

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Steps to prioritize a download is as follows:

  1. Right-click on the desired torrent.
  2. Select bandwidth allocation.
  3. From the 3 options, low, medium, and high as shown in the menu bar appeared after selecting bandwidth allocation select high low, or normal depending on your requirements.

5. Torrent Health Improvement

A torrent is a comparatively small file that holds huge data and links the seeders and leechers. Seeders are those that provide the torrents flies and the leechers are the ones that download the same file.

Checking torrent health is extremely necessary before downloading it as sometimes it might also contain malware that can harm the pc or any device on which the file is being downloaded.

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Updating torrent crackers is one of the ways to check torrent health. Torrents containing malware are usually slow to download. However, not all slow to download files are bound to have malware.

Having more peers is always better and torrent trackers are those servers that help us find more and more peers. The updated files have to be copied and pasted in the properties folder of the torrent.

6. Removing ads


Free versions of Utorrent usually display a lot of ads. Though it is the only source of income for free Utorrent’s still it is a setback for those users who are demanding free as well as premium quality service from the software.

A paid version of Utorrent was launched to tackle this problem. However, not everyone could afford this. Fortunately, the new versions of Utorrent ads can be removed in the following ways.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to the advanced section.
  3. Click on the filter box and type the desired ad that has to be disabled.
  4. By default, the value of the ads is set to true. So, change them to false.
  5. Restart the application.
  6. You will now be able to avail of the feature of removing ads.


These methods are really simple and easy to follow and will surely help you while downloading multiple or large files. The article is in-depth for people who might be new to these whole settings thing and don’t know their way around it.

There are mostly methods that are free of cost except for one which is probably the last thing to do if nothing can be done. W really hope that this article has helped you out a bit. Leave your queries and suggestions in the comments section below. Have an amazing day!



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