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How to Fix Netflix NW-2-5 Error Code?

Jumping straight to Netflix NW-2-5, it mostly occurs due to a poor network connection or connectivity issues. This also means that somehow Netflix is unable to connect with your device. This is a very common problem, and it is indeed a difficult but not an impossible task to solve. Well, this is exactly why we are here. Identifying the issue can sometimes be tricky because would be tad-bit harassing to figure out what is the actual reason behind the problem and what is exactly causing it.

Mostly, the profound reasons behind the Netflix NW-2-5 error is a poor internet connection, failure of network connection with your device, and so on. We are here to resolve it.

Below is a glimpse of how the error Netflix NW-2-5 looks like.


The common devices to see the error includes Blu-ray, Smart TVs, Roku, and so on.


How To Fix Netflix NW-2-5 Error?

Sometimes, it depends on the device you use but mostly, the process is the same. The below steps are more or less the same but sometimes it also depends on your DNS settings.

Brilliant Hacks To Fix Netflix Error Code NW 2 5

1. Trying Again does the Magic

When the error occurs, click on Try Again present on the screen. Sometimes, this bit is all that fixes the issue.

2. Restart, Restart and Again Restart

All of our devices have the facility to switch off or reboot. After you successfully shut your device, give it a minute or two to switch it back on. Moreover, you also need to ensure that your device is not connected to any power source.

3. Internet Connection Needs Crosschecking!

A good option to consider would be your internet connection. Most of the time, the real culprit is our internet which is the primary cause behind it all. Furthermore, you can check the internet speed with different applications. If these don’t work out for you, then simply stream a video to check more on the network.

4. Check on your Home Network

Hard press on your modem and router if they are operating differently. If required, unplug it to get a permanent solution for the Netflix NW-2-5 error.

5. Give your Internet Service Provider a ring!

Finally, if nothing works out for you, the last thing that you can do is contact your internet service provider. This could be your final shot to fixing the Netflix NW-2-5 error.


Verify DNS Settings

With the help of some devices, it becomes easy to verify the DNS Settings. This will help to fix the Netflix code NW-2-5. Here is how you can verify the DNS Settings.

  • Go to Settings > Network
  • Choose Set Up Internet Connection > OK
  • Choose Wi-Fi (Wireless) if your connection is wireless. Go for a LAN Cable if Ethernet Cable is your solution
  • Go to IP Address Settings > Automatic
  • Select ‘Do Not Set’ that you will find in the DHCP Host Name
  • Select Automatic from DNS Settings
  • Go to MTU Settings > Automatic
  • Select Do Not Use a proxy server
  • Select Test Connection

Netflix NW-2-5

Fixing Netflix NW-2-5 Error on Devices

There are different ways to fix Netflix NW-2-5 errors on different devices. Bringing forward your way some of the quick resolution for your favorite devices.

1. Error NW-2-5 on Smart TV

Here comes the list of guidelines that you can follow to ti fix the Netflix NW-2-5 Error on your Smart TV.

  • First off, check whether your network admin if the device you are streaming on is blocked for some reason.
  • DSL or Cable Internet is an option to consider if you have an unreliable network.
  • Slow internet is another culprit behind the error that happens to Netflix. So, make sure you have got stable internet.
  • Power off all your devices.

2. Error NW-2-5 on PS4

Follow the below steps to get rid of the Netflix error on your Playstation.

  • Start with powering off the PS4 device, TV, and Router.
  • Check if Mobile Hotspot is present on your tablet or Smartphone.
  • Check the tethering settings.
  • Further, select the Wi-Fi option so you can set the Wi-Fi SSID and Paraphrase.
  • Now, switch the PS4 back on to connect to the SSID you created.
  • Type in the paraphrase to see if you got rid of the error.
  • Time to disconnect the Sony PS4 from the mobile hotspot and then further connect it to Wi-Fi SSID. This is surely going to help you solve the error.

Netflix NW-2-5

Don’t Forget to Check – BT Parental Control

Well, it is very likely for us to forget about BT, which is an internet provider. Ensure and check whether BT parental controls have somehow taken over to block Netflix. This is why you have not been able to fix the issue with the solutions given prior. Here is the trick to resolve the problem.

  • Use your Username and Password to log into BT.
  • Go to My Extras > Personalize your Settings.
  • Switch the BT Parental Control off and wait for 10 minutes.

Netflix NW-2-5


That was all on how could you actually fix the Netflix NW-2-5 Issue. Moreover, if you think you have some extra solutions up your sleeves, make sure to add them in the comments section. According to many users, the internet provider was the primary root cause of the problem and it seems to have been resolved for them as well. Have fun and keep streaming.



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