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Free Credit Card Numbers with CVV [Works for Testing]

Whenever you want to access the trial version of the service online or explore some premium networks while surfing your PC. Every time they ask you for a credit card for future payment security. Though they give an option to cancel the trial anytime, sometimes they ask questions and reasons for cancellation and that becomes really hectic. That is the main reason we felt a need of writing an article on a complete working list of Fake credit card numbers. We have listed here fake credit card numbers in bulk that you can use anywhere. Please note that these credit cards don’t work for purchases. They can be used for testing purposes for new websites.



Fake Credit Card Numbers

If you are also looking for some fake credit card numbers for testing purposes on your website or other utility that collects payment from users then this list of credit cards will be quite useful for you. We have arranged the various credit cards in company order wise.

Fake VISA Credit Card Numbers

download 19 3

This credit card numbers list is for VISA credit cards. The CVV for all these cards in 123 and the expiry date can be any date from the future.

  1. 4111111111111111
  2. 4242424242424242
  3. 4012888888881881
  4. 4263982640269299
  5. 4917484589897107
  6. 4000056655665556
  7. 4222222222222

Fake MasterCard Credit Card Numbers with CVV

download 35 1

Here is list of fake credit card numbers for MasterCard. The CVV for all these numbers is 123 or any random 3 digit no. and the expiry date is any date from future.

  1. 5555555555554444
  2. 5105105105105100
  3. 5425233430109903
  4. 2222420000001113
  5. 2223000048410010
  6. 2222405343248877
  7. 2222990905257051
  8. 2223007648726984
  9. 2223577120017656
  10. 5111010030175156
  11. 5185540810000019
  12. 5200828282828210
  13. 5204230080000017
  14. 5204740009900014
  15. 5420923878724339
  16. 5455330760000018
  17. 5506900490000436
  18. 5506900490000444
  19. 5506900510000234
  20. 5506920809243667
  21. 5506922400634930
  22. 5506927427317625
  23. 5553042241984105
  24. 5555553753048194

Fake Amex Credit Card Numbers with CVV

rx3n00Ep 400x400

Amex(American Express) credit cards are always in high demand and also used by a large section of high profile people. Here is a list of fake credit card numbers for American Express. The CVV for all these numbers is 123 or any random 3 digits no. and the expiry date is any date from the future.


  1. 378282246310005
  2. 371449635398431
  3. 374245455400126
  4. 378734493671000

Fake Credit Card Numbers For International Billing


If you are looking for some fake credit card nos. for international billing then we have prepared a list for that also. You have use these credit card numbers.

  1. 4000000360000000 — Australia (AU)
  2. 4000000400000000 — Austria (AT)
  3. 4000000560000000 — Belgium (BE)
  4. 4000000760000002 — Brazil (CR)
  5. 4000001000000000 — Bulgaria (BG)
  6. 4000001240000000 — Canada (CA)
  7. 4000001560000000 — China (CN)
  8. 4000002030000000 — Czech Republic (CZ)
  9. 4000002080000000 — Denmark (DK)
  10. 4000002330000000 — Estonia (EE)
  11. 4000002460000000 — Finland (FI)
  12. 4000002500000000 — France (FR)
  13. 4000002760000010 — Germany (DE)
  14. 4000003000000030 — Greece (GR)
  15. 4000003440000000 — Hong Kong (HK)
  16. 4000003560000000 — India (IN)
  17. 4000003720000000 — Ireland (IE)
  18. 4000003800000000 — Italy (IT)
  19. 4000003920000000 — Japan (JP)
  20. 3530111333300000 — Japan (JP)
  21. 4000004280000000 — Latvia (LV)
  22. 4000004400000000 — Lithuania (LT)
  23. 4000004420000000 — Luxembourg (LU)
  24. 4000004580000000 — Malaysia (MY)
  25. 4000004840008001 — Mexico (MX)
  26. 4000005280000000 — Netherlands (NL)
  27. 4000005540000000 — New Zealand (NZ)
  28. 4000005780000000 — Norway (NO)
  29. 4000006160000000 — Poland (PL)
  30. 4000006200000000 — Portugal (PT)
  31. 4000006420000000 — Romania (RO)
  32. 4000006430000000 — Russian Federation (RU)
  33. 4000007020000000 — Singapore (SG)
  34. 4000007240000000 — Spain (ES)
  35. 4000007520000000 — Sweden (SE)
  36. 4000007560000000 — Switzerland (CH)
  37. 4000008260000000 — United Kingdom (GB)
  38. 4000058260000000 — United Kingdom (GB)

Some Frequently Asked Questions On Fake Credit Card Numbers

If you are using credit card numbers for the first time then there night be some doubts in your mind regarding usage of these fake credit card nos. You can refer these FAQs to get your issues resolved.

1. Are Fake Credit Cards Illegal?

If you are using the fake credit cards for testing purposes then it cannot be called legal. But if your trying to commit fraud using fake credit cards then are considered as illegal.

2.  Is It Illegal To Use a Fake Credit Card For a Free Trial?

Yes it is illegal to use fake credit cards for trials or any other purpose but no body is going to sue you unless you cross your limits.

3. Can you use a fake credit card on Amazon?

No, You cannot use a fake credit card on amazon for purchases and prime membership.

Credit Card Generator

4. What Are Credit Card Generators?

Credit Card Generators are tools that generate fake credit card details for online transactions that usually don’t count. These credit card generators are very useful for the testing purpose for online business owners to test the credit card payments.
You don’t need to use credit card generators as we have already mentioned a lot of fake credit card numbers above.

Final Words

Credit Cards are required for taking a trial of applications and testing purposes but not everyone has a credit or some of us don’t want to enter our card details fearing automatic deductions. Whatever the reason is, Nobody will say “NO” when offered a fake credit card number.

The credit card numbers mentioned above are working as of now. We advise you to use them wisely and not indulge yourself in illegal acts.  We have tried to add the working credit cards and also update the list when we get some new credit card numbers. If you have any doubts regarding the above-mentioned credit cards then you can tell us in the comments section. We will be glad to help you.



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