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How To JailBreak Roku Tv? [3 Easy Ways]

Streaming content online is always a good choice for spending your time at home. And there are many streaming devices available that can serve your purpose. Roku is one of them. If you use Roku then you surely might be having questions in your mind is “How To JailBreak Roku TV?” There are many methods that work for jailbreaking Roku safely. We also thought of writing a full guide that helps our viewers to jailbreak Roku easily. Read this article till the end to know how to jailbreak Roku in simple steps.


What Is Roku?31NvFVCBq7L. AC SX425

Roku is a Budget-friendly Media Player that streams a lot of TV shows, Sports channels, and other media. Though it is available in Set-Top boxes so it is portable. You just need a TV or monitor with an internet connection and Roku will do the rest for you. If you want to do something out of the box and remove the restrictions then you need to jailbreak it.

What Is Jailbreaking?

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The device’s manufacturer adds some restrictions to the device to avoid misuse of devices by installing unauthorized softwares. Removing these restrictions with help of some tricks is known as Jailbreaking. If you want to add any new operating system or launchers in your device then you need to jailbreak your device for that.
By jailbreaking Roku your device will get access to millions of Free Movies, TV Channels, Sports Shows, Etc.

Is It Really Possible To JailBreak Roku Devices?

What if we tell you that there is no possible way to jailbreak Roku. Yes, you really cannot jailbreak the Roku device completely. Be it a Roku box, streaming stick, or Roku TV they cannot be completely Jailbreaked as they involve closed system software. However, there are certain tricks that allow you to add third-party content to enjoy unlimited content. These methods are mentioned below.

What Are Different Methods Used To Jailbreak Roku?

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There are 4 main methods that are used to jailbreak Roku. These methods are:-

  1. Screen Mirroring
  2. Use a Local Network Or USB
  3. Screen Casting
  4. The Roku Mobile App

How To JailBreak Roku?

Though we have mentioned different methods above to Jailbreak Roku. Now we will elaborate on the above-mentioned methods.

1. Jailbreak Roku Using Screen Mirroring

Here are the following steps that will help you in JailBreakig Roku using Screen Mirroring:

  1. Go to settings from the main screen of Roku TvSharedScreenshot
  2. Select Screen mirroring mode from system Menu
  3. You can click “Always Allow” or “Prompt” according to your preferences. SharedScreenshot 1
  4. Go to device settings and tap on Display
  5. Click on the device you want to connect and your device is ready for watching third-party content.

2. JailBreak Roku Using USB

You can also Jailbreak Roku TV using USB or a PC.  Let us see how:

  1. Open the media player and select the category from the screen.SharedScreenshot 2
  2. Select the device whose content you want to play. Please note that you cannot play the unsupported format of media.
  3. You can use the OK button to play or pause the media and the back button to completely stop the player.

3. How to JailBreak Roku Using Roku Mobile App

If you want to jailbreak Roku Tv for just playing the third party content then Roku Play App is the best option for you. Here are the steps that will show you how to jailbreak Roku Tv using the Roku mobile App.

  1. Download the Roku Mobile App and Launch itSharedScreenshot 3
  2. Select your desired Tab, VIZ Music, Movies, Videos, etc.play on roku app
  3. Press allow giving access to Media Library
  4. Choose the Media from your device and start enjoying it.

So guys these were some main methods that will surely answer your question”How To JailBreak Roku Tv?”

Some FAQs Regarding Jailbreaking Roku TV

When you jailbreak a device for the first time there are certain questions going on in your mind. If you have some doubts related to Roku Tv then you can refer to these frequently asked questions:

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Is It Illegal To Jailbreak Roku?

No, it is not illegal to jailbreak Roku. Jailbroken devices are totally similar to others. They just have removed restrictions.

Can I Watch Free And Pirated Movies On Roku?

Roku doesn’t allow you to watch movies and pirated content on its devices. However, you can do it by jailbreaking Roku and then watching them through Kodi. If you are doing this, then don’t forget to use a quality VPN.

The Final Words

Roku has always given a tough competition to its market rivals and always fulfilled user intent. However, jailbreaking is not a bad idea and gives you access to a lot of extensive features but we will recommend you to Jailbreak Roku under proper guidance. We hope now you know how to jailBreak Roku Tv on your own.

Read this article carefully and then implement the steps. If you are having any doubts regarding Jailbreaking Roku Tv even after reading this guide then you can tell us in the comments section below. We will surely help you there.



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