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How to Get Free iTunes Gift Card? [Free Codes]

Today, in this article, you will learn how to get a free iTunes Gift Card. Apple has spread its empire throughout not only phones and laptops but also the music universe. And as expected, the music service offered by Apple is not free and is fairly expensive. iTunes is one of the most famous music streaming applications for IOS users. The enthusiasm with which iTunes has been developing throughout all those years has made it fairly famous and well renowned.

With its popularity increasing, more and more artists are aspiring to launch music on iTunes, and more and more people are buying its subscription every day. And being so much in demand, Apple has been increasing its price of subscriptions every day. For this, a lot of IOS users are suffering.


How to Get Free iTunes Gift Cards?


A lot of IOS users are fairly rich to buy an apple product however consider it a waste of money to take an iTunes subscription. But as it is one of the best options for listening to music on their device, they aspire to take an iTunes subscription for free. In this article, we will be providing you with a few ways by which you can get your own free iTunes gift cards and subscription.

1. Free Trial for 3 Months


Apple provides you with a free trial as soon as you sign up for iTunes. This free subscription can last up to 6 months; however, you can have a free subscription for up to 3 months if you want to. After the expiration of this free subscription, you will have to pay $9.99 every month to get iTunes.

All you have to do is open iTunes and select the music category. You will see the free trial option in the ‘For you’ tab. You can choose the subscription type, and there you go. You will have a free subscription.

2. Free Trial for 6 Months


Is it not enough to get Apple Music 3-month free trial for new subscribers? There are some other unique ways to get a free Apple Music trial for six months instead of the usual three. Some of them are promotions in collaboration with other apps or companies.

At the end of 2019, Apple announced a big Christmas deal of getting a 6-month premium Apple Music without paying anything. This activity comes through Apple’s other famous app, called Shazam, which is used to identify songs playing anywhere. But, the deal is only valid in three countries and is probably not available right now.

3. Giveaways


All the people who are aspiring to get an iTunes subscription for free must have come across a giveaway at least once. Giveaways are the best option for anyone who wants to get an iTunes subscription for free. But the only downside of this is most of the giveaways are fake. Most of the time, they just ask you to do things; however, you do not get what you need in return. So, all you have to do is find the right giveaway to look up to.

4. Fetch Reward App

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The fetch reward app can help you get free iTunes gift card codes. All you have to do is download the free fetch rewards app. Scan any of your grocery receipts and accumulate points in seconds, after which you can get free iTunes gift cards and codes.

Free iTunes Gift Card Codes 2022


A lot of websites seem to be offering unused card codes that can be very useful for those looking for gift cards or iTunes subscriptions for free. A few apps also seem to offer free and unused codes. Those are not assured to work for sure; however, they might come in handy if you try a few.

There are various free iTunes gift card codes of different amounts. You can use them and get your iTunes subscription for absolutely no amount at all.

Here are some codes we found:

  6. X5895HMQZ572CA
  7. X3LVYJ8R2A9CR5

iTunes Card Generators 2022


If you are searching for any free code, no matter which code it might be, you must have come across the generators once at least. Various websites offer generators, and people assume that the codes provided by the generators will work.

However, this is not the case. Generators are foreign websites, and most of them are scam websites. They might ask for personal information such as email and password.

Someone new to the internet might get trapped and robbed of personal information as an email is the center of everything that a human being has, starting from his job to other subscriptions even.

This is very rare and unlikely to happen however, the least that can happen is you might not be able to get any gift cards or card codes for free at all from those generators are not the best options for getting free iTunes gift cards in any way. So, it’s better to stay as far away from generator websites and apps as possible.


For iPhone users, iTunes is a pretty obvious source for listening to songs, but the cost might not fit into your budget, so the easy way out is to find a way to get an iTunes subscription for free. We hope this article comes in handy. Have a nice day!



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