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20 Free Movie Apps for Watching Movies Online 2022

There indeed is barely a soul that can resist the hard facts about movies. I being a movie buff, have gathered all the information that I might need to help you by providing the best free movie apps for watching any movie totally online on your mobile device.

There is rarely a soul with no love for movies and to do justice to the purpose, we are going to enlighten you with the most awesome delights of all time. So, let’s not waste much time, and let’s get started already.


Free Movies Apps for 2022

Given the infinite love, we hold for movies, watching them over applications is a convenient way to quench your undying thirst for movies. Time for drum rolls and shout-outs to some of the most widely used movie apps of all time.

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1. Cyberflix TV

This came as a suggestion from my friend. CyberFlix Tv is a proxy of an outdated movie application that was used once upon a time. The background of this app is very strong and allows you to watch a copious amount of content right on the platform.

The picture and movie quality of the movies and shows range from 1080p to 720p i.e. almost a 4k content quality. The platform is always up-to-date to help users have the best experience while using it.

Free Movie Apps

2. Tubi

Tubi has been a part of the race of free movie apps for quite some time now and is serving for almost 6 years now. The application is totally free to use, however, there are punches of on-demand video services. This application works for Android as well as iOS users.

tubi 1

Some of the great features include:

  • Totally free to use.
  • Content added every week
  • Content can be watched with fewer ads

3. Crackle

Crackle is yet another brilliant movie app that is widely used by a lot of users all over the world. This application is quite famous to serve the most latest and hit titles of all time. Alongside that, it also lets users choose from tons of genres available on the platform.

Speaking of the quality of streaming, it is well to do now, however, the platform might change its ways in the coming time. Crackle works well with Android as well as iOS.

Free movie apps

4. Popcornflix

For movie content watching, Popcornflix definitely deserves an award. The application is fancy and contains more than 700 movies in the hive. Also, it keeps adding the latest movies as frequently as they launch. The interface and flexibility of the application are pretty functional and easy, so yes, you will not find a lot of hidden aspects.

People while use cornflix complain mostly about the issues they face while buffering the content which is a bit of a downfall all the way.

Free Movie apps

5. HBO Max

HBO in the US has successfully acquired HBO Max, which indeed is a great movie app to download and watch movies right on the platform. Media players like mobile phones, tablets, etc provide extensive support to the application.

Some of the great features of the platform are:

  •  If you are a new user, you get an advantage of a free trial.
  • Talk shows, podcasts, series, movies are updated regularly.

6. Typhoon TV

How long did you last wait for looking up to high-quality movies and enjoying them? Well, if it has been long enough, then get started with Typhoon TV. This is by far considered to be one of the best apps that streams quality in HD.

The good part is, you can use the app for continuous hours with any advertisements. Yes, you heard me right. At some point, these ads are so annoying and Typhoon TV just makes sure to take care of it for you.

Free movie apps

7. Netflix

We can’t really leave Netflix out of the picture when we speak about ‘movies’  and ‘apps’. I, just like every second human on the planet prefer Netflix over anything else.

However, just for the knowledge, the application is not free to use and you will need to buy a subscription plan to keep using the services. The minimum plan is 199 INR, which allows you to use the app right on your mobile device.

Netflix 1

8. MediaBox HD

The downloads on the website are not restricted making it completely open for the audience to use. The application is pretty good and offers a wide range of advantages to people when it comes to watching movies. The different background of the app lets you hover around with multiple facilities which also include ‘pick your favorite from the lot’.

To use Mediabox HD, you don’t have to pay a penny to subscribe to the premiums. There are no hassles of ads too making the usage of the platform quite a worthwhile experience.

Free Movie Apps

8. Plex

Regardless of the mobile device, you are using, Plex is going to turn out to be the best one to fulfill your desire for binging movies. TV shows, movies, playlists, podcasts, anime, comics, news, and so on, you name it and Plex has got it covered for you.

However, the down-low feature would be the accessibility of your account without linking your details with the app. Post that, you can continue with your beautiful experience over the platform to steam your wishlist items.

Plex 1

10. Yidio

Last but never least Yidio is one of the free movie applications which is a great consideration. Yidio is a bit different than the rest and the reason we say so is that using Yidio you can stream plenty of other available platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and so many more. Isn’t that a great combustion? Many deals out of one. Well, this is why we saved the best for the last!

Free Movie Apps

Top 20 Movie Apps for Android

Here is the list of free movie apps for Android in 2021 to stream movies online legally.

  1. CyberFlix Tv
  2. Tubi
  3. Crackle
  4. Popcornflix
  5. HBO Max
  6. Typhoon TV
  7. Netflix
  8. Mediabox HD
  9. Plex
  10. Yidio
  11. FilmRise
  12. Vudu
  13. YouTube
  14. Amazon Prime Video
  15. Viki
  16. Zee5
  17. Disney + Hotstar
  18. Airtel Xtreme
  19. Kodi
  20. Hoopla Digital

Final Words

Never say Never and well, we bid adieu by offering some of our major secret treats! Enjoy yourself with these free movie apps and do share them with your friends in case they are missing out on the best. Additionally, make sure to pin down your suggestions in the comment box so we can check them out too.



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