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How To See Someone’s Snapchat Best Friends in 2022?

Do you use Snapchat, or ever used this social platform in the past? If yes, then you might have asked this question at least once, “How to see someone’s Snapchat best friends?” Well, we heard your question and thus, compiled this article (not a guide) for helping you out. Also we recommend you to try mSpy as the best way to see someone’s snapchat. So, let’s begin.

How to see someone's Snapchat best friends


What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat is quite familiar with being the go-to social media platform for millions of young people. Partly because there are bucket loads of features within the app that lets you chat with friends, view what your friends are doing and what not? Since its release, Snapchat has released many updates bringing forward more and more features. But there’s one particular, that drew our attention.

How to see someone's Snapchat best friends

And that’s whether you can sneak on other’s Snapchat best friends, or not. On the social platform, Snapchat’s best friend feature was introduced, and since it’s an early release, it’s been quite popular amongst Snapchat users. While some updates have been popular, the ability to see other’s Snapchat best friends has been frowned upon and resulted in controversial headlines.

Who Are Your Snapchat Best Friends?

You may notice people under the specific section called best friends, and you may wonder what this means. Snapchat best friends are the people that frequently send snaps back & forth. This means they must also send you frequent snaps, for staying for longer in your best friends list.

Snapchat best friends

For example, if you often interact with lots of people, then it’s harder for anyone to become your best friend. On the other hand, if you don’t snap with many people, then it’s easier for someone you just started snapping with, to become your best friend.

Snapchat continuously monitors your snapping activity, interactions, and updates your Best Friends list quite frequently. However, it’s not officially stated by the developers, exactly how frequently Snapchat updates users’ best friends list.

How Does Snapchat Determine Your Best Friends?

Social media platforms like Snapchat are built around one specific algorithm. Similar to friends in the real world, Snapchat best friends are the people with whom we interact the most and share the closest relationship. Snap Inc. keeps its algorithms secret, but we’ve done the work in deciphering how Snapchat determines your best friends. Here’s how their algorithms might work.


Before 2018, the algorithms for deciding whether any friend was your best friend, was pretty straightforward. However, the exact procedure did remain shrouded by Snapchat. Snapchat would monitor your interactions with other people over the last seven days, and internally create an ordered list based on the number of times you’ve shared snaps back and forth.

And finally, your seven friends dominating the ranking would be declared as best friends. However, Snapchat modified its approach of determining best friends after 2018.  The new algorithm is more complicated and takes things like your group chat participation and interactions, into account. The platform also added cool emojis that are assigned to various types of best friends.

How To See Someone’s Snapchat Best Friends?

Your Snapchat best friends were once available for everyone. However, with ever-increasing users’ privacy concerns, Snapchat quickly disabled the feature, and now, Snapchat best friends are only viewable to owners themselves. You can see who are your best friends by looking at the emoji symbols next to your Snapchat friends. Smiley emojis stand for your Snapchat best friends.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel revealed that the change was made to protect the identities of “high-profile” Snapchat users. He promised, once these privacy concerns are addressed, best friend lists will return to their full-fledged, very public glory. However, even if this feature swings back, I would prefer some privacy settings, where I could hide the Snapchat Best Friends list for everyone.

I mean seriously! Don’t you people have any privacy issues? Think this way – If Snapchat best friends were visible for anyone, thousands of relationships would already be “SNAPPED” in half. Your girlfriend, your ex, and even your wife could raise this question, “Who’s that woman lurking around your Snapchat best friends?” So, there’s at least one positive side.

Can You Guess Someone’s Snapchat Best Friends?

Don’t lose hope for not being able to sneak on other’s Snapchat best friends. However, there are some effective tricks for sneaking onto someone’s best friends list. To see someone else’s best friends you’ll need some digging. As I said, the controversial Snapchat best friends are no longer public.

Method 1: Random Guesswork

download 2

Everything needed is somehow becoming that person’s Snapchat best friend. Once that’s accomplished, you can see their Snapchat activities. You can throw random guesses for figuring out, with whom they interact the most. If someone’s snapping often, it’s possible they are best friends.

Method 2: Get Login Credentials

download 1 The second method is quite phishy, though. If somehow, you could manage to login into someone’s Snapchat account to your device… Did you get this? In fairness, this one’s challenging and risky, but can precisely know someone’s Snapchat best friends. Keep in mind, the other person can catch you!

Beware Of Scammy Websites

Beware of scammy websites

While googling this question, you may discover various third-party apps and websites are offering ways for sneaking on someone’s Snapchat best friends. These are potential threats to your privacy and security, especially if they are demanding passwords and credit card information. Please stay away from such scammy services for ensuring maximum protection of your Snapchat account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you see someone’s best friends on Snapchat?

A: As of now, you can’t see someone’s Snapchat best friends. However, Snapchat CEO has spoken about bringing this feature back with privacy settings.

Q: How do I know if I’m someone’s best friend?

A: Snapchat best friends are mutual. If you see that person on your best friends list, it’s evident that you’re on his/her Snapchat best friends list.

Q: Can you spy on someone else’s Snapchat?

A: If you’re someone’s Snapchat best friend, it’s possible you can sneak on their activities. However, the user is fully capable of hiding sensitive info.

Q: How can I see who someone is snapping with?

A: According to Snapchat’s recent privacy policy, there are no legal ways to see who’s someone snapping and interacting with on Snapchat.


But your question remains, “How to see someone’s Snapchat best friends?” And the easy answer is “No! You can’t see someone’s Snapchat best friends.”

I feel someone’s Snapchat best friends list should remain hidden. And this controversial feature? Umm, should remain under the carpet. As of now, there are no possible and legal ways you can see someone’s Snapchat best friends, or vice-versa. Even if Snapchat decides to public users’ best friends list, there at least should be an option for privacy.

Happy Snapping Folks!



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