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Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – How To Fix?

Whenever you launch Instagram, you are going to be welcomed by the sight of posts that have been formed based on your following and likes. If you want to see new posts then you need to refresh the page. Most of the time Instagram feeds loads instantly. However, sometimes Instagram couldn’t refresh the feeds and you might have to wait for some time before you can see new feeds. In today’s post, we’ve covered all the essentials you need to know to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed bug.

Instagram couldnt refresh feed


What Causes Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feeds Error?

There can be plenty of possible reasons behind the failure of Instagram feeds to load. So without further ado, let’s dive into the reasons causing Instagram troubles.

Cause 1: Poor Or Unstable Internet Connection:-

Instagram works perfectly when you’re connected with a steady internet connection. But if you’re connected with a poor internet connection then you might face issues. Whenever such issues occur the first thing you need to do is check whether your internet connection is working properly or not.

You can easily do this by opening a website in your browser if the website takes some time in loading, then you need to shift to another network.

slow internet speed 1

Cause 2: Outdated Version Of Instagram:-

Instagram always strives to improve its services by providing updates to the Instagram app, installing those updates on your devices is essential to avoid issues while using Insta. Also, new updated versions offer some new features. So if you’re using the Outdated version of Instagram then might be you face difficulties while loading Instagram feeds.


Cause 3: Other Technical Issues:-

These are the most common reasons for Instagram couldn’t load feeds error. The other possible reason might be your device is affected by any malware or system failure, but such type of error becomes rare.

Now let’s jump to the solution part where our tech geeks suggested some helpful tips to bypass Instagram couldn’t refresh feed on my profile.

How To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error?

Fixing Instagram doesn’t need any technical knowledge, by going through some straightforward methods anyone with basic knowledge can resolve Instagram failed to load feed error. We’ve tried and tested many methods and came up with this tutorial, so let’s have look at ways to fix Instagram cannot refresh feeds.

1. Check Your Internet Connections:-

The primary reason for this error is a poor internet connection. If you’re facing this error then the first thing you should do to check your internet connections.

Make sure your Wi-Fi or mobile data is connected and working properly. To do this open any webpage in your browser, if webpage loads slowly that means you have an issue with your network connection. So you might need to switch to the other network connection or use Instagram later.

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2. Restart Phone:-

If Instagram keeps displaying the “couldn’t refresh feed” even you have connected with a stable internet connection. Then you should restart your phone and check if it fixes the problem.

Rebooting Phone

3. Update Instagram:-

As we have discussed earlier that using an old version of Instagram may lead to many problems including failure to load feed error. In this case, you need to update to the latest version of the Instagram app. The Instagram update procedure is mentioned in simple steps below:-

  • Go to the Play Store by clicking on its icon.

25 e1591887590656

  • Search for Instagram.

27 e1591888626764

  • Click on the Update button.
  • Keep some patience till Instagram updates.

When Instagram updates, launch it, and check whether the Instagram feed issue got resolved or not.

4. Log out And Log In Back To Instagram:-

Instagram couldn’t refresh feed can be fixed just by re-logging to your Instagram accounts. When you log out and log in back to your Instagram, in that period Instagram refresh services. So any issue with Instagram can be resolved.


5. Delete And Reinstall Instagram:-

If you have updated the Instagram already but still not able to solve the issue, then I recommend you to uninstall Instagram and reinstall it. This method can be used by both Android and iPhone users, you just need to hold Instagram until you can’t see an uninstall option.

uninstall instagram on iphone

6. Remove Instagram Inappropriate Data:-

Inappropriate images, videos, and posts can also cause Instagram cannot refresh the feed issue. If Instagram finds any of your posts inappropriate then you’ll get a message. To check issues with your posts, you need to use Instagram in your browser instead of applications, if any post does not meet Instagram terms then remove it.

The same thing applies to comments also, if there is any troublesome with your comments then remove that comment. Once you’ve deleted all the inappropriate Instagram posts or comments, you’ll able to use Instagram normally.

IMG 2754 300x151 1

7. Clear Instagram Caches And Cookies Data:-

Getting rid of caches and cookies from time to time is essential to ensure that you get a more satisfying experience with Instagram. Also, this step won’t take soo much time, here is how you can perform this.

  • Head to the Settings, and select Apps.

41 e1591893463800

  • Seek for Instagram in the apps list, and choose the Storage option.

43 e1591893676855

  • Click on the Clear Cache option available at the bottom. If you don’t want to repeat the above steps then click on the Clear Data option as well.

Once you’ve cleared Instagram cache and data, you might need to restart your phone.

8. Report To Instagram:-

Even after going through all these solutions, you won’t able to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed, then you can report Instagram, usually, Instagram takes three-four days to revert back. These steps will let you know how to report Instagram.

  • Click on the Instagram setting icon.
  • Find Report a problem option and click on it.
  • Go to Something Isn’t Working section, and mention your issue in detail.

image preview

That’s It:-

That’s all about how to get rid of cannot refresh Instagram feeds error. If still question remains unanswered then let’us know using the comment section, we will revert back to you with an answer.



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