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5 Best Modded Kik to Download for Free [2022]

Explore the world of modded Kik, where users can enhance their messaging experience with customized features and functionalities.


Key Takeaway:

  • Modded Kik apps offer users additional features beyond the standard messaging platform.
  • These modifications can include customization options, enhanced privacy settings, and unique themes.
  • While modded Kik apps may provide added functionality, users should exercise caution and ensure they download from reputable sources to avoid security risks.

Like most of us, I am guessing you, too, are aware of KIK. *Feel Free to correct me if I am wrong*
Well, just in case you aren’t, allow me to give you an overview of what Kik and its sub-ordinate Modded Kik is. It is basically an application that lets you establish communication with others. Alternatively, you can also refer to it as a messaging application that lets people connect.

We strongly suggest you don’t go looking up for finding your lover on Kik, though! *smirk*

A more modified, advanced, and go-to version of KIK is now in place and is popularly known as Modded Kik. Let’s unfold more about how, what, and every other possible detail about it.

What is Modded Kik?

Did we mention or did we not? Just in case we didn’t, let’s learn what Modded Kik is. Making it very simple for you, It is a essentially the Kik Messenger that has been through some changes, and it is more of an unauthorized version.

It is nowhere near your regular Kik Messenger and is a new application to install and use. You can use this and the real ‘Kik’ Messenger to message right on your tablet.

So, it’s a no-brainer that it fully integrates with your Kik messenger and uses the same network for sending and receiving messages. This is why your username and password remain the same. No confusion there!

Shortly, this is a more extended and functional version of the old program; just the developers behind it are different. The whole reason behind modding an application is generally to unlock more features and then modify them. In addition to that, users also experience changes in UI, fonts, and so on.

Modded Kik

How Do You Download Modded Kik?

Well, the process is the same as any other application APK you download. Follow the below steps to easily install Modded Kik on your device.

  • Install the APK from the provided links. You can opt for any version you like.
  • Ensure that all the sources are enabled.
  • Download the APK on your device
  • Click on Install
  • Open and Enjoy the app to the fullest

Download it from the below APK.

5 Best Modded Kik for 2022

Below is a list of the best 5 modded Kik you need to use if you haven’t. Give all of these Kik a try to see how it works out for you.


One of the most popular Kik mods out of all is Pikek. By far, it has been very useful for users. Not only do you get the accessibility to change the User Interface, but you can also play around with the background, fonts, and so on. It is also the most versatile version known to be there so far.

You should definitely check out Pikek. It’s an optimal choice to make.

Modded Kik Pikek

2. CryKik

Another version of Modded Kik messenger, also a popular one, is Crykik. There are tons of options that open up for you when you use Crykik. Some of its extensive features include: –

  • Provides support for using a fake camera
  • Delete messages
  • UI is updated
  • Read Receipt


3. Nullkik

Nullkik also is a considerable choice to make when you look for Modded Kik. It majorly and primarily focuses on the outer appearance of the KIK application.

In addition to its features, it also provides tons of interesting background-changing options and color combinations. Nullkik is a well-known app amongst users as there haven’t been any complaints recently. Therefore, it is safe and fun to use.

Modded Kik Nullkik

4. Matrik3

Matrik3 uses cosmetic mod. Using this mod version, users can disable read receipts as and whenever they want. In addition to that, users can also disable other features like deactivation of downloading pictures and disabling the typing ability. Hence, no one will now know when you are typing messages in the messenger.

The anti-spam blocker feature of Matrik3 is also pretty amazing. However, keeping the downside of the app in mind since there have been complaints regarding its stability. Users have come across instances where their application has crashed while using.


5. Ghostkik

The last one on our list of modded Kik messenger is Ghostkik. It is a popular, useful, and highly functional application that is one ideal option to consider. If you like speed, just like I do, then Ghostkik has to be your last resort. It uses a minimal amount of space, given that it is very lightweight compared to other Kik mods out there.

However, there are now hacked Ghostkik versions that aim to harm your device, so you have got to be careful with that. Otherwise, it’s a pretty great option to consider if you are willing to get a Kik mod for your device.

Modded Kik Ghostkik


The popularity of Kik is known to us, and so are Kik mod APKs. These are great alternatives to have. The new versions are very easy to use, convenient, and super fun to download. Also, the new versions keep on updating themselves; therefore, every time they release, it is thrilling to exercise the new features.

You can easily download all the APKs for the modded Kik apps from the links given in this article, and just in case you are not able to,do it. Let us know in the comments, and we will help you out.



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