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Morphix TV APK: Free Download and Installation Guide

Morphix tv is an android application that allows us to stream movies, series, and tv shows with just one click. It has a large database of movies and series. However, it is updating its database with the new releases for the satisfaction of the users. Morphix tv is the clone of a very famous app Morpheus tv that is still downloadable but is not backed by any developers.

Morphix Tv can be downloaded on android by firesticks apk within a few seconds as it is a very small app it is completely safe compact and easy to download.


What is Morphix TV?

It is completely legal and does not cause any harm to the device on which it is being downloaded. It can also be downloaded for pc, on blue stacks, or directly by downloading the setup. The older versions of this app are not functional anymore and it needs to be deleted before downloading the latest one. It contains ads however the ads can be ignored by downloading the content that is to be viewed.

It is an on-demand media app and people often search for it and different ways to download it. For those who are not android users, it may be a little difficult to download however is still downloadable.

Such movie apps are removed from the Google play store very quickly as movies, instead of being bought online or being watched by paying in the movie halls, are downloaded on those apps on a free basis.

However such apps are consecutively launched by developers and the users of the previous apps are informed by notification to delete the previous app and download the new apps instead. Morphix tv is a very popular app for many people who can’t afford Netflix or amazon prime. 

How To Download Morphix TV?


The MorphixTV app isn’t available on the Google Play Store. You have to download it from a website link. The apk needs to have the proper installation done for it to work.

Downloading the apk isn’t hard after you get your hands on the link. The steps are very basic when you might download an apk from a different website or app store. The link is attached below. 


Before downloading the app you have to follow certain steps to be able to download the apk.

  • First, go onto the Settings on your phone and scroll down until you see the Security option.
  • Click on the option and then go to the Unknown Sources option and unable, you may get a warning, click ok.
  • If you don’t follow this process it will show an error “Installation Blocked” or something similar.

So this step is very important before you install the apk or else the apk installation will fail. 

Now visit the link mentioned above and scroll down the page until you see the download option. Click on the download option. You will find a lot of versions that you can download.

How To Install Morphix Tv?


After the completion of the downloading of the apk. Things are pretty basic form here.

  • After the download is complete, on the next screen, upon scrolling down, you will see an install option.
  • Click on it and wait for it to show done.
  • Now the installation is complete.

Open the app and select your desired player. You will see a changelog and disclaimer screen pop up next. Click on ok and accept options to continue. The installation of the MorphixTv app is fully complete. Now you can enjoy watching free movies and TV Shows online or offline. 

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The steps mentioned here are only applicable to Android devices. 

If you want to download the app on IOS devices unfortunately there is no officially supported version for them. But you can use Android emulators to enable you to install APK files.

For PC, this too has to be through Android Emulators. As people are getting busier day by day sitting in one place to watch a show or movie has become hard so the app is only available for mobile phones. 

On FireStick, you can download MorphixTV either through the downloader app But to download it you need a link as the initial official link only works on Android phones. 

Link- Download

You need to type this link onto the URL field and it will start downloading. You can then follow the usual installation process. 

For Android Smart TV, you have to go to the Google Playstore and install Puffin Browser and use the same link that was used in Android phones.

Is It Safe To Use?


MorphixTV is completely safe to use. It scraps streaming links from different websites already present on the internet. The fact is it’s legal or not differs from country to country as each country has its own set of rules. Streaming copyrighted movies are illegal in some countries so people often use VPN for such circumstances.

The streaming source isn’t known to us and it can be risky at times to stream such things. The link is not just dangerous due to its copyright nature but also the intentions of the person behind the link aren’t clear to us. Some links can cause damage to your data or even cause identity theft.

It is highly recommended for you to stream movies from the links that have a public domain to ensure the utmost security. 


MorphixTV is an amazing app that allows you to stream movies online and download them for when you want to watch them offline. Even though Morphix is an incredible streaming application you have to be a little alert when you stream or download these as some link can cause damage to your privacy.



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