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What To Do When Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On?

Troubled by the technology that Switch has brought? Not all that is made is perfect everything has a life span and flaws, so we need to be careful with technologies like such. Nintendo has a lot of things to offer but like everything, it has its pros and cons and certain things to figure out.

Whether your Switch is switched off, has a blank screen, or is in sleep mode we are here for your rescue! We bring you the article you might need at some point in your life if your switch won’t turn on.


What Is Nintendo Switch?


Nintendo Switch is a handheld gaming console that was at 300$. The switch is almost equally powerful, cheap, and, most importantly, portable; it is what gamers have been searching for years. Taking the concept from the portability of Nintendo 3ds and power from some most potent gaming consoles of Sony and Microsoft, it can run almost all the triple-A titles at an average frame rate without fluctuation.

Now the people don’t have to be tethered to the four walls of their gaming room to have a chill gaming time playing titles like Mario and Zelda.

It is not only portable but also has a dock that can connect it to a television 4k or any other just with a few cables, and it can be played with the controllers that are attached to the sides of it all the time.

Nintendo has come a long way from a game cube and game boy to a compelling and heart winning product, which is the switch. It helps gamers to instantly play games like Minecraft, Fortnite, FIFA, Overwatch, and Skyrim without spending much, as mentioned above.

Methods To Fix Switch Not Turning On

Switch technology, no matter how advanced it still has its flaws. Such occurrences either mean that your battery is damaged, heavily drained, a glitch has occurred or it has gone to sleep mode. Very simple and sic solution have been picked out for you to perform.

You have to wisely choose which of the solutions you might have to perform. Make sure to read the article carefully and look out for your perfect solution. In this article, you will get to know why your Switch won’t turn on. 

1. Plugin The Charger


Even though this is a fundamental thing, frequently, we tend to misinterpret the indications. When you need to plug in the charger, red light lights up to indicate it. This only happens if you have some amount of charge left, but if you don’t, this red light might not even light up.

So you need to put your Switch on charge for at least an hour using the official Nintendo Switch Power Adapter that came with it to make sure that it’s charged. Though this is a straightforward and common thing, we can still be mistaken, so it’s better to make sure if it’s charged or not.

If, after an hour, your switch won’t turn on, try and put it on for a few hours. This might happen if the battery is heavily drained, so it might need to charge slowly to avoid any damage. So be patient!

2. Accessories Check


There is a difference between using third party accessories and official accessories—the switch charges upon using a non-standard protocol. So, if you use third-party accessories, issues might arise. Even though you can find some excellent third-party options, you still cannot guarantee up to what extend they might be reliable.   

You might be aware of the fact that these accessories contain little tits and bits inside of them. So you might want to unplug the adapter from both ends and leave it to rest for around a minute. Doing so will essence the reset of the adapter and make things right. 

Everything the adapter has a specific life span which depends on many different factors. You should check the adapter for any broken pins and cable from fraying. If you do notice any damage, don’t use the adapter and buy a new official adapter. 

3. Soft Reset


When your Nintendo switch freezes or becomes unresponsive, a soft reset is your way to go. Soft reset allows you to return the switch to working order without deleting your game data, game saves, or user data. Even though you won’t lose your data, you might lose your game position when you restart it.

Press the small circular power button for a few seconds; doing this will cause a soft reset and won’t cause any damage to your data. This might be a quick fix if your switch is causing some glitches. 

4. Hard Reset


Doing a hard reset is a callous decision to make, but if it’s the ultimatum, then you got to do what you got to do. You should know that if at any point, if you do perform a hard reset/factory reset, then all your data will be gone in seconds. 

So you need to think twice before doing a hard reset. To perform a hard reset, hold down the power button for 15 seconds and press it again to switch it on as usual. This might fix the glitch that occurred. But this will also delete your account and erase your gaming data. You can also perform a hard reset before selling your Nintendo. 

5. Repairingns6

If none of the solutions work for it would be in your best interest to contact Nintendo ad schedule a repair. You can even get it repaired for free if you have a valid warranty.

You can go to third-party repair shops, which are much quicker, but chances are if they mess something up, Nintendo will refuse to fix I further. Fixing things yourself would not be a good idea if you do have some skills still don’t do it yourself.

Final Words

So, now that you have skimmed through the whole article, make sure to choose what you want to do according to the pros cons listed above. Make sure you are sure about what you want to do. If nothing works, make sure to contact the nearest Nintendo store nearby. We hope this article comes in handy for you.



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