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How To Fix Netflix Code UI-800-2 Error?

Netflix is definitely our go-to option because of how excellent it is when we talk about streaming online. Be it weekend or weekday, we don’t really stop binging our favorite TV Series, do we? The reason we opt for Netflix over any other service is how superior it is and compared to other services. However, there is one downside to it, sometimes while streaming, Netflix Code UI-800-2 is a very common error.

Streaming in the present time has become very popular and users have been extremely joyous about it. All of this makes Netflix the most accessible to people mostly because of its extensive support over streaming devices. Netflix just needs an installation on your phone to go ahead with streaming movies, series, and everything you wish to. Let’s discuss more on Netflix Code UI-800-2 and can it be taken care of.

Netflix Code UI-800-2


What Is Netflix Code UI-800-2?

Usually, this is a very common error that comes the way of many users mostly because of data or cache related issues. This happens when these data or cache is not refreshed from time to time.

The error can be seen in streaming devices where on a timely basis the cache and data are not refreshed post streaming. Sony TVs, Sony Bravia, and many such smart TVs are most vulnerable to the Netflix code UI-800-2 error.

How To Resolve Netflix Code UI-800-2 Error?

Giving you an insight on a step-to-step guide to resolving the issue generically on any device you use. Moving forward, I will be sharing different ways to resolve the issues for different devices.


1. Wi-Fi/Internet Connection

  • Start off by unplugging your connection and disconnecting it from the dedicated power source.
  • Wait for sometime
  • Turn it back on and give it a couple of minutes
  • Visit your Netflix app to see if you are still receiving the error.

2. Bid adieu For A Minute To Your Netflix Account

  • Go to settings.
  • Next up, go for signing out/deactivating your account.
  • Sometimes you are likely to not find the option. In such cases, use your gearbox and navigate through the buttons up, down, left, right. Workaround with the arrows if you can’t find a sign out option for yourself.
  • Once you see the options of reset or sign out on your screen, opt for it.
  • After you are successfully signed out, sign back in again into your Netflix account.

3. Kickstart Your Device

Restarting your device(Smart TV, mobile, PC, Laptop, Smartphones) that you use to stream might also fix your Netflix Code UI-800-2 error. The below steps will tell you how!

  • Start with restarting your streaming device. If you don’t find the shut-off option, go for the next option.
  • Plug your TV and device out from the power source.
  • Allow it to rest for more than a few minutes.
  • After cool down, plug back in your streaming device.
  • Switch the TV back on.
  • Check for the error again.

Netflix Code UI-800-2

4. Smart Hub Needs A RESET!

  • On your device, look for the Menu Icon and find the ‘Smart Hub’ option, and reset it.
  • You will get a prompt wherein you need to enter the PIN – 0000.
  • Get back to the smart hub and check if the error code still pops up.

Fixing Netflix Code UI-800-2 Error on Different Devices

Let’s get you some of the ways you can fix this error on some of the devices that you regularly use.

1. Roku

The issue can easily be taken care of in Roku if you start with a quick restart of your device.

  • Time to unplug your device from power for a couple of seconds.
  • Plug it back in and then turn it back on with a remote.
  • Give it some time and then continue to stream Netflix again.
  • If your issue still exists, then sign out and sign back in. To invest more in this, you can further uninstall or install the application to clear the existing cache or data.

Netflix Code UI-800-2

2. Blu-ray Player

2.1 – Start Your Device Back On

  • Press the power button to discharge your device and then go ahead with unplugging the device from the power source.
  • Attach your device with the power cable.
  • Stream back on to see if the issue is resolved.

2.2 Netflix App – Sign Out

If the first option didn’t work out for you, then sign out of the Netflix app and sign back in.

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  • When you face the error Netflix Code UI-800-2, look for ‘More Details’
  • If you can’t find ‘More Details’, then go for ‘Settings’
  • Therein you can find ‘Reactivate’, ‘Signout’ and ‘Reset’, go for whichever you find.
  • Try to stream back again into the Netflix app.

3. Set-Top Box

The steps are pretty much the same to resolve the issue in Set-top-box as well. In short, give a quick restart to your box.

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  • First off, unplug the device. Then further keep it unplugged it for some time.
  • Press the power button back on and then plug it back in.
  • Start stream Netflix again to see if this permanently left your device.

Netflix Code UI-800-2


Well, that was all about Netflix Code UI-800-2. Hope it helps you to resolve your Netflix related problems. We are certain that one or the other option out of the mentioned ones will definitely help you in finally getting rid of the error. Make sure to let us know if you find any other alternative that works out for you.



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