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How To Reactivate Instagram Account? [Very Easy]

If you have accidentally or due to any other reason disable your Instagram account, but now you want to reactivate Instagram account. Then look at the steps mentioned in this article to learn how to recover the disabled Instagram account.

Instagram is the most loveable and fun to use the social media platform since its launch. Many of us want to take a break from Instagram, so they disable their Instagram account for a certain period. However, if you’ve changed your mind and want to get back your Instagram account then Instagram will automatically reactivate the account, you just need to follow some couple of the steps. Remember this if you have deleted your account, then there is no option to get back your account because Insta doesn’t offer you to recover a deleted account. In this scenario, you need to create a new Instagram account.


How To Reactivate your Instagram Account?

The temporarily deleted Instagram account can be reactivated after the 24 hours of deactivation. The following steps will help you to reactivate Instagram account.

  • Launch Instagram and try to log into your account using your username and password.

Insta Sign in

  • If you have entered the correct username and password then your account will get activated immediately.

These couple of steps are enough to reactivate Instagram account. But by chance, these steps won’t work for you then you can try resetting your Instagram account password.

Reset Instagram Account Password:-

These steps can also help if you have forgotten your password. Password resetting is quite a simple process you just need to follow a couple of the steps without any mistakes.

  • Go to the login screen of the Instagram app or website and click on Forget Password? option available beneath the password field.

Instagram forgot password

  • On the next screen, you will get three options, choose any of them to proceed further:
    • Enter your username or email to receive a mail containing a password reset link.
    • If you forget your username also then you can reset your password via your mobile number. If you entered the contact number associated with your account then you will receive an SMS containing a password reset link.
    • Also, you can reset your account password with the help of Facebook. This option is applicable only if your Facebook account is connected with Instagram.

If you’ve already logged into your account and want to change your password due to security concern. Then you need to follow these steps:

  • Head to Profile and click on Settings.
  • You’ll see three dots located at the top right corner of the screen, click on them to view Change Password options.

change password

How To Reactivate A Suspended Instagram Account:-

All the steps we discussed so far are applicable only if your Instagram account is disabled temporarily or you have lost your password. But what if your account got disabled without your permission, usually such type of issues arise when you violated Instagram policies. In such cases retrieving your Instagram account is not a simple task or impossible sometimes.

Whenever you try to log in to your account, you will get an error message shown in the below figure.

account disabled

We have covered some common guidelines of Instagram, go through them to determine whether you’re violating them or not:

  • Posting such content on Instagram that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Avoid posting any content that is not suitable for all ages like nudes, sexual content.
  • While conversing with other Instagram users never use abusive language. Be courteous to other Instagram users.
  • Make sure your Instagram account is not involved in any kind of spam activity.

These are the community guideline of Instagram, you strictly need to follow these guidelines.

Also, Instagram has some rules if you don’t follow them then Instagram has the right to terminate your account without any former warning.

Disable Thresholds 2 up EN

  • Instagram users must be 13 years old.
  • Your account need not be sell or transfer to someone else.
  • Avoid creating Instagram accounts on bots and automated devices.
  • You must not transfer any file on Insta that contains viruses.
  • Stay away from illegal uses of Instagram.
  • You must not share your account confidential details with anyone.

If you break Instagram terms of uses, then there is only one way to get back your account is to appeal. To appeal Instagram log into your account as you normally do and go through the instructions. While appealing to Instagram always be specific and add a screenshot of your problem if possible so Instagram can understand your concern better. If there is any serious issue with your account then Instagram will let you know through the email.

lighter e1592413182732


You always need to follow the community guidelines of Instagram, if you break them then you will face serious issues with your account. If you want a short break from Instagram then you can temporarily disable your Instagram account instead of deleting it, so you can easily reactivate Instagram using the steps mentioned in this article. So this is the end of today’s discussion. Thanks for reading.



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