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123Movies – Free 123Movies Alternatives 2022

How many of us do not fall into the category of ‘movie buffs’? Well, I certainly place myself where the bets of watching movies are really high, and hence, I am all in when the discussion has anything to do with movies. Again, that is exactly why we are here. Today, we explicitly focus on 123movies and share some of our favorite alternatives of 123movies.

Undoubtedly, 123movies is considered one of the best options to watch and seamlessly stream any TV show or movie you have always wanted to watch. However, sadness took its toll when on 19th March, the shutdown of the site was announced. Not to worry much now because we bring you sites like 123movies to get right back on the tracks again.


Why 123movies Is No More?

Honestly, I woke up to think it was some sort of a joke about 123movies being shut down. Soon I realized the surety that it sure no longer exists. To many of us, the reason is still unknown and 123movies has not come out to declare the accurate reason but according to sources – ‘123movies wanted to pay respect to the filmmakers who were paying for Films’. According to some sources, the reason could be the pressure over it. All of us using 123movies know the reputation it held all this while.

There’s not much to worry about, though, because I am here, with all my personal experiments, to present the 9 best alternatives to 123movies.

Sites Like 123Movies

Bringing right at your fingertips some of the websites similar to 123movies that most definitely will not let you miss 123movies much.

1. FMovies

FMovies have been a topic of conversation for quite a while now to be serving as an alternative to 123movies. This lets you stream movies, tv shows, cartoons, and whatnot. Are we still waiting to hear the best part? Well, you don’t have to create an account to stream movies and shows on this platform.

Sites like 123movies

Additionally, all the movies and tons of libraries that it has for you have subtitles for you which makes watching anything a lot easier.

2. Snag Films

This is yet another alternative for 123movies that indeed lets you register yourself and enjoy movies effortlessly. You don’t even need to register yourself to use Snag Films. Navigating and the UI experience makes it one of the best to count off and makes it fall in the premium categories of the audience.

Sites like 123movies

It also has its own content released on the platform; you can imagine how wonderful that is. So, how about you try Snag Films once to get the best out of it?

3. B Movies

Most certainly, you must have come around B Movies which also happens to be one of the best sites out of many. The layout, UI, features, and content is sure to sway you off your feet. All you need to do is click to get started on your journey of watching any content that you have been waiting for.

Sites like 123movies

Well, we can have a varying proxy that might sometimes cause trouble, but hey, you can always browse the internet to get the latest proxy.

4. PopCornFlix.com

The rating of PopCornFlix.com goes really high as an alternative to 123movies. Just like the others, it also serves you an abundant option to make your pick from. Additionally, there are infinite genres available some of which are Sci-fi, romance, thriller, Drama, and so on.

Sites like 123movies

Because of the huge fan base, PopCornFlix.com has, the website ensures to keep itself updated from time to time. So, now you know where to reach out to if you want to watch the latest and most awaited movie.

5. Solar Movie

Yet another brilliant option to surf your way through the latest released movies and tv shows in HD. The layout that Solar Movie brings, without a hint of doubt, is mind-blowing. It has the best layout that shows you the most recent releases on the home page display. There are tons of categories for you to pick from like HD Movies, Ultra Movies, and so on.

solar movies

6. Soap2day

How many of us don’t like free stuff? Well, I certainly do and to share the knowledge, I give you Soap2day which is another interesting site like 123movies. The quality of every content on the website is the finest if you ask me and to be more certain, you can dig down on your own.

Sites like 123movies

I take Soap2day as one of the finest and most reliable alternatives to 123movies.

7. GoStream

It won’t really be fair if I discuss sites like 123movies and don’t pin GoStream on the list. Being honest here, I get so frustrated watching at ads while streaming that I just end up closing the content. Well, I guess not anymore because I have GoStream to my rescue. The ads that it has been very limited and not at all stretchy.


Speaking of content, you can try out GoStream for yourself to learn how fantastic an option this one is.

8. Primewire

Last but never least, Primewire is indeed one of the other Sites like 123movies to choose from than 123movies. If you take my personal advice, I would definitely redesign the website for good. While using Primewire, you might feel a little outdated, but that’s solely because of the platform and low maintenance. However, what we look for is content, and this alternative won’t disappoint you in that direction.


9. Amazon Prime Video

Will it even be legal if I don’t talk of Amazon Prime Video when I speak of online streaming? This is why I made sure I noted it down in the list of top 9. We all know how incredible Amazon Prime is doing what it does best, i.e., giving you surplus content to watch. Why would you possibly long for anything more?

amazon prime video 1593003461

30 Free 123Movies Alternatives

Here is the full list of 123Movies Alternatives in 2022;

  1. FMovies
  2. Snag Films
  3. B Movies
  4. PopCornFlix.com
  5. Solar Movie
  6. Soap2day
  7. GoStream
  8. Primewire
  9. Amazon Prime Video
  10. Vumoo
  11. MoviesJoy
  12. TubiTV
  13. YMovies
  14. CMovies
  15. LookMovie
  16. WatchFree
  17. FlixTor
  18. Yify TV
  19. YoMovies
  20. Zmovies
  21. Mytotal.TV
  22. Stream Likers
  23. Vmovee
  24. 123movies.ch
  25. Moonline
  26. MovieWatcher
  27. House Movie
  28. IceFilms
  29. RdxhD
  30. Hulu


Now is the time we conclude our beautiful article, leaving behind all those amazing choices for you. Make sure to pick yourself the correct alternative, so you don’t repent later.
Well, that would now be all, folks. I hope you have plenty of options on your plate now; just make sure to pick the right one, okay? Until next time.



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