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Amazon Prime Student Discount: Here Are Steps To Avail It

Many platforms provide their services for free or at discounted prices for students in order to promote their services and get their brand by sharing or referring. The only thing that students need to avail the discount is to verify themselves as a student. Amazon Prime student discount is also one such discount scheme for students that allows you to stream Amazon Prime content totally free for the first 6 months.

Not only this you also need to pay less than 50% after your 6-month free period expires. First of all, let us know more about Amazon Prime services and then we will guide you on the availing of this discount scheme.


What Is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a premium subscription for the Amazon app that lets you watch HD quality movies and shows for free. IMG 4801You get free COD from Amazon and also no other charges are taken from you on any amazon app service. Here is the list of services that are included in Amazon Prime:

  1. FREE fast shipping for eligible purchases
  2. Streaming of movies, TV shows, and music
  3. Exclusive shopping deals and selection
  4. Premium Access to Prime Music
  5. You also get early access to festive sales on Amazon.

The normal user’s Amazon Prime Subscription costs around $12.99 for a month and $119.99 for a year. And if you are a student and avail your student discount then you get Amazon Prime subscription totally free for 6 months and you pay 50% of your membership after that till you graduate.

How To Avail Amazon Prime Student Discount?

Though availing of this discount service is not a difficult task it is time-consuming for sure as sometimes it takes time in manual verifications. amazon student prime orig Here are some simple steps that will guide you in getting Amazon prime student discount.

  1. First of all, you need to visit the Amazon student page by clicking on this link https://amzn.to/2YrHxlA. You will be taken to the Amazon Prime student discount page.
  2. Click on the yellow button saying “Start Your 6 Month trial”.SharedScreenshot 6
  3. You will be taken to a login page where you have to enter the login credentials of your Amazon account. In case you don’t have an Amazon account, create a new one, it’s not that consuming. 123
  4. Now you will be asked to fill in your general university information for the verification process.
  5. Wait till the automatic verification for a few minutes and then make the payment. Though it is free for 6-month, you need to add a payment method for renewing the services at 50% after 6 months period.amazon student account 1
  6. Once you have added the payment method and verified it, you are good to go to enjoy the Amazon Prime premium services for free or minimal cost.

Now as you registered for Amazon Prime Student Discount, you also get benefitted by two-days delivery on college essentials from Amazon. Isn’t it amazing?

Some FAQs Regarding Amazon Prime Student Discount

Many times newbies have some questions in their minds. Here are some doubts that new users need to clear:

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For The Amazon Prime Student Discount?

The services can be availed by students of US universities only as of now. So anyone who is a student of a US registered institution can avail of the benefits. Students are asked for the .edu mail for verification purposes. Amazon also provides students discounts to students of other countries like INDIA under some other schemes. In India, they call it “Youth Program”. The verification purpose from Amazon doesn’t take too long.

What Is The Cost Of Amazon Prime Student Discount?

As discussed above Amazon Prime Discount comes with a free trial of 6 months and you need to pay 50% of the subscription charges per month. You can subscribe for one year. After a certain period of time Amazon asks you to verify your details and login credentials and In case your graduation has completed you are removed from the services at the same point.

How To Verify The College Enrollment For Amazon Student Discount?

Amazon asks you for your college name and checks if your college is on the list of American Colleges. Then asks you for the.EDU mail issued by the college as a pre-requisite. The automatic verification doesn’t take long to verify your enrollment.

Final Words

Student discounts are provided by many platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Prime, Youtube, etc. The main motive of these discount programs is to promote the services among the youth and make services more affordable for the students. In this article, we tried to cover “how to get Amazon Prime Student Discount “.

If you have any issues regarding the same then you can tell us in the comments section. We will be glad to guide you further. Also, don’t forget to share this amazing article with your friends. Cheers!



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