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Sites Like Reddit: 14 Best Alternatives You Must Know

Reddit is an addiction and people using it know the aftereffects of the website. For the best news and the worst, Reddit comes to the rescue with all the knowledge that you possibly need on the subject. Reddit has all the different links from several users who provide the information to the website. Speaking of Reddit, what if we offer you something more? Some more sites like Reddit? Yes, you heard us mate!

Sites lIke Reddit

Let’s peek into some of the best ones like Reddit that give us the same pleasure and fun as Reddit does.


Best Sites Like Reddit

Time to discover some of the best alternatives to Reddit that will allow you to have a similar dose of entertainment as Reddit.

1. 4Chan

4Chan is like an imageboard that lets users add images to any board they wish to. Additionally, it also allows users to comment on the post that other people share. Using 4Chan will not require users to go through the registration process. Some of the most commonly used boards on 4chan include video, music, politics, weapons, paranormal, fitness, and anime.

It also allows users to post anonymous content without having to disclose their identity.

Sites Like Reddit

2. Popurls

It could really be difficult to stay up-to-date with everything that happens around. In the morning, picking up the newspaper already leaves you behind with a lot of updated information. But hey, let’s thank technology for being so kind and keeping up to date online.

You can be anywhere around reading the latest news from your tablets and laptops that you have been carrying around. The same is with Popurls wherein you get all the information from all over the world on their desk. They keep themselves fact-based on all the news and websites that trend around the globe.


3. The Verge

The motive behind The Verge’s creation was to put in the ability to make it more or less like Reddit. The layout of the game is very identical to Reddit. There are plenty of sections to visit which allows you to shuffle things up a little bit. The platform ensures that nothing is made illegal here until the given content is questionable and raises debate.

Sites Like Reddit

4. Hacker News

Hacker News is known to be the most simple and plain web place that has worthy of news accumulated in one place. The place is neat for one to slide through and navigate through the features. How popular the website and the news on the channel is figured out through points. The place has every news item that concerns hackers, moderators, and geek technology enthusiasts.


The stories that make to the top of the table are the ones with the highest number of points. However, before you submit a story, make sure to have an account on the platform.

5. Digg

Digg brings you everything that the internet is currently speaking about. To make sure users have the finest experience, the articles or contents that are immensely popular and get the highest number of votes, stick on the front page.

The UI that Digg has is quite a decent one with no mess. Navigation in the platform is very easy allowing you to focus on the niche that brings users more interest. Put your bet on Digg if you are in search of sites like Reddit.

Sites Like Reddit

6. StumbleUpon

You need to stop looking for more alternatives for Reddit if StumbleUpon has crossed your path. The website contains all the amazing stuff that people put on the platform. If you visit the website, you will know what I am talking about.

Amazing stories, breaking news, unbelievable discoveries are all present in StumbleUpon and are submitted by users themselves.

There are many things you can do like saving the content, liking or disliking it, bookmarking your favorite page, and so on.

7. Hubski

Try out Hubski as a Reddit alternative if you haven’t already. Everything on Hubski is a little bit different than what you might get on other platforms. The way people vote on the contents in Hubski is also different.

The number of times people share content is how they receive a vote for each content. The website is fully controlled and automated giving users a much delightful experience to be a part of.

Sites Like Reddit

8. Mashable

Speaking of sites like Reddit, Mashable has to definitely be on your list. It is one in all places for people to get news related to everything which includes social media, tech, and ones related to gadgets. Simply applying the formula, Mashable is a place that brings all the news about every new technology and invention under one roof for people.

Mashable is very easy to use and has a UI that makes navigation in the platform much flexible. The ‘Must Read’ section on the website is a place where like-minded intellects can get their daily dose of important updates.

Mashable 1

9. Aether

Available for download on mobile and totally up for browsing over the internet, Aether is a free to use website that brings you a lot of information from around the communities. Additionally, Aether promises to not add any more to the pre-existing surveillance features. Also, with Aether, all the data and figures are completely safe.

No admins, moderators to block your way and you can simply up and downvote the content you like as on Reddit.

Sites Like Reddit

10. SlashDot

The next and last one successfully making up to our list of sites like Reddit, focusing mostly on technology is SlashDot. It redefines the tech world in a completely different way by updating you with the latest gigs that are happening around along with what the future holds. Some of the key highlights of the platform include open-source content, builds, tech gadgets, and so on.

Visit SlashDot right away if you have a tech brain that needs feeding.


14 Reddit Alternative Websites

Here are some more sites like Reddit.

  1. 4Chan
  2. Popurls
  3. The Verge’s
  4. Hacker
  5. Digg
  6. StumpleUpon
  7. Hubski
  8. Mashable
  9. Aether
  10. SlashDot
  11. 9Gag
  12. Headcycle
  13. Quora
  14. Digital Journal

Final Words

Well, now is the time we wrap our list of sites like Reddit hoping you had equal fun reading it. Do visit these platforms if you really are looking for a Reddit alternative. These websites are free-to-use and have tons of knowledge to offer.



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