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15 Best Emoji Apps: Free for Android and iPhone 2022

Has texting been always boring to you? Honestly speaking, without the sprinkle of emojis on each text we send, there is barely any fun. Without emojis, everything is sort of a blur and with emojis, it is indeed an interaction that makes a conversation very interactive and fun. However, the regular emojis that we use on a day-to-day basis have now become monotonous and dull. Therefore, without any further delays let’s show you around some of the best emoji apps that you can download for yourself.

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Best Emoji Apps

Here come some of the top emoji applications that you can download on your phone and use while chatting on social media. Sounds exciting already, isn’t it? Let’s get rolling.

1. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is one of the most downloaded apps for emoji. This app gives the privilege to create their own personal emoticons. Bitmoji already has millions of downloads over the internet and is a very creative app that will create emojis for you instantly. Just follow the step on the app and there you will be with your very own Bitmoji. You will be shocked by every emoji that you make out of this app.

Emoji Apps

2. Facemoji

This application is an emoji + keyboard which you will have to select as a preferred keyboard after you have successfully installed it. A minor change in the settings and you can use the app through your keyboard. There are more than 3000 emojis that you will find over Facemoji.

There are many other features like sending emoji combinations, tone adjustments, and gesture typing. Available for iOS and Android, Facemoji keeps updating itself to provide the users with the newest emojis that come out.


3.  Elite Emoji

Many of us consider expressing our thoughts and feelings through the right emotions. Hence, to get yourself the best emoji apps, having the best app on your phone is important too. Elite Emoji is one such app that gives such the privilege to users to choose from thousands of stickers, gifs, and emojis available in their bundle.

It is completely free to use and allows you to share emojis in your conversations directly through the application.

Emoji Apps

4. Smiley Emoji Keyboard

Tired of your old functional keyboard? Well, most of us are and it’s high time we get ourselves an alternative. Smiley Emoji Keyboard is one fine¬†replacement¬†to the inbuilt keyboards on our phones. There are more than 800+ emojis on the keyboard for users and all of them are inexplicably beautiful to use.

The ability and accuracy with which it predicts its emojis is the highlight of the application. Use it for yourself to know what we are talking about.

Smiley Emoji Keyboard

5. Imoji

Just like many of us, have you wished you could see your partner’s face stuck on an emoji? Quit your worries because we have got the resolution for you. All you need to do is download Imoji and create your personalized stickers and then, share them with your partners and friends.

The only disadvantage on the side that you might have to face would be to rely on this app completely because you will not be able to use this embedded on your other messaging apps.

Emoji Apps

6. Big Emoji

As the name suggests, Big Emoji is an app that allows you to share large emojis. It becomes difficult to find such great apps with here we are, with one of our options.

There is plenty of 3D emojis that are animated and available on the application to choose from. With Big Emoji, you can also share more than one emoticon at a time. Additionally, you can also build and pick your own avatar to share with your friends.

Big Emoji

7. i2Symbol Emoji

Do you like to express your emotions in an HD way all over social media? Then we have i2Symbol emoji for you that brings along a plethora of stickers, emojis, symbols, emoticons, all of them in HD to choose from. Personalized stickers are one thing you are going to miss in this app.

However, the emoticons and emojis in this app are definitely worth a shot mostly because of their huge size. Hence, do give this app a try to find out the ups and downs for yourself.

Emoji Apps

8. WAStickerApps

Next up on our list is Emojis, Memojism, and Memes Stickers which gives you access to tons of emojis and emojis through the App. To add more spice to the conversation, add more stickers and emojis while chatting with your friends and family.

WASticker Apps bring updates and these updates bring along tons of stickers and emojis in the gallery. These emojis can be used on every social media platform that you possibly use to chat.


9. Emoji Keyboard

Getting control over the undying thirst you have for Emoji might be fulfilled by Emoji Keyboard. The app has hundreds and thousands of Emoji for Free that you can even count.

It allows you to add all these emojis in your text or emails to enhance any conversation that you might be having. Alongside that, you can also pick from the cool fonts that they provide for emojis.

Emoji Apps

10. Fleksky

We call Fleksky for the reinvented keyboard that it offers the users because swiping through the thumbs is indeed the real deal. The app is very unique and customization on this app is very easily considered by others. There are lots of configurations that you can do on your own over this app to extract the best out of it. Therefore, last but not least, Flesky is one of my favorite emoji apps.


Top 15 Free Emoji Apps

Here is a list of all 15 Free Emoji Apps for Android.

  1. Bitmoji
  2. Facemoji
  3. Elite Emoji
  4. Smiley Emoji Keyboard
  5. Imoji
  6. Big Emoji
  7. i2Symbol emoji
  8. WASticker
  9. Emoji Keyboard
  10. Fleksky
  11. Kika Keyboard 2020
  12. Create Emoji Up
  13. Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons – Theme, GIF, Emoji
  14. WhatSmiley
  15. AfroMoji


Well, that was all about some of the best emoji apps that you can find out there to download on your phone. To understand what each app has to offer, you can go by the ratings on Play Store or download them by reading our reviews. However, make sure that you get the best app for yourself though.



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