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15 Free Virtual Credit Card Providers 2022.

Without a shrink of doubt and question, we all know the importance of Credit Cards in our day-to-day lives. It is an absolute necessity in the present world we are residing in. There is number of benefits that we retract from Credit Cards, not to forget, effortless transactions anywhere and anytime. Every time a Credit Card is cashed in, the banks withdraw the amount through loans. 


What Are Virtual Credit Cards?

Credit Cards are of many times and each of these cards has a function. Out of these cards, one is  Virtual Credit Card. Virtual Credit Cards are digitally active cards that give you all the features and accessibility as Credit Cards do. However, with these cards, your details aren’t exposed.

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These cards don’t have physical evidence and help in conducting all of your transactions and payments online. There can be tons of customizations that you can do on your VCC which depends entirely on your VCC providers.

In the year 2020, free Virtual Cards have taken a toll, and hence the scope of these cards has increased tremendously.

Best Virtual Credit Card Providers

Well, speaking really won’t pay off as long as we have a solution, don’t you think? Therefore,  it’s a card-o-clock where we introduce you to the best free virtual credit card providers that have the best to offer.

Although, it is important to remember that not all the providers have benefits to give, therefore, the selection must be made significantly. After you choose your Credit Card, you need to find yourself the provider that will tally each of your obligations.

1. Neteller

Speaking of financial business, the Neteller ranks the chart. With this provider, receiving money instantly from other sources becomes very flexible. Additionally, users get the chance to connect their accounts directly with e-commerce.

Free Virtual Credit Card Providers

The biggest pro of Neteller is how it lets users link to Skrill and PayPal which adds great weight to the credibility of the provider. All you need to do is, register yourself to further generate your VCC, followed by you making online/offline purchases for yourself.

2. Card.com

Card.com is one exceptional free Virtual Credit Card provider working remotely as well as spreading its service on a global level. With Card.com, one can acquire MasterCard and Prepaid Visa. Tell me already how interesting is that for a credit card provider?


Furthermore, the Credit Card that you receive from here is connected to your bank details. Therefore, creating a Virtual CC from your bank will be easy and accessible. Also, Card.com brings users advantages right at their door which suits the users’ requirements and needs.

3. Payoneer

The third one on the list is Payoneer which also helps users with the creation of their Virtual Credit Cards. For creating a MasterCard, you have to pay a considerable amount of fees which is very light to your pockets. Additionally, the payment method becomes 100% secure and safe.

Free Virtual Credit Card Providers

The simple steps to follow for creating your Payoneer card are as follows:

  • For verification of your details, submit your documents as a means of proof. Bank Account Number will come in handy.
  • In the app, use the ‘Message’ option to fetch details to register your own Virtual Credit Card.
  • Within a day or two, you will receive a message or an email that will seek your confirmation for the VCC.

4. Walmart Money Card

Time to discuss the Elephant in the Room – Walmart Money Card, which is another great Free Virtual Credit Card Providers. For Virtual Credit Cards, the enrollees don’t have to pay a cut. Paying bills and shopping online just got easier with this easy option of the Virtual Card that also pulls some limitations.


A small tip: Always go for the VCC provider for which you are certain that they will take care of the necessities.

5. NetSpend

Bancorp Bank issues NetSpend Credit Cards which have all the legal permissions from Visa USA Inc. NetSpend is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary Credit Cards to have compared to the many other providers. Users with Visa Check and MasterCards get a chance to prepare and promote services as and when required.

Free Virtual Credit Card Providers

6. Ewire Virtual Credit Card

Ewire also is known as the name LiveWire allows organizations to maintain and manage their payments in a systematic way. For international payments, Ewire VCC is considered an optimal option. Creating an Ewire is very easy. Here are the steps:

  • Download the Ewire App
  • Fill in all the required details along with your phone number
  • Click and create your own VCC instantly.


7. American Express

When we speak of Credit Cards, American Express has to come to our mind as one of the finest providers. The finance business of American Express makes transactions and reception of money a hassle-free process.

Additionally, AE also gives free VCC cards along with its service. That is why it has a reward system offering rewards for usage giving it an edge over many other organizations and services.

Free Virtual Credit Card Providers

The Virtual Credit Card for American Express is an effective way to carry out all their online payments and transactions.

8. Wells Fargo Wallet

Wells Fargo is a Virtual Credit Card Provider that uses its own digital wallet. The advantage of this would be the replacement of the actual card with wallets that will do the same job.

Wells Fargo has assimilated itself with the mobile version, hence, it is easy to make Near Field Communications. Furthermore, making cashless transactions in stores with this embedded Credit cum Wallet Card calls for flexibility.

Wells Fargo

9. Brex

Another one making it in successfully our list of virtual credit card providers is Brex. Qualifying and Registration at Brex is the first thing you need to do for getting yourself Virtual Credit Card access.

With the Virtual Credit Card, there are things like customization of credentials, changing the limitations and so on that become an easy access job to follow.

10. Revolut

A financial tech giant, Revolut brings along many offers and banking services. All that you need to do as a preliminary is to create your own account. Once your account is created successfully, you can create up to 5 credit cards for free.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that won’t be all, as you can also have a credit card that can be disposed of just after a one-time service. How great does that sound?

Free Virtual Credit Card Providers

Top 15 Virtual Credit Card Providers In 2022

There are many VCC providers out there, but only a select few should be trusted. Here is the list of some best Virtual Credit Card Processing Services guaranteed to work in 2022.

  1. Neteller
  2. Card.com
  3. Payoneer
  4. Walmart Money Card,
  5. NetSpend
  6. Ewire
  7. American Express
  8. Wells Fargo
  9. Brex
  10. Revolut
  11. Capital One Eno
  12. Apple Card by Apple
  13. Yandex
  14. Stripe
  15. Citi Bank

Final Words

There are many other VCC providers than what is listed here. However, all of the mentioned ones have proven their efficiency with time. While opting for a Virtual Credit Card, it is very important to choose the one secure provider, has quality, and most important – trustworthy. In the present time, there are many scam providers from whom you need to keep yourself away.



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