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10 Best Kodi Alternatives for Free Streaming

If you are a movie buffer, you sure carry all the details for Kodi and its significance. Kodi is a unique versatile app that helps users with watching movies, TV Shows, Sports, and so on. It is rare to find an app that is as good as Kodi is, feature-wise. However, every app has its own list of flaws and that is the reason why we are here, to list some of the best Kodi alternatives.

kodi alternatives


Best Kodi Alternatives

Apart from Kodi, there are many hidden gems that help users in the exact same way as Kodi does. Therefore, let’s drill down some of the best alternatives to Kodi.

1. Emby

Emby, which also is open-source software, might just be the alternative to Kodi you have been looking for. The approach that it belongs to is a client-server one, and hence it becomes indeed easy to stream any media to the general network-oriented devices.

Some of the best features that Emby has includes parent control and different tools that help to edit metadata and lookup for subtitles. Additionally, users can also go for the premium subscription wherein some of the features are a bonus.

Kodi Alternatives

2. Plex

Plex makes it to the list of Kodi Alternatives as one of the finest options you can get. There is a barrel full of features that one can be a part of while using Plex. On the contrary, Kodi also plays a major role in streaming digital media that users store locally. This has all been possible because of its architecture i.e. client-server.

Additionally, Plex also has an application that uses home theater using which managing the media library becomes very easy. Apart from all this, Plex also has a variety of channels to choose from.

3. Stremio

Stremio also successfully makes it to the list of Kodi Alternatives. In addition to being the finest alternative, it also is a cross-media platform that makes streaming movies, series, and live TV online in a hassle-free manner. Just like Kodi does, Stremio also helps with adding and supporting different formats of video. However, there is one difference to spot between Stremio and Kodi would be about the addons that are present and installed locally in Stremio.

Kodi Alternatives

4. Infuse

Another fine replacement for Kodi is Infuse, which is known for being a media player of the best kind. Using Infuse you can watch television shows, movies, and many other options. Additionally, users can also function on multiple devices at once. If you are like me who loves to watch movies with subs, then Infuse is the one go-to option for you.

Infuse has a great UI and users can be a part of it without any issues at all.


5. Serviio

Speaking of Kodi alternatives, Serviio is one such option you can’t really miss out on. It has a few characteristics similar to Plex which adds as one more reason to be a choice. As far and long as device compatibility with more than one device is concerned, Serviio does a pretty good job. Serviio uses Java technology and therefore runs smoothly on almost all platforms like Mac, Linux, and so on.

Kodi Alternatives

6. MediaPortal

MediaPortal gives your PC a transformation with its media solution. The hardware it uses is a pretty basic one but does wonders to the display it provides. It adds a dynamic approach to your watching experience. Viewers can extract all the pleasure and comfort from their LCD, Projectors, and Plasma TVs.

What attracts users to MediaPortal is its hardware system. However, for some media players, you might need to install some additional system requirements.


7. JRiver

Next up making to our list of Kodi Alternatives is JRiver. It is also known for being a good replacement for Kodi because of how amazing it is. It is compatible with almost every other device and is responsive to all kinds of media. It provides extensive support to smart televisions, macOS, and Windows.

Additionally, users can also stream all different kinds of media including videos, movies in the finest quality.  However, there is one limitation to it which is a one-term license for $49.98. But before you think of investing, you can also opt for a free trial.

Kodi Alternatives


Are you an android lover just like I am? Well, then you have got just a Kodi alternative for you. Semper Media Center of SPMC gives you the same feeling as Kodi does. Therefore, anything compatible that you expect out of Kodi is available for SPMC. When we speak of Android TVs, mobile phones, and so on, it is almost impossible to discard SPMC as an option.

Some of the great features of SPMC includes:

  • No Bugs
  • Better performance
  • Uses old Kodi addons
  • Supports Media Files

Kodi Alternatives

9. Universal Media Server

Looking for a media solution that is simple and flexible? Well, read the name again. Universal Media Server is a great alternative for Kodi. The media server is compatible with any device you wish to use it for. It provides an exceptionally easy to use user interface. Trust me, it will just be a matter of time when users get the hang of the tool.

With time, UMS introduces modifications and enhancements for users and thus, keeps it up-to-date for usage.


10. Jellyfin

Jellyfin is a new media option that has gained popularity for quite some time now. The application is completely free for users to use and is also open-source, thus, making it open to customization and changes. In addition to that, you can also store a local library of it and then manage it to proceed further. Alternatively, you also get the accessibility to host your very own server and then ask your friends to access the content through the web.

Jellyfin is also known as a combination of Plex and Kodi.

Kodi Alternatives

Final Words

Well, there you go with the list of Kodi alternatives to make your wise from. However, to be honest, I still love Kodi. The lack of usage is what gives rise to these alternatives and they indeed are a treat to snack on. Hence, if you are looking for some ideal options, go for these alternatives and you might just get the alternative for you.



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