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10 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps in 2022

We are part of the digital age now. Almost all of our daily tasks and routine is conducted online. Whether it involves ordering food online or buying your favorite pair of denim. The hassle that comes in the process is having to go through the entire route of logging into your bank account and then making the necessary payments, how much trouble would all that be exactly? Well, never mind because we have it covered too with Buy Now Pay Later Apps.

Many times it does happen that you order something and the digital payments don’t commit to it. Or wait, what about buying the watch you have been eyeing on for quite some now but couldn’t get it for yourself because it is the end of the month? Issues like this fall into the buy now pay later apps bucket that does the needful for you.

Nowadays, these apps in India have been put into use. People are actively using it. Let’s know more about these apps and how they work!

Buy Now Pay later Apps


Buy Now Pay Later Apps In India!

What are these apps exactly and when should you be using them? Well, these apps let you pay for any product/service/item later without pinning a hole in your pocket.

You can choose any method for paying later. These apps are pretty different than your credit cards. The primary difference between these two is with these buy now pay later apps, you don’t actually need to have a physical card.

Pay later apps have made it significantly easier for us to get through to the whole new dynamic of how things work in the digital age. It is a very convenient option, especially for the youth.

Let’s walk you through some of the best apps that are easy to use and will fit your needs.

Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps 2022

Coming up are the 5 best apps that you can definitely consider using. Go through the description that we provide to see which one works out for you.

1. LazyPay

Out of the lot, you can count on LazyPay to take care of your needs when you have them. It has grown popular given the demand and usage. LazyPay is a part of PayU which also happens to be in the headlines for being the biggest financial provider.

There are three different ways of collecting payments through LazyPay. Once they credit the amount to your account, you get three ways to make the payment.

  • Pay the amount soon after
  • EMIs are another way to pay
  • Pay the whole lump sum amount after a considerable period of time

LazyPay stands out to be the most perfect solution for buy now pay later because of the alluring offers. More than 100+ merchants have successfully registered with LazyPay to accept payments. Moreover, you get a gentle reminder for paying your dues every 15 days.

Some of its integrations are Swiggy, Zomato, MakeMyTrip, and so on.


2. Simpl

Well, I have personally used Simpl, and most commonly known as Simply Pay is more or less similar to LazyPay. It has a payment collection cycle for 15 days and you can also repay payments. All it takes is a tap to execute your payment.

Every payment that you make is then added up so that payment is done every two weeks. Just like the other apps, the functioning of this one is pretty usual, you can easily sign up with your details and you are then given a credit limit. The credit limit keeps on increasing depending on the successful payments you make.

Simple is integrated with BigBasket, Zomato, Fresh2Home, etc.

Simpl Buy Now Pay Later Apps

3. FlexPay

Making it successfully to the list of buy now pay later apps, FlexPay offers credits on Unified Payments Interface. Additionally, the user gets to do all their transactions in one place, at once.

This platform was introduced keeping in mind the needs of the local stores that don’t have the possible means to take credits. UPIs are always a go-to option and hence, with FlexPay it becomes simple. The pay later feature of the app can be easily used in local stores. All you have to do is fill up the basic details.


4. ePay Later

ePay Later offers a credit limit of Rs. 20,000 making it one of the most preferred options for users. However, to use the services of ePay Later, you will need to use register yourself through PAN or Aadhar Card. There are tons of things you can do then that include paying your bills, traveling expenses, hotel bills, and so on.

Are you a travel freak? Well, this ePay Later is your friend. There are other portals too that you can consider integrating it with. Definitely checkout ePay Later to check out how it works for you.

ePay Later Buy Now Pay Later Apps

Top 10 Buy Now Pay Later Apps for Secure Shopping

Scrolling down to all these options might have made you a little dizzy, isn’t it? Wondering which apps to use? Well, to add more to the confusion, we have a broad list here.

  1. LazyPay
  2. Simpl
  3. FlexPay
  4. ePay Later
  5. ZestMoney
  6. Paylater by ICICI Bank
  7. True Paylater
  8. Sezzle
  9. QuadPay
  10. Afterpay

Final Words

Are you someone who relies completely on online transactions? If yes, then these buy now pay later apps are for you. The mechanism that they offer is pretty straightforward and you are allowed to do as many transactions as you want without having to worry.

Deferring payments is another tactic of these apps that lets you earn some extra cash on the side. Eventually, will bring you interest on the loan you take. Overall, a win-win. There are now pay later apps for students as well which is great given the pocket money they get and the expenses they hold. We have all been there, haven’t we?

Try out these apps and let us know which one worked out for you the best.



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