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15 Best Openload Alternatives in 2022

Openload is a file sharing and files hosting website. You can upload content to it and share it by sending links to other people. Due to this Openload was very popular among people in sharing content like HD movies and TV Shows. Users found this very convenient to use as it was free and displayed minimum advertisements. Users don’t even have to worry about feature purchasing as there isn’t any on the website. Users have zero limitations while uploading or downloading content available on the website. Here we discuss the best Openload Alternatives to watch movies online for free.


Best Openload Alternatives in 2022

Even though we can see a lot of advantages to be using Openload there are certain setbacks to the website. The website contains a lot of pirated content and is a thorn to many copyright holders. There hasn’t been any legal action taken yet but a lot of websites have shadowbanned Openload URLs.

Recently the website has been unresponsive and the reason behind it hasn’t been cleared yet. Instead of the regular homepage users have been seeing an error page explaining that the IP address can’t found.

With so many errors and disadvantages that the site carries users might want to opt for other websites. So here are some Openload alternatives that you might find useful.  

1. GoogleDrive


What’s more secure than Google Drive! This app is owned by Google. We all are aware of Google Drive. You can either download the app or you can use it on the google website itself. You can easily upload files, photos, files, etc.

You get 30 GB of Drive storage if you are a basic G Suite user but if you are a G Suite Business or G Suite for Education, You can get unlimited storage. You can also offline your files to make it easier to access them even if you don’t have an internet connection. It is available in both Google Play and Apple Store. 

2. Dropbox


According to CutCopyEdit, Dropbox is a well-known storage platform. You can bring all your files to one central place and create special folders dedicated to them. Users can choose between various plans that are provided.

Dropbox Basic comes with 2 GB of space plus easy file sharing abilities. There are also other plans for individual use and team use, with storage space ranging from 2 TB to unlimited storage space. 

3. MicrosoftOnedrive


Microsoft One drive is pretty much like Google Drive. This platform is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft has a special feature in its Personal Vault, you can secure your files with fingerprint lock, face lock, etc.

The basic plan gives you 5 GB of storage. You can have more storage according to the plans for home or business starting from 100 GB to 6 TB. 

4. pCloud


pCloud is cloud storage with an encryption facility to protect your files. You can store photos, videos, work files, documents, and music. The most amazing feature that it provides is its pCloud Rewind feature that keeps track of your file history for 30 days. This platform also has different plans to suit your preferences. 



This is another cloud storage platform. MEGA gives you 50 GB of storage for free. It also has end to end encryption to protect your file. It also is available as an app or you can add it as a chrome extension. 

6. OwnCloud


OwnCloud is a very amazing cloud storage platform. It has a very simple user interface with all the facilities that you might need. With different packs, you can allow up to 25 users. You can add up to  2500+ users but the price is revealed on request only. 

7. NextCloud


Nextcloud works very similarly to Dropbox. The app being modular can add more functionality by adding an extension from the app store. Your data can either stay on a server that is hosted by other people as per your choice or you can create your own server. Your data stays on your server and doesn’t leak even metadata. 

8. Seafile


“Seafile is an open-source filesync&share solution designed for high reliability, performance, and productivity.” as stated by Seafile. The files get synced into libraries. It supports both IOS and Android. 3 people can use this platform for free while the paid version allows 1000+ users

9. Box


The box is another amazing platform and is based on cloud content management. It is available for IOS, Android, and many other mobile platforms. You can get 100 GB of unlimited storage by paying for your perfect plan. 

10. SpideroakOneBackup


Spideroak even though seems really basic has a lot of amazing features. It has amazing privacy control and even saves you from attackers. You need to create an account to use and you even get a 21-day free trial. 

15 More Openload Alternatives Websites

Here are some of the safe Openload alternatives you might want to start exploring. Some of them even have a lot more features than Openload. So you better start exploring soon.

  1. GoogleDrive
  2. Dropbox
  3. MicrosoftOnedrive
  4. pCloud
  5. MEGA
  6. OwnCloud
  7. NextCloud
  8. Seafile
  9. Box
  10. SpideroakOneBackup
  11. Syncthing
  12. 4shared
  13. Sendvid
  14. Vidoza
  15. VEV.io


These were some of the Openload alternatives that we found safe and worth exploring. There are a lot many apps and websites that you can find on the internet but not all of them are safe and a lot of times either are scams or have some of the other legal issues.

So in this article, we made sure you have the main information on all the websites and apps listed so that your research can get a little simpler and easier, so make sure to skim through the article thoroughly and pick the right one. We hope this article comes in handy. Have a good day!



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