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Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords for July 2022

Free Netflix account!! Yes, you have read it right “free Netflix accounts.” Do you also want a free account? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here you will have complete information to access the free Netflix account. Everyone wants to enjoy Netflix and explore various Netflix shows, movies, and dramas. It’s the topmost entertainment platform which has billion of users.

Personally, I really enjoy watching Netflix in my free time. But sometimes, it becomes addictive. There were times when we depended on cable connections and DVDs to stream the movies, but with enhanced technology, you can stream movies and shows online. Besides all these features, there is a drawback of costly subscription due to which most users cannot buy a Netflix account. To resolve this issue, we are here to help you to access the various free Netflix accounts. This will be of great use to all the people reading this valuable article. I will ensure you will be able to use the free Netflix account if you follow the instructions.


How To Avail Netflix Free Account?

Netflix also gives free trials to its new users. You need to follow certain steps to avail of the free trial service from Netflix. Let’s start:

1. Use Netflix free trial

Netflix’s free trial is the amazing and most popular method. If you are interested in getting a free Netflix account, then trust me, the Netflix trial is the best option. This provides you an option where you can watch unlimited movies and tv shows free of cost. To do this, you have to follow a few steps. 

  1. Open the link to Netflix.com.SharedScreenshot 2
  2. After that, you have to sign up by registering a new account.SharedScreenshot 3
  3. Then you have to select the free trial.
  4. Enter your credit card details
  5. This way, you will get free access to watch movies without spending any money.

There are some key points that you have to remember before going for a free trial. You can also have access to HD videos by free trial account. When you opt for a free subscription, you have to deactivate that account before the expiration. If you deactivate the subscription, then you don’t need to pay for the account, but if you were unable to deactivate, then you are charged. 

I think it’s quite easy to use the free Netflix account. If you follow the guidelines in this article, you will surely access the free Netflix account. Also, we will discuss the free accounts of Netflix that will allow you to just enter the email and password to watch the free shows on Netflix and entertain yourself in vacant time. Here we move future to discuss the free accounts of NetFlix.

Free Netflix Accounts with Passwords 2022

Here is a long list of free Netflix accounts with their passwords. Some of them might be expired by now but most of them are working till the publishing date of this article.

  1. Email: [email protected]  Password: 1165qwer
  2. Email: [email protected] Password: Deadw00d
  3. Email: [email protected]  Password: Jana1998
  4. Email: [email protected]  Password: Lenearo97
  5. Email: [email protected]  Password: rawlovedown3250
  6. Email: [email protected]  Password: mangoauto330
  7. Email: [email protected]  Password: stonewall60
  8. Email: [email protected]  Password: lucycat26
  9. Email: [email protected]  Password: TricksNation
  10. Email: [email protected]  Password: Bologna1
  11. Email: [email protected]  Password: BbCDEbF7
  12. Email: [email protected]  Password: edward1901
  13. Email: [email protected]  Password: Allsop00
  14. Email: [email protected]  Password: ashley02
  15. Email: [email protected]  Password: 5ded2sof
  16. Email: [email protected]  Password: Patstar93
  17. Email: [email protected]  Password: f00nst3r
  18. Email: [email protected]  Password: Willjohn827
  19. Email: [email protected]  Password: Brannan0208
  20. Email: [email protected]  Password: Netflix
  21. Email: [email protected]  Password: Dg8868109
  22. Email: [email protected]  Password: iwaltfc1222
  23. Email: [email protected]  Password: smiddy1127
  24. Email: [email protected]  Password: 3911159f
  25. Email: [email protected]  Password: hans0nr0x
  26. Email: [email protected]  Password: 1995kait
  27. Email: [email protected]  Password: facer123
  28. Email: [email protected]  Password: Aspenhof33
  29. Email: [email protected]  Password: w6915385
  30. Email: [email protected] Password: 123456
  31. Email: [email protected] Password: 008249
  32. Email: [email protected] Password: interview0929
  33. Email: [email protected] Password: interview0929
  34. Email: [email protected] Password: techwearsa21
  35. Email: [email protected] Password: emily098
  36. Email: [email protected] Password: cataleah25
  37. Email: [email protected] Password: cdefgahc
  38. Email: [email protected] Password: qwerty7
  39. Email: [email protected] Password: 88@melvik

1. Free Netflix Premium Accounts

If you are a binge-watcher and interested in Netflix’s premium accounts, then I have got you covered that too. Check this list of premium accounts of Netflix :

Username Password Subscription Plan
[email protected] [email protected] 30-Days
[email protected] morris@321 30-Days
[email protected] Saud#211 30-Days
[email protected] 89736223 30-Days
[email protected] substation232 60-Days
[email protected] MumbaiIota 60-Days
[email protected] PandayeAn 60-Days
[email protected] Varun#212 90-Days
[email protected] Tripathi@334 30-Days


So guys, in this article, we have discussed your favorite topic: free Netflix accounts. Here we have discussed the numerous accounts of Netflix along with their passwords. You can use them to enjoy your favorite movies and shows for free. Follow the guidelines carefully to gain the best results. If you have any queries, you can ask us in the comments section.



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