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Free Pokemon Go Coins – Working Methods in 2022

Pokemon Go is an amazing augmented reality game that has a lot of people mesmerized. With a very unique and interactive concept, the game has reached a lot of milestones from the day it was released until current times. The app attracted a lot of people’s attention. The app promoted location-based games. It is also credited for promoting physical activity and local businesses.

The app is free of cost to download from Play Store. The user has to physically travel to places according to the map in the game and catch Pokémons. After you catch the Pokémons you also have to train them. The game has a lot of features to make it interactive and fun to play. Now you can know how to get coins in Pokemon Go.


What are PokéCoins? 

Even though the app is free to download it works on a freemium model, that is, it contains in-app purchases. PokéCoins allow you to buy almost everything from the app’s shop. PokéCoins could be obtained from Gyms and Pokéstops. You also had a limit of collecting 50 coins per day.

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Due to the current difficult times that the world is going through, some changes have been made to the game for it to be enjoyed at home. The Pokécoins can also be now collect at home after the update has been made.

The traditional players might not enjoy the update due to the limitations in some areas but it’s still very fun, interactive, and most importantly safe to play.

How to Get PokéCoins for Free?

Don’t worry you won’t have to wander around Google anymore and search for some hacks that can help you get the PokeCoins. You can have a chance of playing by the rules as well.

We have jotted down some of the ways you can get PokeCoins in the game itself. These ways are pretty simple and effective to obtain Pokemon Coins.

1. Gyms


You can earn PokeCoins from Gyms, as usual. You can either take down the gym or fortify it to place your pokemon there. You can check in every twenty-one hours to ‘cash-in’ Pokecoins. You will be given a definite amount of cash following the number of Pokemons you have. 

2. Throw

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The perfect throw is not only important to catch a Pokemon but also Pokecoins. You can earn up to five Pokecoins. This feature has been added due to the current struggling times so that users can take the advantage of the game as usual but by sitting in one place. Be an excellent, nice, or great throw they will surely help you obtain PokeCoins.

3. Evolve Pokemon


You can also earn coins by evolving your Pokemons. The Pokemon can evolve through a certain amount of Candy that you have. The amount of Candy required to evolve your Pokemon can be seen in your Pokemon Summary.

4. Berry Catch


Berries are another way you can catch Pokemons. Berries of different kinds have different effects. There are Razz Berry, Nanab Berry, Pinap Berry, Golden Razz Berry, and Silver Pinap Berry are the berries that are currently obtainable. When you catch Pokemons using these berries you can obtain PokeCoins. 

5. Snapshot


Another way you can earn PokeCoins is by taking a snapshot of your little buddy. You can either tap on the menu bar and click on your little buddy’s profile and click on the camera button on the right side. Or you can click on your buddy and they will strike a pose. 

6. Catch a Pokemon


It all comes down to the main aim of the game, to catch Pokemons. You can catch Pokemons in many ways. They will not only help you with other tasks and adventures in the game but can also help you gain PokeCoins. To get PokeCoins, you have a catch a little buddy in the game. 

7. Power Up


Pokemon Powerups can also get you to earn some PokeCoins. The Power-ups help you make your Pokemon’s performance better. Each power-up increases your Pokemon’s level by one half. This helps a lot if you like battles and hit the Gym often.

8. Transfer


While obtaining new Pokemons can give you some PokeCoins transferring them also allows you to earn some. You can transfer some of your Pokemons to Professor Willow to clear up your storage as well as earn some Coins. This will help you clear the clutter and also you may use this to upgrade your highest ranked Pokemons. 

9. Raid


Raid battles are also an amazing opportunity to collect PokeCoins. These battles usually occur when a PokeBoss is taking over a gym, your goal is to defeat the PokeBoss and take that Gym away.

This can not only help you win Coins and other exciting rewards but you can also get a chance at obtaining that PokeBoss. But for all this to occur you and your trainers have to reach your goal.


The app has some very amazing and interactive features that will for sure give you different gaming experiences. Due to the difficult times that the whole world is dealing with games can help some of us calm and distracted. The app has been updated to suit the current times.

You can now play the games safe and sound in the comfort of your home. The new update has also changed the ways you could obtain PokéCoins. The developers are looking for other possible ways for the next update as well. We jotted down some of the ways you could obtain PokéCoins for free. We hope this article comes in handy.



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