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How To Wave On Facebook On All Devices?

You want to sound polite while starting a conversation with someone on Facebook messenger. Then waving on Facebook is really a cool gesture that you should make use of. You get to know that the person is really interested in talking to you if he/she waves you back. Facebook Messenger is really a great app to connect with your friends and family for free. The feature of waving is used in place of Hi or Hellow mostly and is very effective in getting someone’s attention easily. This blog post today we are going to tell you how to wave on Facebook messenger and other details regarding it.

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What Is Wave Feature On Facebook?

Earlier there was a feature of poking on Facebook and now that feature has been replaced by Wave. With the feature of the wave, users can send a wave to their friends on Facebook and let them know that they are interested and are available for further connections.
The main motive behind adding this feature of waving is to kickstart the conversation on Facebook with your friends. It’s just a simple button and is very simple. This feature is also doing great in terms of user experience.

How To Wave On Facebook Messenger?

Someone is already your friend and you have not talked to them on Facebook for a long time. Then you have to just open up your Facebook app and find their ID. You have to click on their ID and Facebook will automatically show you the option of saying Hi or Wave. Here are the steps in detail to wave to somebody on messenger:

  1. Open the app and tap on the active icon in the center of the bottom of your screen
  2. You will see a hand appearing on each active personScreenshot 160 e1593938737101
  3. Click on it and you can easily wave at your friendimages 38
  4. You can also see when your friend waves back you

How To Wave On Facebook Website?

Though this feature is very popular in the messenger app. This cool feature is also provided by the Facebook app. The waving process on Facebook is even simpler than on the messenger app.
lcd9l8awqyi01In the Facebook app, the wave feature appears only when you move the cursor on your friend’s profile. The waving gesture is a grey hand. You have hit on the gesture to wave at your FB friends.

How To Wave On Facebook Using Emojis?

In the recent update of the messenger, the UI has got quite simpler and also has removed the wave button. According to our resources, this function will be retained soon. If you also have updated your messenger and you are unable to wave at someone. images 5 e1593939370466Then you can try waving using the emojis from the keyboard. This trick also works well but the size of the waving hand is smaller than the original function.

Where Is The Wave Option On Facebook?

Waving to others on Facebook messenger is a new option for Facebook users and you can wave to anybody you want in private messages. in messenger, go to people tab (on the bottom part in the middle). Then, Click add contact (on the upper part right). There is a wave icon next to the list of your friends so you can wave.

How To Unsend Your Wave On Facebook Messenger?

You just waved at someone and later discovered that the receiver is unknown and you want to un-send the wave sent by you. You need not worry about this issue as this is very simple to do. You can Undo your wave 10 minutes before it is sent. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Open the chat with that person.ldr 1
  2. Press and hold on the wave you have sent.
  3. You will see the remove optionMaster 1
  4. Click on  Remove and  You are good to go.


This article is quite helpful for those guys who are new to the Facebook messenger and wanted to know how to wave on Facebook. We have covered all the methods that would help you in waving your friends on Facebook messenger and If you are still feeling any difficulty regarding this topic then you can freely tell us in the comments section. We will surely help you there.



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