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Hulu Student Discount: Get it with Spotify Premium

Who doesn’t likes Discounts? And when we talk about student discounts on certain stuff then it clearly indicates that the product owner wants to attract teens. Well, there are many companies that announce their discount plans for students. Hulu Student Discount is one of them.

Many times there is fake news of discount coupons that actually don’t exist. There was news going on Hulu Student Discount over the internet. We thought of checking it out if it was legit. This article going to be all about Hulu Student Discount.

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About Hulu Student Discount

What if we tell you that HULU itself offers no student discount. Yes, it is totally correct. Hulu has no student discount or any such scheme for students. Some fake sites promoted this scheme just for the sake of traffic. Although there are some other policies that can get you some discount or free access to HULU. But HULU Has No Student Discount Scheme. So how are various students getting HULU student discount if Hulu has no service to offer. Well, this free access to Hulu comes along with a Spotify student discount.

You need to get a Spotify student discount to avail of the Hulu Student Discount. All this bundle includes a premium Spotify account, Access to Hulu, Access to showtime. Now the amazing thing is that all this comes at half the price of a Hulu regular subscription.

This article is all about how to achieve this Spotify cum Hulu student discount. Let’s start:

How To Get Hulu With Spotify And Showtime Student Discount?

Availing of this discount is not a difficult job. Just follow these simple steps to avail this Hulu student discount:-

  1. Go to your browser and navigate to Spotify.com/us/student/
  2. Log into your Spotify account, in case you have no Spotify account create a new one.SharedScreenshot 5
  3. Click on manual verification. Don’t click on automatic verification, as this process fails repeatedly.
  4. Now enter your information and click on the “Next Step Button”.rtaImage
  5. Now click on the Choose File button and select the proof of your college enrollment to verify. You can provide additional proof too.
  6. Wait for your documents to be verified and if you face any issues in verification then contact Spotify customer support for this.SpotifyStudent

How To Integrate Spotify Discount On HULU?

As of now, you have availed a discount bundle from Spotify and now you have to access the same discount from HULU too. Here are the steps that will help you in doing so:-

  1. Go to Hulu.Com and login or create a new account if you don’t have one.1477342141285
  2. In case you already have a Hulu account you need to switch your billing method to Spotify and If you are creating a new account then choose Spotify as billing method.spotify with hulu
  3. Now Navigate to Spotify’s accounts section, Enter your login credentials.
  4. Click on the Activate Hulu button in Red color.SharedScreenshot 4
  5. You will be prompted to Hulu and grant HULU permission to access your Spotify account.
  6. Now, Move to Hulu Accounts Section and make the primary payment method as Spotify and you can contact their customer support if you are facing any issues.
  7. This will surely land you Hulu Students Discount.

What Is Eligibility Criteria For Hulu Student Discount?

As already discussed these discounts not offered by HULU. So there are some requirements from Spotify that you need to complete before applying for this discount scheme. You must be a US college student. Your college should be title IV accredited. You must be above the age of 18. You can check if your college is title IV accredited or not from here.

How Does Hulu Verify Student Enrollment?

Spotify uses various filters to verify student enrollment before giving you a student discount. Very first it crosses verifies if you have already got a discount from other sites such as Amazon and eBay then you are good to go. In case this automatic verification fails, you can upload your documents manually to verify your enrollment.

What Happens To This Discount After Graduation?

You need not worry about that as Spotify asks to re-login after every 6-8 months to verify. So In case, you have graduated your membership will be canceled automatically.

Final Thoughts

One thing that is worth mentioning about this discount is that you get access to ad-supported Hulu services only. You will be displayed ads every now and then. But it is worth it. This was a detailed guide on how to avail of Hulu student discounts in easy and simple steps.

If you are facing any difficulty regarding the Hulu discount then please reach us in the comments section. We will surely be guiding you. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends.



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