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Is Hesgoal Safe? Check Out 10 Best Alternatives

Hi there, hope you are doing well. The topic we will talk about is for sports lovers. Sports fans are present all around the globe. The love and enthusiasm for sports have been increasing in the past few years. So stick throughout the article if you are a sports lover or even if you are not because entertainment should never stop. Hesgoal is one destination for all your sports needs. You can watch live sports matches, get sports news, and all the latest updates about your favorite sports. We will talk more about Hesgoal and its alternatives. So Let’s get started!


What is Hesgoal?

Hesgoal is a free website for streaming live sports matches, live match scores, and even live news about matches of different sports. The content is mainly oriented to car racing sports and football. The website is popular and hosts traffic of roughly 16 million per month. The users who visit the website are majorly the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, and Sweden.

There are several other websites and applications that host live sports matches but all of them require you to sign up for a premium subscription whereas, Hesgoal is completely free. You can enjoy live sports events from anywhere, all you need is a video streaming device and the internet. The Hesgoal website, according to their Privacy Policy mentioned on the website says that the website does not hold any rights of any file or video they host. The website is a search engine for all the sports events.

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Whatever you need, just visit the website and search for your content. The website will then take you to multiple links to your content and you can enjoy your favorite sports for free. All the content available from the website is in HD quality.

Is Hesgoal Safe?

Even though Hesgoal is one destination for your sports needs, there have been a lot of speculations about the website’s safety. Often there are questions about whether Hesgoal is safe or not but do not worry we are here to answers all your questions about Hesgoal.

So, the Hesgoal website does not have SSL Certificates which is a certificate that flags a website as a safe website. Thus, Hesgoal is not a safe website to use. Though you can use the website to stream live sports videos do not give out any personal information on the website due to safety concerns.

Since now we know that Hesgoal is not safe, I will list some of the best alternatives for you.

Top 10 Hesgoal Alternatives in 2022

Here are some best alternatives for Hesgoal


Just like Hesgoal, ESPN is another way to watch live streams of various sports matches. ESPN is legal and safe and has a long history of hosting live games. You can easily browse for live streams or even download their official application. Though you will have to buy a premium subscription to enjoy live streams that do seem fair as the website/application is legal to use.

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2. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is another website that provides similar content to Hesgoal. The website holds videos and news of all the popular sports such as tennis, car racing, football, and many more. Sky Sports is a British subscription channel for TV. You can check their website out for more details.

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3. Fox Sports

Fox Sports is also another website to watch sports content and gather all the sports news. Fox Sports also has its TV channel where the live broadcast of matches is aired often. Their website interface is easy to use and you will have no trouble searching for your favorite game. Fox Sports, along with the website and TV channel are available for application as well.

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4. CBS sports

CBS Sports is an American subscription-based TV channel that broadcasts live sports matches, news, schedules, and fantasy games. The CBS sports TV channel and sports network is owned by the CBS Entertainment unit of ViacomCBS. CBS Sports is another great choice to watch your favorite sports and get the latest news.

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5. Hotstar

Hotstar not only provides live sports telecasts and news but also engages you with tons of movies, tv shows, and documentaries. It is a subscription-based video streaming service that is widely popular in Asia. The subscription comes with a full package of entertainment so it is highly recommended because of all the stuff they provide.

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6. Sofa Score

If you are a football fan and particularly in just football matches, Sofa score is the website for you. Sofa score is a dedicated website that provides you with all the football content. You can simply search for Sofa score in your search engine and you will reach their website.

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7. LiveTV.sx

Now, this is another website to fulfill your sports need. This is a pretty rare website and not many people know about this website. The traffic on the website is also less so there are fewer issues while watching live streams.

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8. NBC Sports

NBC Sports is a common name in the name of sports. NBC Sports is a massive network of sports events, streams, and news. The network is trusted by millions for its daily sports updates. NBC sports comes with a premium subscription package, you can check their website out for more details and benefits you get from the subscription.


9. Wheres the Match

The name itself tells you what this website is about. You can get live match updates of various games such as Cricket, football, rugby, tennis, and many more. Do check their website.

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10. Total Sportek

Now, this is another website that hosts thousands of soccer streams in one place. From league matches to world cups, whatever you need you’ll have it here.

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The craze of Sports games has just enhanced in the past years. I hope this article helped you figure out the best places you can go to for your sports needs. There are several alternatives, you can use other than Hesgoal. Do check these websites out and tell us in the comments. Share the article with more sports fans and help us share the word around. Cheers!



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