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20 Rabbit Alternatives to Watch Videos With Friends

The rabbit was one of the best group video streaming website. Sadly it got shut down back in 2019 due to back off from its investors. This website was doing well and its features were also quite amazing. You could share a virtual chat room and streams like chrome or Opera. Be it having online meetings with your friends or streaming favorite your movies with your friends.

This website was a single solution for this. And all the features were provided for free. There is no need to worry about this platform as we have come up with a huge list of Rabbit Alternatives. These websites have a similar interface and features as compared to Rabbit.

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Free Rabbit Alternatives To Watch Videos With Friends

Below are all the alternatives to Rabbit website. We hope these sites will serve your purpose. We found them very similar to Rabbit.

1. SimulChat

If you are looking for an exact clone application for Rabbit then SimulChat must be your first option. It allows you to Video call, File Sharing.

fa635afb9c907e7f2a7f2b00948912da You can also stream youtube videos seamlessly. You can also create private chat rooms using Nifty private chat rooms to maintain your privacy. SimulChat is Headquartered in South Africa. The virtual chat can be created very easily on this site.

2. Tutturu

Tutturu is another shared browsing service that allows you to invite your friends for entertainment and meeting purposes.

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If you are an Ex-Rabbit user then you won’t have any problem using Tutturu. This site gives you private rooms and free virtual browsers And also audio chat and message. Tutturu is free but it also has some extra features for its subscription members. Its subscription costs $5 per month only.

3. Invited

Invited is another site like rabbit you have been looking for. You can surf the internet along with your friends with no bounds and limits. Invited gives you high-quality videos.


Like any other browser, you can visit all the sites like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Crave, Etc. The room capacity is up to 50 people. The private rooms allotted come with free Virtual machines. There is also a subscription plan of $5 to avoid the queue to get the room.

4. Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether is one of the oldest sites that offers you features like rabbit. It was started with just sharing profiles on with friends and creating audio playlists.

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You can also shop together on this site using Amazon while watching videos on youtube. It is compatible with all the operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux, Or Android.

5.  Kosmi

If you are looking for virtual hangouts then Kosmi is the best platform for you. You can create a room without even signing up on this platform.


This website allows you to share your screen or browser tab for watching together Netflix or whatever happens on your screen/browser tab. You can watch synced youtube videos or local video files. You can also start a SNES emulator which can be played in a Multiplayer environment by all the pals in a Room.

6. Metastream

Metastream is another good site that offers quick on-screen chat, user management along with the video. Metastream supports all the major streaming sites like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, etc. The user experience on this site is quite good.


If you require a shared browsing platform for watching movies and shows only. Then this website will surely serve your purpose.

7. TogetherTube

TogetherTube is the site that I would recommend you personally as my experience with the site was quite good.

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Music listening with your partner will surely build up memories. You can create both public and private rooms on this platform. You can configure this application according to you up to a great extent.

8. andchill

Though all the platforms mentioned above can create rooms for you. But Andchill will do the same for you quickly without any further verification.

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The interface is quite simple and allows you to share video and audio files within a single click. You can also meet a lot of new people here. You can build up a great network using this platform.

20 Best Sites Like Rabbit To Watch Movies

Here we are going to list out the collection of websites similar to rabb.it. You can click on the link to visit the website directly:

  1. SimulChat
  2. Watch2Gether
  3. Rave
  4. Caracal
  5. MyCBlaTube
  6. Circle.TV
  7. BlaTube
  8. LetsGaze
  9. AndChill
  10. Together Tube
  11. WaveLength FM
  12. Netflix Party
  13. ShareTube
  14. Synaptop
  15. Airtime
  16. Kast
  17. Explorii App
  18. Parsec
  19. Synatop
  20. Syncplay


So, guys, this was the best list rabbit alternative sites that can be used to watch online movies and shows with your friends. We have tried and tested all these platforms and all of the work without any issue. If you are facing any issues while using these websites then please tell us in the comments section. We will surely help you.

Happy Streaming!



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