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Reasons to believe Netflix is losing it Mojo?

After being declared as the uncrowned king of content and enjoying a long reign of success, Netflix is now in hot waters. From a DVD renting service to an online streaming website, the journey of Netflix is surely commendable and it has paved the way for others sites as well. The popularity of Netflix soared during the pandemic when most people were looking for entertainment while staying at home. This shifted the way we look at content streaming sites.

However, it seems that Netflix after facing rampant growth suddenly went stagnant, and now things are looking bleak. BBC reports that Netflix lost over one million subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 and conditions are only getting worse. It seems like the content streaming giant just cannot catch a break. Even investors and workers in Netflix are questioning the future of the company. 


Why People Are Questioning The Success Of Netflix? 

Take the dwindling economy, add some recession, and on top of that mix some cutthroat competition and you will get to see the stocks taking a nosedive. As a result, Netflix went into minimizing the dent mode, firing people left and right, canceling seasons, pulling the plug on some thriving projects, and cutting chunks of the marketing budget. As the company kept losing stocks, investors backed out and fired employees started leaking some juicy details about the downfall. Business experts believe that the rising cost and the cutthroat competition in the content streaming business are slowly catching up, and this is causing Netflix to lose money. On top of that, customers are ready to cancel their subscriptions, and Netflix is considering the ad-based version to generate some revenue. 

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1. Losing Subscribers

According to the quarterly report of 2022, Netflix has lost over 1 million global subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. The worst news is that Netflix has been replaced by Amazon, as the biggest content streaming site. People are switching to Amazon Prime or using cable TV services to cut down their budget amidst an unstable economy and rising inflation. This indicates that Netflix is no longer able to catapult the amount of audience it was once popular for. 

2. Canceling Shows 

To curb the monetary loss caused by losing subscribers, Netflix is canceling ongoing shows. Most of these shows had a good viewership, but these shows were high budget. Also, some of the shows were canceled because they had no long-term perspective. These shows were either based on current affairs or had a very narrow niche, appealing to just a specific audience. This sudden cancellation of shows lead to fostering frustration among the viewers making them question if the subscription was worth their money. This further pushed more people to cancel their subscriptions and triggered a domino effect. 

3. Limited Option

Most users complain that Netflix has region-based shows and movies. Although endorsed openly by Netflix to attract more users, Netflix does not offer the same shows in all countries. Consumers complain that they struggle with the algorithm and find it very difficult to find the movies and series they would like to watch. Moreover, Netflix has very limited options and some of the best shows and movies are shifting to new content streaming sites. This is further adding fuel to the fire, making the users question their money’s worth. 

4. Seasonal Fluctuation 

Netflix has a seasonal fluctuation that has been observed over the years. Most people leave their subscription for a few months and came back when there is something worth the hype. New seasons, movies, and originals usually attract a bigger audience. This trend can be studied by looking at Netflix subscribers and viewers during some of the best shows like Stranger Things, House Of Cards, Narcos, The Crown, and Squid Games. These original shows were not available on any other platform, which convinced people to come back to the platform. It seems that this seasonal fluctuation will never go away unless the platform has a solid plan to attract the maximum audience via new shows. 

5. Bad Investments

Netflix noticed that the original shows were performing much better than the series and movies available on other platforms. Eventually, this convinced the management to invest more in the shows and movies that would appeal to the audience. However, so far Netflix has lost big bucks in original movies. These movies have a very weak story and no star power. These high-budget movies have caused serious losses to Netflix and it is high time for the platform to focus on the script. Contrary to the movies, Netflix has some of the best original series, but these series require high budget cap, which has convinced the management to pull the plug. 

6. Expensive Subscription 

 The change in the payment plans is one of the biggest issues more people are trying to reevaluate the worth of Netflix. Recently Netflix has also claimed that their new payment plan will include a password-sharing price, which will help them restrict the access of freeloaders. This has pushed most of the users into a frenzy making them cancel their subscriptions.

Wrap Up

The growing competition in the online content streaming site is helping customers to control their budgets but it is also pushing the streaming sites to work hard on. However, regardless of all these things it is safe to say that Netflix is not going anywhere anytime soon even if it loses more subscribers. 



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