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10 Sites Like The Paper Wall in 2022 [Free Alternatives]

Everyone wants to have HD wallpapers for their desktop to keep it attractive and cool. The paper wall is one such site to get your desired wallpapers. Though paper is a good option for downloading wallpapers, there are also other good options that are not as famous as the paper wall but their wallpapers are really satisfactory. So if you are looking for alternative sites like the paper wall then this post is surely for you.


10 Best Paper Wall Alternatives

Below we go through some useful alternative sites like the paper wall. Let’s begin:-

1. Desktop Nexus

Desktop Nexus is really a good site to download HD wallpapers. It offers you fresh and quality wallpapers. The website gets updated regularly with new wallpapers. It allows you to search wallpapers by trending tags and social concepts too. Desktop Nexus is a one-stop shop for all kinds of wallpapers. the designs of this website are totally unique and it has a lot of options to offer.

2.DeviantArt Wallpaper

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The next website similar to the paper wall we came through is Devian Art wallpaper. This site offers you a wide variety of tending wallpapers. You can also find digital arts on this website. Video games and movie wallpapers are also available.

It has a very user-friendly interface as you can find all the sections on the menu. If you are confused about your idea then you can also use the search tab.

3. Wallhaven.cc

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Wallhaven has an amazing collection of wallpapers that can be only found on wallhaven. All wallpapers can be found in HD resolution. This site is a must-visit for passionate people about trending wallpapers.  If there is any trending news on the internet, you will surely find relevant wallpapers here. You will surely find your desired wallpapers on this site.

4. WallpapersWide

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Wallpapers Wide is one of the great alternative sites like the paper wall that has a wide collection of original HD wallpapers. It has more than 5000 wallpapers on site. Wallpapers on this website are further classified into categories that help users to find their desired wallpapers easily.

The user interface of this website is quite simple and functional. You need to create an account to access all the wallpapers on this website.

5. HDwallpapers.net

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HDwallpapers.net  is not only the perfect destination for wallpapers for your desktop but it also offers had wallpapers for your smartphones. It allows downloading of wallpapers of any size you want. It also allows you to share the wallpapers with your friends. It claims millions of downloads from its official website. You can go to your desired collection by using categories and tags.

6. Simple Desktops

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Simple Desktops are the best site to download classic and attractive wallpapers for your desktop. you can find photos, wallpapers, and abstract arts on this website. The wallpapers on this website are minimalistic in design still impress you.

This website has a very simple and attractive user interface. We would recommend simple desktops if you are looking for simple and attractive wallpapers for your desktop.

7. Digital Blasphemy.com

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Digital Blasphemy is the right place to download wallpapers for your desktop if you are a wallpaper lover. You can explore and download numerous 3d wallpapers from this website.

The wallpapers on this website are free for personal as well as commercial uses. You can choose a free or premium account for you to enjoy the services. The developer has really done a nice job of designing.

8. WallpaperFusion

WallpaperFusion aperture laboratories logo 1680x480 1

WallpaperFusion is the best site that offers you multi-monitor wallpapers for your desktop. A huge variety of HD wallpapers on this website are provided free of charge. You just need to create an account that is also free of any cost.

It also offers wallpapers for small screen devices such as smartphones and iPad. There is also a search tab available for you on the homepage.

9. Desktoppr.co

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Desktopper.co is a better option to download the wallpapers for desktop and desktop backgrounds but you can also save your favorite wallpapers to dropbox and use them later whenever you feel.

It is an active community that also helps you to share your wallpapers here. You can find every wallpaper here on this website. It is very user-friendly.

10. Social Wallpapering

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Social wallpapering provides you with high curated wallpapers which will surely dress your desktop smartly. All the wallpapers on this website are classified into categories that make users find them easily. their database is frequently updated and they keep uploading new wallpapers which keeps its users connected.

10 Sites Like The Paper Wall To Download HD Images

Below is a compilation of all the alternative sites like the paper wall that you can download high-quality images from.

  1. Desktop Nexus
  2. DeviantArt Wallpaper
  3. Social wallpapering
  4. Desktoppr.co
  5. WallpaperFusion
  6. Digital Blasphemy.com
  7. Simple Desktops
  8. HDwallpapers.net
  9. WallpapersWide
  10. Wallhaven.cc


We have tried to cover the popular alternative sites like the Paper wall to download HD wallpapers. If there are any such applications on your mind that we have missed then you can surely contact us in the comments section. We will surely add that to the list.



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